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Payment Limitations: New Regs For An Old Problem – Gaming The System   8-31


Net Farm Income Rising Thanks to Govt. Payments – DTN   9-4


Cash Rents Face Pressure from Negative Farmer Capital – DTN   8-31


Ag Economy: Farmers Increasingly Turn to Non-Traditional Lenders – Podcast   9-1


USDA Farm Sector Income Forecast Updated for Sept.   9-3


Disaster Bill May Be Needed for Recent Events, Says Perdue – DTN   9-2


Ag Economy: Conditions Remain Weak with Some Improvements – Federal Reserve Beige Book   9-4


Crop Insurance: How Do Adverse Planting Conditions Affect Payment Timing?   9-4


Facing Farm Financial Stress – The Life Cycle of a Bankruptcy   9-2


Iowa’s Corn Took A Hit, But Analytical Group Still Predicts Record National Yield   9-4


Farmer Sentiment Rebounds, Commodity Prices Rally, Trade Prospects Improve – Ag Barometer   9-1


Corn Market: Price Floor? There Is No Price Floor. – Commentary   9-1


USDA Lending Rates Unchanged From Aug.   9-1


Grain Drying: Propane Outlook Favorable to Buyers – DTN   8-31




Some Ag Aid Relief in Iowa – DTN   9-4


Louisiana Soybeans: Hurricane Laura’s Effect On The Crop (In Pictures)   9-3


Louisiana: Hurricane Laura Damages Soybeans, Other Row Crops   9-1


Midwest Corn: Derecho and Drought Take Toll on Crops   8-31


Louisiana Rice: Wind, Rain Deal Blow to Harvested Crops   9-1




Drought Monitor Weekly: Laura Brings Winds, Rain to Midsouth; Elsewhere Mostly Dry   9-4


Arkansas: Harvest Halted by Week of Rain   9-3


NOAA Drought Outlook Monthly – September   9-2


Iowa: 18 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Derecho   9-3


Virginia: 5 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Freeze   9-3


Oklahoma: 8 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   8-31


Texas: 14 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   8-31




Nufarm Launches Panther MTZ – “A More Effective Load Of Metribuzin”   9-1




Ohio: Herbicide Residue Considerations for Fall Cover Crop Establishment   9-4


Iowa: Management of Volunteer Corn in Fields Affected from Derecho   9-4


Mississippi Corn: Post-Harvest Weed Control Considerations – Podcast   9-4


Minnesota: Scout Fields Now for Palmer Amaranth   9-4


Manage Escaped Weeds Prior to Harvest – Video   9-4


Palmer Pigweed: Where Your Cows Go, The Weed May Follow   9-3




California Almonds: Stuck Nuts – Varietal Influences   8-31


California: Modoc County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Drought   8-31




Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   9-4


DDG Weekly Prices Move Higher – DTN   9-4


Soybeans: Prices Trend Stronger Despite Repeated Bearish Hurdles – DTN   9-4


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   9-4


Moving Grain: Coast Guard Solicits Comments on Improving Waterway Systems   9-4


Rice Market Update: Weather Continues to Dominate Harvest News   9-4


Wheat Market: Secondary Rail Rates, Tight Elevation Capacity Support Export Prices   9-3


Shurley on Cotton: Again Pushing 66 Cents   9-4


Soybean Conference Sorts Out Shipping Issues Against COVID Backdrop – DTN   9-1


Ag Trade: China Has “Stepped Up” U.S. Purchases, Taiwan Eases Limits on U.S. Beef, Pork   9-1


Weekly Grain Inspections Mixed – DTN   9-2


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   9-1


Thompson On Cotton: China Commodity Buying Works Against Cotton  8-31




USDA Updates Conservation Provisions for Highly Erodible Land and Wetlands   9-4


Fuel Report: Diesel, Gas Prices Rise   9-2


Research to Improve Disease Resilience, Control in Food Crops   9-1


Arkansas: 3 Free Virtual Estate Planning Workshops in September   9-1




Florida: Protecting Our Crop Protectants   9-4


Alabama: Record, Near-Record Yields Projected for Some Crops   9-4


Tennessee Valley Crops: Laura Brings Beneficial Rains, Farmers Looking Towards Harvest   9-2


Corn | Soybeans


Nebraska: Scheduling the Last Irrigation of the Season   9-4


North Dakota: Cleaning Grain Bins to Prevent Insect Infestations   9-4


Pennsylvania: Water Requirements Continue for Corn and Soybeans During Grain Fill   9-4


Minnesota: Virtual Cover Crop Field Day Video Recording Available   9-4


South Carolina: Soybean Pests Have A Healthy Appetite Right Now   9-4


Indiana Soybeans: Bean Leaf Beetle Feeding In Late-Maturing Crops – Video   9-4


Tennessee: Corn Inservice Webinar Video Now Available   9-4


Iowa: Plan for No-till Soybean   9-4


Pennsylvania: Estimating Corn Grain Yields   9-4


Corn And Soybean Yields: Barchart Ups Its U.S. Projections   9-3


Alabama Soybeans: Caterpillar Infestations, Redbanded Stink Bugs on the Move   9-2


Midwest Corn, Soybeans: Cost Management Considerations for Harvest   9-2


Pennsylvania: Soybean Fields Firing Early? There May Be More to the Story…   9-4


Minnesota: Rotation Benefits from Alfalfa to Corn   9-4


Alabama: Soybean Rust, Frogeye Leaf Spot Currently Active   9-2


Mississippi Soybeans: Free Soil Nematode Tests Extended to 2021   8-31


Cotton | Sorghum


Arkansas Cotton: What to Know About Harvest Aids   9-4


Mississippi Cotton: Strong Boll Set as Harvest Nears   9-4


Tennessee: Cotton Tour – Don’t Forget to Take Quiz for CCA Points   9-4


Alabama Cotton: Hard Luck – Hardlock and Boll Rot   9-3


Tennessee: 2020 Cotton Tour Virtual Videos Now Online   9-4


Alabama Cotton, Peanuts: Scout Fields for Fungal Diseases   9-2




Arkansas Rice: Hurricane, Cool Temps – This Crop Needs A Break   9-4


Arkansas Rice: Wet Conditions Bring Sooty Mold   9-4


Rice: One Week Later, Laura’s Damage Report Still Unfolding   9-4


Arkansas Rice: UofA Asks Farmers to Share Weed Management Concerns   9-1


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Peanuts: Abundant Numbers of Velvetbean Caterpillars   9-4


Georgia Pecans: Late-Season Steps To Control What You Can Control – Podcast   9-3


Georgia Peanuts: Through the Eyes of a Farmer – Ross Parrish – Video   9-4




Kansas Wheat: 2020 Variety Test Results Available   9-4


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