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USDA Announces Additional Direct Money to Farmers, Ranchers Impacted by Coronavirus   9-18


Federal Payments Showed The Safety Net Favors Soybeans   9-17


DTN Fertilizer Trends: Historically Low Prices – Will You Save Now or Later?   9-17


5 Tips for Trying Out Cover Crops This Fall – DTN   9-17


Cleveland on Cotton: A Short-Term Opportunity Thanks To European Consumers?   9-18


It’s Time To Reconnect Ag Support With Market Realities – Commentary   9-15


Biofuels: EPA Denies All Gap-Year RFS Waivers – DTN   9-17


Kansas: Study Indicates Rising Temperatures Will Increase Yield Risk, Rrop Insurance Premium Rates   9-18


Biofuels: Executive Branch Highlights Ethanol in Waiver Denials, E15 Promise   9-15




Florida: Hurricane Sally Slams Panhandle – DTN   9-18


Drought Monitor Weekly: Fires Rage in the West, Heavy Rains, Flooding from Sally   9-18


NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – Oct., Nov., Dec.   9-18


Midwest: Agronomy Team Debuts New Weather Tool   9-17


Iowa: 10 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   9-17


Texas: 3 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   9-17


Nebraska: 3 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   9-17


Oklahoma: Caddo County Designated a Natural Disaster Area to Drought   9-17


Texas: 4 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   9-14


South Dakota: Fall River County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Drought   9-14


Oklahoma: Jackson County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Drought   9-14




Minnesota: Herbicide-Resistant Weed Screening Survey   9-18


Pennsylvania: Worst Weeds Can Move with the Combine   9-18


Missouri Corn, Soybeans: Fall Management Strategies for Horseweed   9-15


Minnesota: Weed Control Ahead of the Combine   9-18


Georgia Corn: Late-Season Glyphosate Applications and Weed Seed Production   9-14




California Rice Harvest Commences   9-16


California Rice: Farmers See Reasons for Hope as Harvest Begins   9-16


California Walnuts: Check List For Fall Orchard Management   9-14


California Almond Outlook: Appears Bullish In The Short Term   9-14




ADM Wants Green Plains Suit Dismissed – DTN   9-18


Stephen Censky Returns as CEO of American Soybean Association   9-18


General Mills, Gunsmoke Farms Partner to Transition 34K Acres of Conventional Farmland to Organic with USDA Certification   9-17


Sustainable Cotton Farming Showcased in Episode 2 of “Crop to Campus” Documentary   9-17




Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   9-18


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   9-18


Moving Grain: Lawsuit Alleges Overcharges, Restrictions for Chassis at Ports, Inland Terminals   9-18


Ag Trade: U.S. Wheat, Soybean Exports Increase; Chinese Corn Hit Hard by Weather   9-18


Shurley on Cotton: Hurricane Sally Apparently Not a Market Mover   9-18


Rice Market Update: Port of Lake Charles to Resume Shipments   9-17


Corn, Soybeans: How Did Derecho Damage Affect USDA Reports? – DTN   9-17


Rice Market: More Bullish Than Bearish   9-16


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   9-15


Ag Trade: China, South Korea Ban German Pork Due to African Swine Fever   9-14


Cleveland On Cotton: An Upward Turn In November?   9-14


Thompson On Cotton: Demand On The Verge Of Recovery?   9-14


Shurley on Cotton: Sept. Crop Numbers Should Help Prices, But…   9-14




Georgia Peanuts: Through the Eyes of a Farmer – Randy Bryan – Video   9-18


Georgia Peanut Commission, Trae Young Donate Peanut Butter to Atlanta Schools   9-17


Fuel Report: Diesel, Gas Prices Slip Lower   9-17


Discovery Park of America Moves Closer to Million-Dollar Goal for New Ag Innovation Exhibit   9-16




Illinois: Cash Rents in 2020, Projections for 2021   9-16


Harvest Safety: Proper Combine Lockout/Tagout Procedures – Video   9-14


Corn | Soybeans


Tennessee: Virtual Soybean Disease Field Day Videos Available   9-18


Kentucky: Update on Soybean Rust   9-18


North Carolina: What Can Cause Soybean Pod Loss and Seed Abortion?   9-18


Pennsylvania: Preparing Grain Storages for Harvest   9-18


Iowa Corn: Combine Gathering Attachments for Lodged Crops   9-18


Corn, Wheat: AgriLife Research Expected to Improve Predictions on Plant Growth   9-18


Texas Soybeans: Defoliators Can Build in a Hurry   9-18


North Carolina Soybeans: Scout for Stink Bugs and Defoliators Through R7   9-17


Kentucky Soybeans: Stink Bugs Reaching Dangerous Levels   9-16


Iowa: Benefits to Using a Vertical Tillage Tool – Video   9-16


Minnesota: Nitrogen from Above? Rain Carries More Nutrients Than Expected. – DTN   9-15


Iowa Corn: Tillage Options for Unharvestable Crops – Video   9-15


Pennsylvania: Soybean Harvest Considerations   9-18


North Carolina Soybeans: Late Season Crop Management – Video   9-18


Iowa Corn: 4 Residue Management Considerations This Fall   9-15


Indiana Corn: Ears Drooping in Area Fields   9-14


Cotton | Sorghum


Tennessee Cotton: Defoliation Thoughts Heading into a Cold Front   9-18


Oklahoma Cotton: Late Season Management – Video   9-18


Texas Cotton: Harvest Aid Strategies For The Southern High Plains (Podcast)   9-17


Mississippi Cotton: Defoliation Season Begins – Podcast   9-18


Texas West Plains Cotton: Cold, Dry, Windy – Not a Good Mix   9-17


Alabama Cotton, Peanuts: 4 Late Season Disease Considerations   9-15


Cotton: Substantial Producer Participation Needed For Successful Sustainability Initiative   9-14




Midwestern Hemp Database: A New Tool for Growers   9-14




Mississippi Rice: Harvest Full Steam Ahead; Off Target Impacts – Podcast   9-18


Louisiana Rice: Post Laura Damage Assessment and Clean-Up Continues   9-17


Arkansas Rice: Supply/Demand Report Mostly Bearish   9-14


Arkansas Rice: Preliminary Yield Data On Four Planting Dates   9-14


Arkansas Rice: Estimating Harvest Loss   9-14


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Peanuts: Scouting for Caterpillars – Video   9-18


Georgia Pecans: Impacts from Hurricane Sally   9-18


Virginia Peanuts: Still a Few Weeks from Harvest   9-17


Midsouth Peanut Harvest – Call Before You Dig – Podcast   9-14


Sweet Potatoes


Louisiana Sweet Potatoes: Virtual Field Day Features Newest Varieties, Improved Techniques   9-17




Tobacco: A Good Burley Crop on the Way   9-18


Tobacco: Georgia-Florida Flue-Cured Is Terrific   9-14


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