DTN Livestock Close: Losses Across the Board Mar 9, 2022

🕔Mar 9, 2022
Heading into Thursday’s market, cattle are praying for a strong showing and the hog market is anxious to see if China was a buyer again or not. GENERAL COMMENTS: Wednesday’s […]

DTN Livestock Close: Cash Cattle See a $2 Dip Mar 8, 2022

🕔Mar 8, 2022
Heading into Wednesday’s trade, the market is anxious to see the newest WASDE Report. GENERAL COMMENTS: The livestock contracts rallied throughout Tuesday, looking to regain some ground. It’s important to […]

DTN Livestock Close: Cattle Look to Regain Some Ground Mar 7, 2022

🕔Mar 7, 2022
Monday may have been higher for the cattle contracts, but it’s unlikely smooth sailing will be found throughout the week’s entirety. GENERAL COMMENTS: Surprisingly enough, Monday treated the cattle futures […]

DTN Livestock Close: Contracts Bleed Lower Mar 4, 2022

🕔Mar 4, 2022
The only good thing to come with Friday’s close is that the week ended. The livestock contracts hope next week can be somewhat better. GENERAL COMMENTS: After this week there’s […]

DTN Livestock Close: Contracts Bleed Lower, Again Mar 3, 2022

🕔Mar 3, 2022
It was a rough day for the livestock complex as the market attempted to weather another day, but the cold blanket of war pushed the contracts lower. GENERAL COMMENTS: Together […]

DTN Livestock Close: Feeders Rally While Hogs, Live Cattle Miss the Mark Mar 2, 2022

🕔Mar 2, 2022
Heading into Thursday’s trade, cattle are hopeful for a bullish export report. GENERAL COMMENTS: Wednesday’s trade was a mixed bag. Feeders got to rally upon the grain market’s regression, but […]

DTN Livestock Close: Live Cattle, Lean Hogs Look to Recover Some Losses Mar 1, 2022

🕔Mar 1, 2022
Throughout Tuesday’s trade, both the live cattle and lean hog contracts set out to regain some of what the market has recently lost. GENERAL COMMENTS: Tuesday served as a reminder […]

DTN Livestock Close: Contracts Not Comfortable With the Unknown Feb 28, 2022

🕔Feb 28, 2022
Heading into Tuesday’s trade, we could see more interest in both the cash hog and cattle markets. GENERAL COMMENTS: The livestock complex traded sheepishly Monday as the complex isn’t comfortable […]

DTN Livestock Close: Live Cattle, Lean Hogs Lower as Traders Check Out Feb 25, 2022

🕔Feb 25, 2022
Heading into Monday’s trade, the market longs for answers. GENERAL COMMENTS: As the world absorbs changes and developments of all sorts, the markets are left to do one thing — […]

DTN Livestock Close: Livestock Futures Drop $2 to $4 On Wild Day Feb 24, 2022

🕔Feb 24, 2022
Live cattle, feeder cattle and lean hog futures all collapsed by triple digits Thursday amid frantic trading volume, mostly driven by the wild outside markets that got seriously spooked by […]

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