DTN Livestock Open: Limited Trade Expected

🕔May 24, 2019Market interest is expected to remain extremely sluggish Friday ahead of the three-day holiday weekend. Mixed trade is expected early in the session with cattle traders attempting to adjust to […]

DTN Livestock Open: Mixed Early Trade Expected

🕔May 23, 2019Cattle: Steady to $2 Lower Futures: Mixed Live Equiv: $143.26 -0.11* Hogs: Steady Futures: Mixed Lean Equiv: $ 89.84 -2.24** * based on formula estimating live cattle equivalent of gross […]

DTN Livestock Open: Additional Pressure Likely

🕔May 22, 2019Follow-through weakness is expected in the livestock complex early Wednesday morning as concerns continue about cattle supplies and pork demand surrounding the trade war with China. Cattle: Steady Futures: Lower […]

DTN Livestock Open: Mixed Early Trade Expected

🕔May 21, 2019Activity levels through livestock markets should remain sluggish Tuesday as limited new information is available, which should keep markets within the current trading range. Cattle: Steady Futures: Mixed Live Equiv: […]

DTN Livestock Open: Limited Volume Focuses on Beef Demand

🕔May 20, 2019Light trade is expected early Monday with traders in the beef complex focusing on additional potential trade in the Japan market following last week’s announcements of full access for beef […]

DTN Livestock Open: Limited Activity Expected

🕔May 17, 2019Market activity is expected to remain sluggish through most of the Friday session with a combination of follow-through buying met with end-of-week positioning following underlying support moving into the complex […]

DTN Livestock Open: Continued Buyer Interest Expected in Hog Trade

🕔May 16, 2019Follow-through support is expected in the hog complex early Thursday with traders looking for any sense of hope in the Thursday’s Export Sales report. Cattle futures are expected to be […]

DTN Livestock Open: Follow-Through Support Expected

🕔May 15, 2019Light-to-moderate buyer support is expected in the lean hog futures complex early Wednesday as traders rebound from early-week pressure with traders focusing on short-term fundamental growth. Cattle: Steady Futures: Mixed […]

DTN Livestock Open: Reactionary Buying Expected

🕔May 14, 2019Traders are expected to enter the market with mixed trade levels Tuesday morning following the underlying early-week pressure. The overall pressure Monday will create market uncertainty, but the complex remains […]

DTN Livestock Open: Cattle Market Firmness Expected

🕔May 13, 2019Follow-through buying is expected through the cattle complex during early-week trade as traders continue to focus on the previously oversold status of the complex and increased interest developing in the […]

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