Kentucky Wheat: Possible Effect of High Temperatures During Grain Fill Jun 24, 2022

🕔Jun 24, 2022
In 2021, wheat producers across Kentucky saw record yields in one of the best wheat production years our state has seen in history. According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service […]

Kentucky Corn, Soybeans: Postemergence Herbicide Applications Jun 22, 2022

🕔Jun 22, 2022
Kentucky soybean planting is quickly wrapping up and the majority of corn has or is receiving a postemergence herbicide application as it quickly advances in growth stages. Postemergence applications on […]

Kentucky Corn: Watch Water Use Over Next Few Weeks Jun 22, 2022

🕔Jun 22, 2022
The current heat wave is expected to last until the end of June.  There are some low chances of rain scattered in the forecasts. We need to start watching water […]

Kentucky Hemp: Dealing with Septoria Leaf Spot Jun 16, 2022

🕔Jun 16, 2022
Hemp (Cannabis sativa) is grown both outdoors and in greenhouses.  Outdoor-grown hemp is susceptible to infection by leaf spot fungi that affect other crops and nearby plants, especially during periods […]

Wheat: 20-Point Checklist for Controlling Insects in Stored Grain Jun 1, 2022

🕔Jun 1, 2022
Prior to Harvest [ ] Clean all equipment thoroughly to remove old grain, trash, and debris that might contaminate the new crop – combines, carts, trucks, receiving pits/hoppers, conveyers: use […]

Kentucky Corn, Soybeans: Stink Bugs in Wheat May Have an Early Awakening and Affect Seedlings May 11, 2022

🕔May 11, 2022
During the last two weeks of April, I observed brown stink bugs (Euschistus spp.) (Figure 1) and green stink bugs (Nezara viridula) while scouting for aphids in wheat, but surprisingly I […]

Kentucky Corn: Watch Conditions not the Calendar When Planting Apr 28, 2022

🕔Apr 28, 2022
Corn planting in 2022 is off pace from the five-year average for Kentucky with only 6% planted on the April 17 report. The calendar says we could have started planting […]

Kentucky Hemp: Management Considerations for Powdery Mildew Apr 22, 2022

🕔Apr 22, 2022
Powdery mildew can affect numerous plants, including fruit, vegetable, and agronomic crops, as well as woody and herbaceous ornamentals. Kentucky hemp is also susceptible to this disease. Plants infected early […]

Kentucky Wheat: Fungicide Options for Fusarium Head Blight Control Apr 22, 2022

🕔Apr 22, 2022
Wheat fields will soon be at the anthesis stage (Feekes 10.51, “flowering”) in Kentucky.  Anthesis is a critical time, as wheat becomes susceptible to infection by Fusarium graminearum, the causal agent […]

Kentucky Corn, Soybeans: Conducive Weather for Seedcorn Maggot, Slug Outbreaks Apr 14, 2022

🕔Apr 14, 2022
The rainy and cloudy weather we are currently observing in many growing areas of Kentucky may lead to outbreaks of seedcorn maggots and slugs in corn and soybeans. These pests […]

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