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Dicamba Ban In 2021 – Got A “Plan B”? 12 Consultants Share Strategies – AgFax Weed Solutions   8-23


Cotton – Southeast – Limited Defoliation At Hand, Rains Restore Balance – AgFax   8-27


Cotton – Midsouth – Waiting For Defoliation, Waiting For The Hurricane – AgFax   8-27


Cotton – Southwest – Yields and Crop Status, So Far – AgFax   8-26




Arkansas Rice: Hurricane Laura – It Could Have Been Worse   8-28


Louisiana: Ag Impacts from Laura Less Destructive Than Feared   8-28


Rice: Hurricane Laura Hits Hard, Damage Reports Vary   8-28


Arkansas: Laura’s Wicked Winds Twist Soybeans, Flatten Rice, Scatter Cotton Bolls   8-28


Iowa: Drought, Derecho, and COVID – Unprecedented Challenges for Farmers – DTN   8-28


Drought Monitor Weekly: Hot and Dry with a Side of Hurricanes   8-28


Mississippi Crops: How Will Approaching Hurricanes Affect Harvest? – Podcast   8-27


Crop Risk From Hurricane Laura – DTN   8-27


Louisiana Crawfish: Potential Impacts from Approaching Hurricanes   8-25


Texas: 10 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   8-28




Coronavirus: 2nd Round of Ag Aid Could Come Soon – DTN   8-28


Ag Trade: USDA Forecasts U.S. Exports Up $5.5 Billion for 2021   8-27


Farm Succession: Legacy Assumptions, Management Decisions – DTN   8-25


Ag Economy: “Fragile” Conditions Persist, Ethanol Waiver Concerns Remain   8-25


August Droughts Created a Tale of Two Crops – DTN   8-28


Seasonal Corn Prices That Start With “2” – The New Trend? – Commentary   8-25


Cleveland on Cotton: With China’s Realignment, Better Times Ahead?   8-28


Coronavirus Food Assistance Program Signup Deadline Approaching   8-28


Agencies Want Navigable Waters Lawsuit Dismissed – DTN   8-27


Corn, Soybeans: Projecting Final Planted Acreage with Preliminary FSA Data   8-28


Ethanol: Ag, Biofuel Groups Defend E15 in Court – DTN   8-27


Hubbs on Grain: Looking at 2020-21 Corn Consumption   8-25


Biofuels: Renewable Fuel Association Makes Plea for Action – DTN   8-27


Corn, Soybeans: Projecting Final Prevented Plant Acreage   8-25


Farming: Young, Black and Getting His ‘Ducks in a Row’ – DTN   8-26




Michigan: Suspect Herbicide Resistance? Submit Weed Seeds for Screening   8-28


3 Major Weeds Have Genomes Unlocked   8-28


North Carolina Cotton: Weed Management Benefits of Cover Crops – Video   8-26


Ohio Corn, Soybeans: Preharvest Herbicide Treatments   8-26


Indiana: Soil Residual Herbicides And Establishment Of Fall Cover Crops   8-26




California Walnuts: Big Crop, Big Plans To Grow Domestic Market   8-28




Barchart Offering Free Commodity Data, Tools To University Ag Econ Programs   8-25




Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   8-28


Rice Market Update: Damage Assessment from Laura Ongoing   8-28


Soybeans: Don’t Miss a Rally for Fear of Higher Future Prices – DTN   8-27


Peanut Stocks: Utilization Up 3%, 2.12Bln Pounds in Storage   8-27


Rice Market: Brazil Looks to Temporarily Suspend Tariffs on Imports   8-27


Moving Grain: Class I Railroad Service Concerns Before Harvest   8-27


Ag Trade: U.S., China “Committed” to “Success” of the Phase One Deal   8-26


Grain Markets: Chinese Food Shortages – An Unexpected Bright Spot? – DTN   8-25


Shurley on Cotton: A Run We’ve Waited For   8-25


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   8-25


Soybeans: New South American Futures Contract Launches in Sept.   8-24


Thompson on Cotton: Hurricanes Will Hang Over The Market This Week   8-23




Tennessee: UT Extension Announces New Interim Assistant Dean   8-27


Fuel Report: Gas Prices Inch Higher   8-26


Mississippi: Farm Vehicles Warrant Extra Caution from Fall Drivers   8-26


Future Farmers of America: Record Membership Numbers, Diversity   8-24




West Alabama: Corn Harvest Underway, Caterpillars in Peanuts, Crops in Need of Rain   8-25


