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Cotton – Southeast – More Bolls Opening, But Still A Long Way To Go – AgFax   8-20


Cotton – Midsouth – Cleanup Sprays Going Out To Protect Those Last Bolls – AgFax   8-20


Cotton – Southwest – High Temps Push Crop to Cutout – AgFax   8-19




Corn Damage: Recovering from the Derecho – DTN   8-21


Trump Approves Iowa Disaster Request – DTN   8-19


Estimating Corn Losses in Iowa – Not a Straightforward Task – DTN   8-19


Midwest: Rebuilding Damaged Storage, Finding Alternatives Ahead of Harvest – DTN   8-18


Derecho Damage: Current Estimates of 37.7Mln Farmland Acres   8-17


Iowa: Derecho Leaves a Multitude of Harvest Challenges – DTN   8-17


Illinois: Millions of Crop Acres in Derecho’s Path – DTN   8-17




Dicamba Ban: Case Rehearing Denied, Decision Stands – DTN   8-19


COVID-19 Forces Farmland Sales Into The Virtual Landscape – DTN   8-20


Are Export-Oriented Farm Policies Part Of The Problem? – Commentary   8-18


Democrats Turn to Rural Issues – DTN   8-20


Cleveland on Cotton: Reasons To Be Bearish   8-21


Ag Trade: Phase One Talks Delayed, Perspective on U.S. Exports to China   8-20


Farm Taxes: Transitioning Out of a Partnership or S Corporation – DTN   8-18


Hubbs on Grain: Record Soybean Yield Forecast Sparks Skepticism   8-17


Coronavirus Food Assistance Program Deadline Extended to Sept. 11   8-21


Rural Broadband: Perplexing Issues On The Road To Connectivity – DTN   8-20


Ag Economy: 2nd Quarter Federal Reserve Credit Surveys   8-19


Digital Yield Tour: Forecast for Record National Averages for Corn, Soybeans – DTN   8-18




Georgia Cotton Commission – How Is It Helping Growers? – Podcast   8-21


Georgia Cotton Commission Board Reappoints Cromley, Hopkins, Ruark   8-18


U.S. Patents Granted for Envita Nitrogen-Fixing Technology   8-17




Drought Monitor Weekly: Historic Heat Wave Scorches the West   8-21


NOAA Drought Outlook Seasonal – Sept., Oct., Nov.   8-21


Texas: Wheeler County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Drought   8-19


Georgia: Toombs County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Hail Damage   8-19


Minnesota: Chippewa County Designated Natural Area to Flood, Freeze   8-19


Ohio: 6 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Excessive Moisture, Cold   8-19


Oklahoma: 3 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   8-19




California Rice: Dennis Lindberg Passes at 96   8-21


USDA Reports - Scroll Down




Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   8-21


Moving Grain: Accidents Briefly Snarl Mississippi River Barge Traffic   8-21


Rice Market Update: Another Perfect Storm Brewing?   8-21


USA Rice Meets with Iraqi Trade Officials   8-21


Rice Trade: Reports Shines Light on Impact of Residue Limits on Exports   8-20


Shurley on Cotton: Understand The Risk   8-19


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   8-18


Rice Market: Iraq Positioned to Purchase from U.S.   8-17


Thompson On Cotton: Cap On Prices — Easy To Understand Why   8-17




Clemson Fall Field Days Will Be Online This Year   8-19


Louisiana Crawfish: Coronavirus Relief Now Available   8-18




Illinois: Agronomy Day Goes Virtual   8-21


Texas Researcher to Examine Mysteries of Armyworms   8-20


Nebraska: Terminating a Verbal Farmland Lease   8-17


Illinois: Farm Real Estate Values Increase Slightly for 2020   8-17


Corn | Soybeans


Corn, Soybeans: Cover Crops Help Growers in Wet Season – DTN   8-21


Pennsylvania Soybeans: Reports of Sudden Death Syndrome   8-21


Louisiana Soybeans: Tropical Weather Ahead, Put Stinkbug Protection In Place   8-20


Minnesota: Be on Lookout for Soybean Gall Midge, Spider Mites, Corn Rootworm – Podcast   8-19


Kentucky: Spotted Corn Leaves – Disease or Something Different?   8-19


Illinois: Assessing Corn Rootworm Damage – Now is the Time   8-19


Iowa Corn: Silage Harvest of Drought-Stressed, Severely Lodged Crops   8-18


Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Is Boron Deficiency a Problem?   8-18


Pennsylvania: Corn Silage – 6 Reasons Cover Crops Are Nonnegotiable   8-21


Soybeans: Yield Loss from Off-target Dicamba and 2,4-D Movement Injury   8-17


Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Late Summer Diseases, What to Plan for Next Year – Podcast   8-19


Nebraska Corn: Weather Impacts to Pollination and Kernel Fill   8-17


North Carolina Soybeans: Dealing with Corn Earworms – Video   8-17


Cotton | Sorghum


South Carolina Cotton: Focus On Stink Bugs But Be Aware Of Bollworms, Too   8-21


Texas Blacklands Cotton: Getting Ready for Harvest Aids   8-20


Alabama Cotton: Scouting for, Control of Spider Mites – Video   8-19


Texas LRGV Cotton: Hanna Obliterated Crop, Tips for Stalk Destruction   8-21


Cotton Sustainability: 3 Southeast Farmers Share Their Soil Health Journeys   8-19


Texas High Plains Cotton: Insect Pressure Generally Low, Don’t Stop Scouting – Podcast   8-21


North Carolina Cotton: How Much Longer Will Insects Matter?   8-18


Texas Plains IPM: Insects All Over but Few at Economic Thresholds   8-17


Sorghum: Researchers Aim to Develop Fall Armyworm Resistant Varieties   8-18




Texas Rice: Seeing A New Aphid? Better Call Mo   8-21


Arkansas Rice: Salt With Care – Critical Desiccation Points   8-21


Louisiana Rice: Yields Still Good But Trending Lower   8-21


Missouri Rice Virtual Field Day Videos Available   8-20




Georgia Peanuts: Favorable Conditions for Disease Development, Spread   8-21


Georgia Peanuts: Through the Eyes of a Farmer – Jan Jones – Video   8-21




Tobacco: Variable Crop Is Running Late   8-21




Kansas Wheat: Study Helps Identify Varieties for Dual-Purpose Systems   8-21




Oil Crops Outlook: Outstanding Soybean Yields Counter Brighter Export Outlook   8-21


Cotton Outlook: Global Production Decrease Led by U.S., Brazil   8-21


Feed Grain Outlook: Corn, Sorghum Exports Boosted by Higher Production Forecasts   8-21


Rice Outlook: U.S. Production Forecast Lowered 1%   8-21


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