DTN Livestock Open: Further Gains in Hogs Expected Jun 29, 2021

🕔Jun 29, 2021
Cattle futures were the victims of higher grain prices and further steep losses of boxed beef prices. Cash trading has yet to surface. Hogs did an about face Monday with […]

DTN Livestock Open: Cattle Should See Initial Support Jun 28, 2021

🕔Jun 28, 2021
Packers will likely need to increase bids this week in order to increase their ownership of cattle. However, it they do not, futures may fall back again. Hogs have finished […]

DTN Livestock Open: Hog Report Behind, Cattle Report Ahead Jun 25, 2021

🕔Jun 25, 2021
Cattle found some stability Thursday, which may continue Friday as the Cattle on Feed report will be released after the close of the market. Hog futures have yet to uncover […]

DTN Livestock Open: Price Support for Futures Remains Elusive Jun 24, 2021

🕔Jun 24, 2021
The livestock complex is struggling as it attempts to find stability. Falling grain prices have not been able to provide solid support to the market. Traders will be looking to […]

DTN Livestock Open: Higher Prices for Cash Cattle Jun 23, 2021

🕔Jun 23, 2021
Livestock futures finally closed higher in all categories Tuesday. Cattle were spurred higher due to the higher cash prices in the country. Hogs bounced technically but were supported by higher […]

DTN Livestock Open: Hogs Overdue for a Bounce Jun 22, 2021

🕔Jun 22, 2021
Cattle futures traders seem to be waiting for cash cattle to trade before being more aggressive. The strong move higher last week ran its course of exuberance due to cash […]

DTN Livestock Open: Another Volatile Week May Unfold Jun 21, 2021

🕔Jun 21, 2021
Live cattle made a token bounce on Friday, and it is unclear whether it will continue. Packers will need to pay higher this week or futures could settle into a […]

DTN Livestock Open: Will Markets Follow Grain Rebound? Jun 18, 2021

🕔Jun 18, 2021
Nearly everywhere you looked Thursday, liquidation was rampant. The weakness Thursday will be difficult to overcome in the coming days as traders will be hesitant to buy back into the […]

DTN Livestock Open: Futures May Correct Jun 17, 2021

🕔Jun 17, 2021
Wednesday was another day of cattle posting strong gains while hogs fell. Both markets might be overdone based on their respective moves. It is uncertain where traders may step back […]

DTN Livestock Open: Strong Cash to Support Futures Jun 16, 2021

🕔Jun 16, 2021
Cattle futures extended their gains Tuesday, aided by continued short-covering, lower grain prices, and a jump of cash cattle prices. It is unlikely this strength may continue Wednesday, but it […]

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