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Dicamba’s Status As EPA Scrambles? It’s Complicated – DTN   9-25


Reminder: Update Safety-Net Program Crop Yields by Sept. 30   9-25


Federal Budget: House Resolves Fight Over Farm Payments, Passes Continuing Resolution   9-23


The Future of Chlorpyrifos (aka Lorsban) Continues To Dangle – DTN   9-25


A Farm Policy Dilemma: Base Acres, Planted Acres, and Ad Hoc Payments   9-24


Lawmakers Concerned About Disaster Related Ag Funding – DTN   9-23


Cleveland On Cotton: Fewer Acres In 2021?   9-25


Biofuels: “A Long Way to Go to Right the RFS Ship” – DTN   9-25


New Round of Farm Aid for COVID Losses Causes Snag in Congressional Spending Bill   9-22


Atrazine’s Proposed Label Includes Drift And Inversion Stipulations – DTN   9-23


Cost Benefit Analysis of CFAP2 Payments   9-22


Take Care With Tractors – 8 Farm Safety Tips – DTN   9-25


Illinois: Brightened 2020 Income Outlook for Grain Farms   9-23




Drought Monitor Weekly: Sally Brought Record Floods, Otherwise Mostly Dry   9-25


Arkansas: Topical Storm Beta Further Slows Harvest   9-25


Weather: Drought Expected to Continue in Central U.S. – DTN   9-23


Florida: Hurricane Sally’s Toll On Escambia County Crops In Pictures   9-21




Iowa: Volunteer Corn Management – Video   9-25


Ohio Soybeans: Fall-Applied Herbicides – What Goes Around Comes Around   9-24


Minnesota: Fall Weed Management Considerations, What to Do with Escapes – Podcast   9-24


Dicamba: Ag Groups Urge Timely Re-Registration   9-21


Iowa: Using a Vertical Tillage Tool for Weed Management – Video   9-23


Louisiana: Glyphosate-Resistant Italian Ryegrass Management   9-21




California Tree Crops: PG&E Offers Safe Planting Guidance Around Power Lines   9-22


California Walnuts: Will It Pay To Replant That Tree?   9-21


California Pistachios: A Light NOW Year For Several Reasons   9-21




Cotton Industry Rolls Out High-Profile Sustainability Initiative – DTN   9-24


USDA - Scroll Down




Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   9-25


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   9-25


Corn And Soybean Markets: What Accounts For Recent Price Disconnect? – DTN   9-25


Shurley on Cotton: Trade, Exports Fragile Amid Production Uncertainties   9-25


Moving Grain: Army Corps of Engineers To Deepen Lower Mississippi River Ship Channel   9-24


Rice Market Update: Gulf Quality Below Average, Delta Harvest Ramps Up   9-24


Ag Trade: Congress Calls on USTR to Remove Rice from GSP Commodities   9-24


Weekly Grain Inspections Bearish for Corn, Wheat – DTN   9-23


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   9-22


Ag Trade: China’s Ban of German Pork Could Impact U.S. Exports   9-22


Rice Market: New U.S. Trade Opportunities in 2020, 2021   9-21


Thompson on Cotton: A Faint Uptrend, Maybe to 70 Cents  9-20




Kansas AgrAbility Joins 19-State “Virtual State Fair” During October   9-23




Georgia: Organic Farming – Integrating Biological Controls for Root-Knot Nematodes, Weeds   9-25


Louisiana: Winter Cover Crops - Benefits and Planning Strategies for Cover Crop Success   9-21


Corn | Soybeans


Minnesota: Fall Fertilizer Management – Podcast   9-25


North Carolina Soybeans: Seed Quality Concerns – Video   9-24


Iowa Corn: Scout Fields for Stalk Rot   9-24


Yield Monitor Calibration: Garbage In, Garbage Out   9-23


Corn: Converting Wet Grain Weight to Dry Weight   9-23


Indiana: Preparing for Harvest – Podcast   9-23


North Carolina Soybeans: What Stage Is My Crop? R4 to R6 – Video   9-21


Louisiana Soybeans: Reduced Plant Growth Due to Soil Compaction   9-21


Cotton | Sorghum


Tennessee Cotton: Defoliating in Volatile Weather Conditions   9-25


Florida Panhandle Cotton: An Important Crop for a Sustainable Future   9-22


Florida: Cotton Defoliation Tips – Video   9-21




Mississippi Rice: A Consultants View from Across the River – Podcast   9-25


Arkansas Rice: Yields Running Strong To Variable  9-20


Sweet Potatoes


Mississippi: Sweet Potato Growers Face Challenges   9-25




Wheat: Crop Fared Better Than 2019, Yields Varied by Planting Date – DTN   9-23




Oil Crops Outlook: Higher Soybean Prices Led by Lower Supply, Brisk Export Sales   9-25


Wheat Outlook: Larger Crops Forecast for Key Exporting Nations   9-25


Feed Grain Outlook: Corn Crop Reduced by 379Mln Bushels   9-25


Cotton Outlook: Global Stock Increase Led by India   9-25


Rice Outlook: U.S. Production Forecast Raised to 225Mln Hundredweight   9-25


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