Georgia Peanuts: Managing Leaf Spot With Possible Shortage of Chlorothalonil

🕔Mar 16, 2018In 2018, there is the possibility that peanut growers may face a shortage of chlorothalonil (brand names Bravo, Echo, others). In addition to this, many growers are also not able […]

Georgia Peanut Commission Holds Referendum March 16 – April 16

🕔Mar 16, 2018The Georgia Peanut Commission will hold a referendum March 16 through April 16 giving peanut producers an opportunity to vote on reaffirming the commission. State law mandates that a referendum […]

Sawyer On Crops: Pecans – Timing Scab Sprays (Podcast)

🕔Mar 15, 2018Timing scab sprays can be a bit tricky every spring, says Andrew Sawyer in his most recent installment of the South Georgia Pine podcast. You want to catch trees when […]

Georgia Wheat: Researchers Use Dual-Use System to Boost State’s Crop

🕔Mar 15, 2018Wheat prices are down, and wheat acreage in Georgia is dropping. To boost the state’s wheat industry and help producers get more out of their crop, University of Georgia Cooperative […]

Georgia Cotton: Nematodes Waking Up with Warmer Temps

🕔Mar 14, 2018Mother Nature’s freezing January temperatures reduced nematode buildup in southern Georgia fields. But warmer temperatures this spring could spark nematode activity, according to University of Georgia Cooperative Extension plant pathologist […]

Georgia Peanuts: In-Furrow Decisions – Velum Total and Thimet

🕔Mar 12, 2018UGA Extension Pathologist Dr. Bob Kemerait visited us for our Peanut Production Update. He talked about the decisions that we have to make before the furrow closes. Thanks to Turner […]

Georgia Wheat: Herbicide Options Depend on Growth Stage

🕔Feb 28, 2018It has been challenging time for wheat producers trying to control weeds. January was a cold month and February has been wet.  The crop has progressed at a fast rate […]

Georgia: Warm Weather Means It’s Time to Control Pigweed

🕔Feb 28, 2018Pigweed plants are already germinating. With soil temps at 68 and 64 at the 2 inch and 4 inch level, this isn’t surprising. Remember: whether you’re spraying or harrowing to […]

Georgia: 4 Early Season Weed Considerations

🕔Feb 28, 2018Over the last several days, a few interesting things have crossed my desk.  Thought you might want to see them as well.  Figure 1 is a picture of a weed […]

Sawyer On Crops: Too Early To Plant Corn? Weighing Options. (Audio)

🕔Feb 26, 2018When is that last frost? That’s the question when deciding to plant corn early. Andrew Sawyer discusses your options in his installment of his South Georgia Pine podcast.

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