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Ag Economy: Pandemic, Drought, and Derecho – How Are We Doing?   10-9


Considering New Crops Or Enterprises? 4 Points To Consider.   10-5


Farmer Sentiment Rises as Crop Prices Rally, USDA Announces CFAP 2 – Ag Barometer   10-6


Biofuels: A Blend of Ethanol, Politics – DTN   10-9


Cleveland on Cotton: Fundamentals Remain Weak, 70 Cents Unlikely   10-9


Farm Input Chain Changing, Retailers Going Digital – DTN   10-9


Ogallala Aquifer Has Peaked In Terms Of Grain Production, Researchers Contend   10-8


Prepared For On-Farm Emergencies? Steps To Take – DTN   10-6


Corn, Soybean Price Changes and Relative Profitability   10-7


Climate Change: Redefining Drought in the Corn Belt   10-5


Keeping African Swine Fever at Bay – DTN   10-7




Drought Monitor Weekly: Mostly Cool and Dry, Warmer in the West   10-9




Soybeans: Chaff Lining Fields for Palmer Amaranth Management   10-9


Weed Management: 6 Challenges from 2020, Preparing for 2021 – DTN   10-6


Georgia Corn: “New” Herbicides for 2021   10-6




California Almonds: Winter Sanitation Beats NOW To The Punch   10-5


California Almonds: Your Post-Harvest Check List   10-5


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Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   10-9


Soybean Market: Bullish Trading – Don’t Get Too Excited, Optimistic – DTN   10-9


Rice Market Update: Louisiana Braces for Hurricane Delta as Industry Digests Harvest Data   10-9


Moving Grain: New Facility Expects to Revive Barge Traffic on Northern Missouri River   10-9


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   10-9


Rice Market: India Under WTO Scrutiny, Actively Tries to Avoid Subsidy Challenges   10-8


Ethanol Margins Take Hit on Rising Corn Prices – DTN   10-7


Grain Transportation: Restrictions on Barge Traffic Due to Low River Water Levels – DTN   10-7


Livestock: African Swine Fever in Germany Continues to Impact Pork Markets   10-8


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   10-6


USDA’s Corn Stocks Report – More Adjustments Ahead? – DTN   10-6


Ag Trade: Biggest Challenge For U.S.-China – Strong Competition, Especially From Brazil   10-5


Thompson On Cotton: Faint Hints Of Demand   10-5




Arkansas Rice: New Breeder Joins Research and Extension Center   10-5






Mississippi: Fall Fertilizer Primer with Emphasis on Sulfur – Podcast   10-7


Illinois Land Rents: Tying Amounts To Economic Returns – 10-Year Comparison   10-6


Cover Crop Decision Support Tool Now Available Online   10-5


Corn | Soybeans


Midwest Soybeans: Why Is My Crop So Short, What Should I Do About Harvest? – DTN   10-9


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: 2020 Insect Numbers Low in Many Areas   10-9


Corn: Grain Test Weight Considerations   10-9


Post-Harvest Grain Management Strategies For The Fall   10-9


Mississippi Soybeans: Growers Rush to Harvest Before Delta Visits   10-8


Minnesota Soybeans: 5 Takeaways on New Fertilizer Guidelines   10-8


Soybean Cyst Nematode Numbers Likely Higher from Hot, Dry Summer – DTN   10-7


Illinois Corn: Now Is Not the Time to Scout for Diseases   10-7


Minnesota: Considerations for Corn Harvest – Podcast   10-6


Kentucky Corn: One Fungicide Application Enough to Protect Against Foliar Diseases   10-6




Cotton | Sorghum


North Carolina Cotton: Defoliation Timing and Chasing This Top Crop – UPDATE   10-5


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Pecan Prices: Growers Hurrying to Gather Nuts Ahead of Weekend Rains   10-7


Georgia Pecans: Late Management Pointers For A Big, Early Crop- Podcast   10-5




Louisiana Sugarcane: Harvest in the Path of Hurricane Delta Pauses   10-8




North Carolina Wheat: Optimal Seeding Rates – Video   10-5




WASDE Cotton: U.S. Production Down Slightly, Ending Stocks Unchanged   10-9


WASDE Oilseeds: U.S. Soybean Production Down on Reduced Harvested Area   10-9


WASDE Rice: Domestic Usage Unchanged, Ending Stocks Raised   10-9


WASDE Coarse Grains: Lower Domestic Corn Production, Usage   10-9


WASDE Wheat: Higher Domestic Use, Lower Ending Stocks   10-9


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