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Cotton – Midsouth – Key Pests More Apparent As We Head Into July – AgFax   6-25


Cotton – Southeast – Pests Stirring But No Big Issues Yet – AgFax   6-24


Rice – Coastal Crop Remains On Fast Track To Harvest – AgFax   6-26


Cotton – Southwest – Insects, Herbicides and PGRs – AgFax   6-24


California – Almonds – Hull Split Within Sight – AgFax   6-20




Dicamba Ban Reversal Denied – DTN   6-26


Bayer Announced $10 Billion Settlement In Roundup-Cancer Claims   6-24


Soybeans: Expected Harvest Prices for 2020   6-24


Dicamba: 3-Judge Panel Sides With EPA On Use Of Existing Stocks – DTN   6-22


Rural America: More Vulnerable to COVID-19 Than Cities?   6-21


Cleveland On Cotton: Brutal Competition Ahead   6-26


Dicamba Legal Battle Rocks On   6-25


Soybeans: Bayer’s Dicamba Settlement – What We Currently Know – DTN   6-26


Hubbs on Grain: June Corn Stocks Report – What Can We Expect?   6-22


Senate Ag Committee Hearing: Monetizing Voluntary Conservation Practices   6-25


Illinois: Characteristics of Higher Profit Farms Over the Last 5 Years   6-22




Drought Monitor Weekly: Rains Hit Eastern U.S., Dryness Remains   6-26


South Dakota: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Floods   6-22


Texas: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Freeze, Excessive Moisture   6-22




Kansas: Researchers Ask Farmers to Complete Weed Challenge Survey   6-26


Tennessee: Cotton Weed Control – Video   6-23


Minnesota: Ideal Spraying Days Tough to Come By   6-22


Tennessee Cotton: Continued Weed Escapes – Post-Direct, Hooded Mixtures   6-22


Minnesota: Suspect Pesticide Drift? What to Do, How to Prevent It   6-22




California Almonds: 4 Key Points To Remember In July   6-26


California Almonds: 3 Steps to Hull Rot Management   6-25


California Rice: The Heat Is On – Literally   6-24


California Almonds: Bigger Crop, Longer Harvest — Prime Scenario For Ant Damage   6-20


California Almonds: Your 6-Item Checklist For The Rest Of June   6-20


USDA Reports - Scroll Down




Shurley on Cotton: Neutral Market Continues   6-26


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   6-26


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   6-26


Rice Market Update: Early Harvest Anticipated Along the Gulf Coast   6-25


Moving Grain: Waiver for Commercial Driver’s License Permit Renewal Extended   6-25


Grain Markets: Limited Elevation Capacity Supports Gulf Wheat Export Basis   6-25


COVID-19 Ag Related Losses Mount; China Seeks Virus Documentation on Soybeans   6-24


USA Rice Petitions for Removal of GSP Import Benefits   6-23


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   6-23


U.S. Rice Makes Inroads in Japanese Consumer Market   6-22


Ag Trade: China to Accelerate U.S. Purchases; Foreign Concerns Over Farm Assistance   6-22


Locust Outbreaks — Uncertain Implications For Grain Market – DTN   6-22




Arkansas: UofA Receives $10Mln Gift for Price-Risk Analysis, Outreach   6-25


Fuel Report: Prices Rise, Still Well Below Last Year   6-24


Fire Ants Are Limiting Spread Of Meat Allergy   6-25




Tennessee: Insects Mostly Quiet   6-26


Georgia: Diseases Taking Advantage of Favorable Weather   6-25


Mississippi: Irrigation Techniques and Soil Moisture Sensors – Podcast   6-25


Corn | Soybeans


Mississippi Corn: Tassel Stage Management – Podcast   6-26


North Carolina Soybeans: What Stage Is My Crop In? – Video   6-26


Pennsylvania Soybeans: Evaluating Nodulation   6-26


Louisiana Soybeans: Managing In-Season Potassium Deficiency   6-26


Oklahoma Soybeans: Dry Weather Conducive for Seedling Blight, Root Rot   6-26


North Carolina: Mid-Season Soybean Management – Video   6-25


Iowa Soybeans: Dealing with White Mold   6-24


Louisiana Corn: Should You Apply Pre-Tassel Nitrogen?   6-26


North Carolina Soybeans: Prevalent Seedling Diseases – What Should You Do?   6-26


Soybean Gall Midge: Current Reported Distribution in 2020   6-24


Pennsylvania: Soybean Cyst Nematodes – Now’s a Great Time to Scout   6-26


Ohio Soybeans: Vegetative Growth Stages – VC vs V1   6-23


Indiana Corn: Early Season Drought Stress   6-22


Cotton | Sorghum


South Carolina Cotton: It’s Getting Easier To Find Pests   6-26


Texas High Plains Cotton: More High Winds and Hail, Still Dry   6-26


Texas Cotton: New Pima Interest Could Bring Yield-Limiting Fungus to Plains   6-25


Virginia Cotton: Considerations for Fertilizer Side-Dressing   6-26


Texas High Plains Cotton: Evaluating Wind, Hail Damage, Protecting Squares – Podcast   6-25


Texas Cotton: Plant Growth Regulator Considerations   6-25


Alabama Cotton: Scouting, Control of Plant Bugs – Video   6-24


Texas Upper Coast Cotton: Bollworms and Stink Bugs   6-22




Arkansas Rice: Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Sheath Blight   6-26


Rice As Medicine? Researchers Implant Genes That Lower Blood Pressure In Rats   6-25


Arkansas Rice: Scouting for Hydrogen Sulfide Toxicity   6-22


Arkansas Rice: Billbugs In Row Rice — How The Cycle Runs   6-21


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Peanuts: Lesser Cornstalk Borer Infestations on the Rise   6-24


Florida: Videos from Virtual Perennial Peanut Field Day   6-26


Georgia Pecans: Abundant Aphids – What to Do?   6-23




Michigan Wheat: 1st True Armyworm Outbreak Since 2010   6-26


Oklahoma Wheat Harvest Moves Ahead, Hindered by Weekend Rains   6-22




Oil Crops Outlook: Demand for Domestic Soy Meal Use, Oil Exports Stays Robust   6-26


Cotton Outlook: Global Stocks Projected at 6 Year High   6-26


Wheat Outlook: U.S. Production Raised on Improved Prospects for Winter Wheat   6-26


Rice Outlook: U.S. Export Forecasts Lowered for Both 2019/20 and 2020/21   6-26


Feed Grain Outlook: Lower Corn for Ethanol Reduces 2019/20 Use   6-26


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