Almond Board of California: 2018 Board of Directors Election Results

🕔Feb 22, 2018The Almond Board of California has released election results for the Board of Directors positions whose terms of office are March 1, 2018 through February 28, 2019. The names of the […]

ADM and Bunge Merger Could Mean Fewer Marketing Outlets – DTN

🕔Feb 21, 2018The possible merger of two of the world’s largest grain and oilseed processing companies likely wouldn’t move prices for farmers. However, it likely would have a bigger impact on farmers […]

Grain Sorghum Has Lost Money in 9 of the Last 10 Years – Commentary

🕔Feb 21, 2018Editor’s Note: Click here for related commentary on other crops.  The last crop costs and returns numbers that we are going to examine is grain sorghum—also called milo in some regions. Grain […]

Farmland Prices Remain Strong; Iowa Auction Hit $14,000 Per Acre- DTN

🕔Feb 20, 2018Farmland values continue to shrug at lower grain prices. Even in wheat country, the Kansas City Federal Reserve bank reported relatively stable farmland values in the fourth quarter of 2017 […]

Farm Business: Words Matter When Drafting a Will – Texas Ag Law

🕔Feb 19, 2018Larry Neal executed a will in 2009 naming his brother, Gary, as executor of his estate and making various bequeaths of his assets.  The will included the following provisions: Article II  […]

Rice Market: Decline in Asian Pricing

🕔Feb 19, 2018It has been another very quiet week in the rice industry as most of the major market indicators suggest that a minor retraction is in the works. Asian pricing over the […]

Dicamba: Lawsuit calls for EPA to Vacate Monsanto Registration – DTN

🕔Feb 19, 2018New details are emerging from a lawsuit calling for EPA to vacate the registration of Monsanto’s dicamba herbicide.  Originally filed in January 2017, the lawsuit’s newly released briefs claim EPA […]

AgFax Weekend: Land Values & Low Commodity Prices | Farm Program Cuts

🕔Feb 16, 2018In this week’s AgFax Weekend – Land Values & Low Commodity Prices | Farm Program Cuts | Less Fertilizer Demand Possible in 2018 | and more.

Cleveland on Cotton: Rumors To The Contrary, China is in a Buying Mood

🕔Feb 16, 2018ICE finally had an up to end the week, suggesting that the final leg of the downside move had ended and the three week downturn was basically over. I had […]

Rose on Cotton: Booking Slows – Also, Pondering New Cottonseed Program

🕔Feb 16, 2018The May contract finished modestly lower on the week, giving up 47 points to settle at 77.16. The May – July spread finished at (96) while the old crop/new crop […]

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