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Paraquat: EPA Issues Interim Registration – DTN   10-23


Biden Sees CSP as Ag Strategy- DTN   10-22


Commodity Reserves – How About Taking A Multi-Nation Approach?   10-20


DTN Fertilizer Trends: Prices Continue Mostly Lower Than Last Year   10-22


Farm Finances: When Creating 2021 Budgets, Don’t Forget Family Living Costs   10-19


Cleveland On Cotton: Can The Bull Maintain His Pace?   10-23


Soybeans: With Prices Near 4-Year High, When Should You Sell? – DTN   10-20


Ag Equipment: The Rise Of The Robots, Farmer-Manufacturer Relations – DTN   10-23


Corn, Soybeans: National 2019 ARC-CO Payments   10-23


Soil Sampling Goes Robotic – DTN   10-18


COVID Pandemic Exposes Food Insecurity – DTN   10-20


Crop Progress: Harvest Pushes Ahead – DTN   10-20




Drought Monitor Weekly: Mostly Dry Across the Southern U.S.   10-23




Nebraska: Identifying Fall-Emerging Weeds – Video   10-21


Mississippi: Fall Residual Herbicide Programs – Podcast   10-21


Harvest Weed Seed Control: A Comprehensive Overview From U.S., Australian Researchers   10-20


Tennessee Wheat: Early Fall Weed Management   10-21




California Rough Rice Stocks Down 61% from Last Year   10-23


California Almonds: NOW Orchard Sanitation Remains Key To Maintaining Quality   10-22


California: Syngenta’s Aprovia Top Fungicide Gains State Registration   10-21




Company Advances With Ethanol-Fueled Diesel Engine – DTN   10-18






Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   10-23


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   10-23


Rice Market Update: U.S. Harvest Nearing Completion   10-23


Moving Grain: Inspections Down, Rail Deliveries to Port Remain Strong   10-23


Shurley on Cotton: Roller Coaster Recovery Continues   10-23


Biofuels: Corn Ethanol Production Booms in Brazil   10-20


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   10-20


Robust Soybean Export Forecast, While Countries “Bulk Up” Food Supplies   10-19


Thompson On Cotton: Potential For Mid-70s But Uncertainty Lingers   10-19


Shurley On Cotton: A Correction Seems Likely As Prices Bump Up   10-18




Wheat: K-State Scientists Earn 2020 Gene Stewardship Award   10-19




Illinois Corn, Soybeans: 2019 ARC-CO Payments   10-21


Minnesota: Fall Nitrogen Limits Protect Drinking Water – DTN   10-20


Minnesota: What Makes Groundwater ‘Vulnerable’?   10-19




Corn | Soybeans


Iowa: Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome and the 2020 Derecho   10-23


Soybean Cyst Nematodes – Time to Check Your Numbers – DTN   10-23


Soybeans: Successful Nematode Plan Begins With Soil Sampling – Video   10-22


Conquer Your Corn Costs – DTN   10-22


Iowa: Protect Yourself from Grain Dust – Video   10-23


Minnesota: Should Corn Growers Consider Polymer-Coated Urea?   10-21


Iowa: Core Each Grain Bin This Fall   10-21


Mississippi: Corn Hybrid Demonstration Program Yield Summaries   10-21


Indiana Soybeans: Free Frogeye Leaf Spot Sampling Offered   10-21


Minnesota: Checklist for Winterizing Your Irrigation System   10-22


Ohio Corn: Stalk Rots Showing Up in Some Fields   10-21


Tennessee Soybeans: Time to Sample Soil for Pathogenic Nematodes   10-21


North Carolina: Soybean Rust Confirmed in Hyde County   10-19


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Peanuts: Through the Eyes of a Farmer – Hitchcock Farms – Video   10-23


Georgia Pecan Prices: Lower with Slow Start to Season   10-23


North Carolina Pecans: Growers High On 2020’s Potential   10-22




Arkansas Rice: $324K Grant to Examine New Weed Management Tactics   10-23


Rice: Regulators Classify Gene-Edited Varieties as Equivalent to Conventional   10-19


Arkansas Rice: Fall Herbicides Ahead Of Rice — Options And Restrictions   10-18


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