Louisiana: Paraquat and Pre-Certification Training   8-25


Corn | Soybeans


Virginia: Estimating Soybean Yields   8-27


North Carolina: 2020 Production Update-Soybean Pod Damage   8-27


Iowa: Fall Management Options for Corn Fields That Are Unharvestable   8-27


Minnesota: When It Rains, It Pours - How Heavy Rainfall Can Lead to Nutrient Loss   8-27


Ohio: Potential for Nitrate Problems in Drought Stressed Corn   8-27


Nebraska: Center Pivot End Gun Considerations   8-27


Iowa: Late Season Hail Damage to Crops   8-27


Louisiana Soybeans: Looking Ahead To 2021 Variety Selections   8-27


Alabama Soybeans: Take Advantage of Free Nematode Sampling   8-27


Mississippi Soybeans: Late Season Disease Issues – Podcast   8-27


Nebraska: Survey Shows Range of Cover Crop Benefits as Acreage Expands   8-27


Georgia Corn: Realistic Expectations for Field Dry Down   8-27


Tennessee Soybeans: Fungicide Considerations for Late Crops   8-27


Ohio: Corn Silage Harvest Timing   8-27


Mississippi Soybeans: Managing Late Infestations of Redbanded Stinkbugs, Kudzu Bugs – Podcast   8-27


Illinois Corn: Cutting Fertilizer Rates to Save Costs   8-26


Louisiana Corn: Harvest Moisture and Its Effect on Prices   8-25


Tennessee Soybeans: Don’t Stop Scouting While Harvesting Other Crops   8-27


Ohio: Making Corn Silage in Dry Conditions   8-27


North Carolina Soybeans: How Do I Manage Stink Bugs – Video   8-24


Tennessee Soybeans: In Late Fields, Don’t Make Matters Worse   8-24


Iowa Corn: 17 Tips to Adjust Combines for Harvesting Lodged Crops   8-24


Cotton | Sorghum


North Carolina Cotton: Should You Stop Treating Insects In Cotton Now?   8-28


South Carolina: Still Reasons To Scout Cotton – And More So In Soybeans   8-28


Texas West Plains Cotton: Keep Irrigation Running, Sample Soils for Nematodes   8-27


North Carolina Cotton: Top vs. Bottom Crop – Deciding Which to Chase   8-28


Alabama Cotton, Soybeans: Don’t Stop Scouting for Insects   8-25


Alabama Cotton: Defoliation Considerations – Video   8-25


Cotton: Preventing Plastic Contamination when Handling Modules   8-25


Alabama Cotton, Peanuts: Plan Fungicide Applications Ahead of Hurricane Landfall   8-25


Tennessee Cotton: When To Safely Walk Away From Insects This Season   8-24


Texas High Plains Cotton: Stink Bugs Remain Quiet   8-24


Alabama: Cotton Leaf Roll Dwarf Virus – 4 Thoughts   8-25


Arkansas Cotton: Light At The End Of The Tunnel With Insects? It Depends   8-23


Texas South Plains Cotton: 4 Questions Regarding Lygus   8-24




Virginia: Corn Earworm Moth and Results of an Insecticide Evaluation on Hemp   8-27




Arkansas Rice: Virtual Field Day Videos Now Available   8-24


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia: UGA to Begin New Pecan Variety Trials in Southeast Georgia   8-27


Virginia Peanuts: Maturity Running Much Later Than Last Year   8-27


Georgia Pecans: New Variety Trials to Begin in Southeast Georgia   8-26


Florida Peanuts: Pod Rot Issues Amplified by Heavy Rains   8-24


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