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Here is our first of two Southeast Cotton Harvest Survey Reports for 2013. Thanks to everyone who took part in this week's survey. If you're on our next request list, please take a minute (or less) to respond to our very brief form.


These reports give people in the Southeast cotton community a non-threatening way to compare results -- what helped in 2013, what hurt and changes that might be made in 2014.



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Georgia; Counties: Clay, Quitman and Stewart; Grower

Date of report: 11/19/2013


Georgia; Counties: Decatur, Grady and Seminole; Grower and Dealer Fieldman/Agronomist

Date of report: 11/18/2013


Georgia, Jefferson County, Grower

Date of report: 11/18/2013


Georgia; Counties: Johnson, Laurens, Dodge and Bleckley; Dealer/Manager

Date of report: 11/18/2013


Alabama (Madison County) and Tennessee (Lincoln County), Grower

Date of report: 11/18/2013



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Georgia, Sumter and Lee Counties, Grower

Date of report: 11/18/2013


Alabama; Counties: Covington, Dale, Henry, Geneva, Coffee, Houston, Henry and Barbour; Extension

Date of report: 11/18/2013


North Carolina, Nash and Edgecomb Counties, Grower

Date of report: 11/18/2013


Georgia, Cook County, Farm Manager

Date of report: 11/18/2013


North Carolina; Counties: Hyde, Beaufort and Tyrell; Private Consultant

Date of report: 11/18/2013


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Alabama; Counties: Monroe, Escambia and Baldwin; Grower

Date of report: 11/17/2013


Alabama; Counties: Dale, Coffee and Pike; Grower

Date of report: 11/17/2013


Georgia, All Southwest Counties, Extension/University

Date of report: 11/17/2013



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