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Cotton – Southeast – Plant Bugs Influencing Treatment Decisions As July Starts – AgFax   7-2


Cotton – Midsouth – With Pests, Is This The Calm Before The Storm? - AgFax   7-2


Cotton – Southwest – Bolls Popping, Young Plants Coming On – AgFax   7-1


Rice – Coastal Producers Gearing Up For Harvest – AgFax   7-2


AgFax Grain: Redbanded, Kudzu Bugs Appearing Early In Soybeans  6-28


AgFax Grain: This Week’s Issues, Recommendations In Midwest Soy, Corn  6-28


California Almonds: A Big Crop Begins Splitting – AgFax  6-28




Ag Trade: Chinese Imports Not on Pace to Meet Phase One Targets   7-2


Senate Ag Committee Advances U.S. Grain Standards Act Extension – DTN   7-1


Shurley on Cotton: On Our Way to Unlocking Higher Prices?   7-1


USDA Announces Flexibilities for Filing ‘Notice of Loss’ for Failed, Prevented Planted Acres   7-2


U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement in Effect July 1 – DTN   7-2


Retiring Farmland To Boost Markets…An Idea Past Its Prime?   7-2


Cotton: Corteva Buys J.G. Boswell’s Stake In PhytoGen Seed Company   7-1


Livestock: Bearish Hogs, Pigs Report with Few Bright Spots on the Horizon   6-29


Succession Planning: Don’t Forget Your Bookkeeper – DTN   7-1


Would Set-Aside Programs Boost Commodity Prices? (First In A Series)   6-29


Biofuels: EPA Holding Up on RFS Volumes – DTN   7-2


Lower Harvest-Time Grain Futures — An Accumulation Of Causes   7-1


Iowa Farm Business: Liquidity Remains a Concern   6-29


Farm Progress, Husker Harvest Days Shows Canceled – DTN   7-2




Drought Monitor Weekly: Mostly Hit or Miss Rains   7-2


NOAA Drought Outlook Monthly – July   7-1


Alabama: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   7-2


Mississippi: 3 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   7-2


Oklahoma: 5 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   7-2


California: 22 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   7-2


South Dakota: Deuel County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Floods   7-2


Ohio: Warmer Weather Favored for Rest of Growing Season   6-30




Iowa Soybeans: Identifying Common Herbicide Symptoms   6-30


Tennessee: Dicamba – Concerns About Poor Pigweed Control   6-30


Pesticide Safety Training – EPA Releases Pandemic Guidelines   6-30


Tennessee Cotton, Soybeans: Junglerice Control After Initial Glyphosate + Dicamba Application   6-29


Cover Crops for Weed Management – Researchers Respond to Herbicide Crackdown   6-29


Indiana: Weed Management Considerations for Late June   6-29


Nebraska: Volunteer Wheat Control is Critical for Next Year’s Yields   7-1


Sustainable Weed Management: Cooperation, Preparation, Science Are Key – Commentary   6-29


Pennsylvania Soybeans: Controlling Volunteer Corn   6-29




California Almonds: An In-Depth Look at Spear-Lep Insecticide   6-29


California: Almond Gumming – When Is It a Problem?   6-29


California Walnuts: 10 Key Management Points Ahead Of Harvest  6-27


California Walnuts: More Mold, More Questions  6-27


California Walnuts: Using Ethephon in a Year With Lean Prices, Straggled Leafout  6-27




Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   7-2


USDA Lending Rates Unchanged from June   7-1


Moving Grain: Effect of Large Verdict Awards on Trucking Industry   7-2


U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement Enters Into Force, NAFTA Nixed   7-1


Weekly Grain Inspections Mixed – DTN   7-1


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   6-30


Ag Trade: China’s Restrictions on Food Imports Meet Resistance from Exporters   6-29




PhytoGen Best Yielders Donate FFA Jackets   7-1


STAR Energy FS and GROWMARK FS to Merge   6-30


Georgia Cotton Commission – Richey Seaton Retiring, Sills to Serve as Executive Director   7-1




Argentina Combats Locust Cloud, Brazil Stays on Alert   6-30




Tennessee: Weed, Insect Problems Going into July – Podcast   7-2


Arkansas: Corn, Cotton Acreage Fall; Soybeans, Rice Make Gains   6-30


Corn | Soybeans


Minnesota: Midseason Flooding and Its Impacts on Yields   7-1


Nebraska: Fungicide Resistance and Management of Frogeye Leaf Spot of Soybean   7-1


Kentucky Soybeans: Septoria Brown Spot and Phyllosticta Leaf Spot   7-1


Minnesota: True Armyworm Spottings   7-1


Nebraska: Japanese Beetles Emerging   7-1


Ohio Soybeans: Double Crop Recommendations   6-30


Alabama Soybeans: Scout Fields for Redbanded Stink Bugs   6-30


Nebraska Corn, Soybeans: Grasshoppers Return – Time to Scout Field Borders   6-29


Illinois Corn: Dealing with Bacterial Leaf Streak   6-29


Cotton | Sorghum


Virginia Cotton: Growth, Squaring Advance   7-2


Texas LRGV Cotton: Pests Largely Quiet   7-2


Alabama: Unusual Weather Gives Unusual Year for Cotton Insects   7-1


Texas West Plains Cotton: Insects Mostly Quiet, Weeds a Bigger Problem   7-2


North Carolina Cotton: Pre-Bloom Plant Bug Management   7-1




Rice Market Update: Gulf Coast Harvest Gets Early Start   7-2


Rice Disease Alert: Leaf Blast Has Started; Sheath Blight Is Bouncing   7-1


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Pecans: New Triazole Fungicides Show Promise   6-30


Georgia Peanuts: 3 Comments on Current Weed Situation   6-30


National Peanut Board Launches Research Database   6-29




Tobacco: Transplanting Ends as Harvest Kicks Off   7-2




Minnesota Wheat: Diseases Quiet, Risk High for Fusarium Head Blight   7-1


Oklahoma Wheat: Harvest Nearly Complete   6-30


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