DTN Cotton Close: Sharply Higher On Bullish Reversal Jan 22, 2020

🕔Jan 22, 2020
The cotton market finished sharply higher as buying flooded in from all trading quarters. That is, speculators, long-hedges, and textile mill type buying was very evident in today’s trade. Of […]

DTN Cotton Close: Market Collapses on Chinese Trade and Virus Jan 21, 2020

🕔Jan 21, 2020
The cotton market melted Tuesday as traders saw no evidence that China bought any U.S. commodities over the holiday weekend. We are guessing the market was not looking for massive […]

DTN Cotton Close: Ends Sharply Higher Jan 17, 2020

🕔Jan 17, 2020
The cotton market concluded its Friday session with triple-digit gains. Speculators were definite buyers as they continued to add to their long positions. This notion of speculative buying originates with […]

DTN Cotton Close: Lower on Sell-the-News Event Jan 15, 2020

🕔Jan 15, 2020
The cotton market was lower Wednesday even as the phase one deal was signed at a lengthy White House ceremony. For some time the signing event was getting baked into […]

DTN Cotton Close: Market Moves Nervously Lower Jan 14, 2020

🕔Jan 14, 2020
The cotton market spent the entire session Tuesday waffling between positive and negative levels, as last moment anxieties gripped the trade. Wednesday, at a White House ceremony, the world’s top […]

DTN Cotton Close: Market Hits 8-Month Highs Jan 13, 2020

🕔Jan 13, 2020
The market finished somewhat higher Monday, punching out eight-months highs. Of course, the focus of the trade is now laser focused on the U.S.-China signing treaty this Wednesday in Washington. […]

DTN Cotton Close: Slightly Higher, Weighs Data Jan 10, 2020

🕔Jan 10, 2020
The cotton market settled fractionally higher after posting new highs for its move. Both the jobs report and weekly sales and exports were taken as neutral by most markets, and […]

DTN Cotton Close: Anticipating Positive Supply/Demand Numbers Jan 9, 2020

🕔Jan 9, 2020
The cotton market finished materially higher Thursday as it somewhat shadowed the record rising Dow Jones, as well as anticipated positive supply-demand information in Friday’s report. With the threat of […]

DTN Cotton Close: Holds Steady to Higher Jan 8, 2020

🕔Jan 8, 2020
With the Iranian situation seemingly diffused, the cotton market was able to turn its attention back to several impending reports and the U.S.-China trade deal. Thursday morning, USDA will issue […]

DTN Cotton Close: Slightly Lower, Awaits Data Jan 7, 2020

🕔Jan 7, 2020
The cotton market closed lower Tuesday as traders and hedgers prepped themselves for Thursday’s weekly sales and export report as well as Friday monthly supply-demand data and the jobs reports. […]

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