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Cotton – Southeast – More Pests Brewing, Pushed Along By Dry Conditions – AgFax   7-30


Rice: Coastal Harvest Disrupted, Hints Of Draining In Midsouth – AgFax   7-30


Cotton – Midsouth/Delta – Pests Ramp Up As Crop Pushes Into August – AgFax   7-29


Cotton – Southwest – Hanna Hits LRGV | Enlist Gets Reprieve – AgFax   7-29




Dicamba-Resistant Pigweed Confirmed. Now What? – DTN   7-30


Will Recent Payments Outside The Farm Bill Boost The Safety Net?   7-30


Farm Consolidation Occurs With Or Without Commodity Programs, Analysis Shows   7-29


Mystery Seed Problem Goes Global – DTN   7-31


Precision Ag Tech Boosts Land Values for Users   7-29


Ag Taxes: What to Know About Debt Forgiveness – DTN   7-28


Cleveland On Cotton: China Now Sits On Plenty Of Bales   7-31


Policy Pennings: Supply Management Won’t Reverse Export Trends   7-28


Corn Market: Will Prices Hit an Early Harvest Low? – DTN   7-28


Crop Insurance: How Did 2019 Loss Ratios Compare to Previous Years?   7-29


Farmers Having Their Day In Court On Missouri Farmland Flooding – DTN   7-28


Mystery Seed Recipients Advised to Report Shipments to USDA   7-28


The PIK Program…It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time   7-31




Iowa: Scout Now for Palmer Amaranth   7-31


Dicamba: Environmental Factors that Influence Application Success – Video   7-31


Iowa: What’s up With Waterhemp?   7-31


Missouri: Status of Dicamba Labels, Research on pH Modifiers – Video   7-30


Minnesota Soybeans: Walk, Hoe, Map, Mow – Your Best Aug. Weed Control Plan   7-30


Tennessee: Dicamba-Resistant Pigweed Makes Stewardship Even More Important   7-28




USDA Bioengineered Label Law Challenged – DTN   7-31


Ethanol: Waiting on COVID Relief, None Yet in Sight – DTN   7-30


Coronavirus Aid: Senate Releases New Draft, Diverges from House   7-30


New COVID Aid Bill Stalled in Talks – DTN   7-28




NOAA Drought Outlook Monthly – August   7-31


Drought Monitor Weekly: Very Hot, Mostly Dry   7-30




California Almonds: Regulated Deficit Irrigation – Is It Appropriate for Your Operation?   7-27




Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   7-31


Rice Market Update: Good Early Field Yields, Hanna Hurts 2nd Crop   7-31


Corn: Basis Levels Largely Ignore Illinois River Closure – DTN   7-30


Moving Grain: LaGrange Lock and Dam Closure Period Extended   7-30


Peanut Stocks: Utilization Up 2%, 2.4Bln Pounds in Storage   7-29


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   7-28


Shurley on Cotton: Rally Stalls, Market Looking More Uncertain   7-28


Ag Trade: Is China Meeting Phase One Commitments?   7-27


Livestock: China Requires Covid-19 Tests on Meats, Calls for Mass Testing of Brazilian Meatpackers   7-29


Livestock Markets: Few Surprises in USDA Cattle Reports   7-27




Fuel Report: Marginal Price Declines   7-29




Arkansas: Rice Acreage May Cushion COVID’s Economic Impacts   7-31


Tennessee: Visual Symptoms – A Handy Tool in Identifying Nutrient Deficiency   7-28


Mississippi: Irrigation Thresholds, Triggers, and Automation – Podcast   7-27


Indiana Farmland Values Increase, Signs Point to Potential COVID-19 Slump   7-27


Corn | Soybeans


Mississippi Corn: Wrapping up Late Season Management – Podcast   7-31


Illinois Corn: Keep an Eye Out for Southern Rust   7-30


Tennessee Cotton, Soybeans: Get Ready to Manage Bollworms   7-31


Indiana Corn: Scout Pollen Heavy Areas for Rootworm Beetles   7-31


North Carolina Soybeans: Applying Foliar Fertilizers – Video   7-30


Minnesota: 5 Steps to Ensure Efficient Irrigation Management   7-29


Georgia Corn: Protecting Stored Grain from Insects   7-28


Louisiana Soybeans: Understanding Why Plants Shed Flowers, Pods   7-28


Indiana Corn, Soybeans: Foliar Diseases Increasing, Should You Spray?   7-31


Illinois Soybeans: Dealing with Root Knot Nematodes   7-27


Tennessee Soybeans: Scouting for Diseases, Deciding on Fungicides   7-27


Corn, Soybeans: New Online Disease Severity, Insect Defoliation Training Tool Available   7-27


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Drought Effects, Alternative Management Considerations   7-27


Minnesota Corn: Online Course Helps Improve Profitability, Water Quality   7-28


Tennessee Corn: Southern Rust Present, Low Incidence, Severity   7-27


Cotton | Sorghum


South Carolina Cotton: Remain Alert For Bollworms But Add Stink Bugs To Your List   7-31


Texas LRGV Cotton: Heavy Crop Damage from Hanna   7-31


Mississippi: Everything to Know About Tarnished Plant Bugs – Podcast   7-31


Texas West Plains Cotton: Bollworm Management Considerations   7-31


Georgia Cotton: Increased Whitefly Pressure a Concern   7-31


Virginia Cotton: Evaluating Prematurely Cut-Out Crops   7-30


Texas High Plains Cotton: Bollworms, Lygus, Aphids – Podcast   7-29


Alabama Cotton: Pest Report, Rainfastness Considerations   7-29




Louisiana Rice Yield Reports, July 17-31, 2020   7-31


Arkansas Rice: Armyworms In Reproductive Rice – Spray Or No Spray?   7-31


Louisiana Rice: Harvest Gains Momentum   7-29


Texas Rice: Hurricane Hanna Impacts on Ratoon Crop   7-27


Louisiana: Row Rice Featured at Virtual Field Day   7-28


Peanuts | Pecans


Alabama Peanut Check-off Wins 95% Approval in Referendum   7-29


Georgia Pecans: 5 Tips for Dealing with Snails   7-27




Kansas: Wheat Variety Disease and Insect Ratings for 2020   7-30


Spring Wheat Tour Goes Virtual Due to Coronavirus – DTN   7-28


Minnesota Wheat: Dealing with Fusarium Head Blight at Harvest   7-27


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