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Cotton – Southeast – A Tough And Unreliable Planting Season Winding Down – AgFax   6-3


Cotton – Midsouth – Horrible Planting Season Ends, Hoping For Better Days Ahead – AgFax   6-3


Rice – Midsouth Planting Winds Down | Tropical Storm Raises Concerns – AgFax   6-4


Cotton – Southwest: Wet, Dry and Drier – Mother Nature Challenges – AgFax   6-3


California – Almonds – Trees Still Carrying Huge Crop Going Into June – AgFax   5-30




Dicamba Ruling Leaves Herbicide Programs Up In The Air – DTN   6-5


U.S. Ag Exports Forecast Lowered for 2020   6-3


Tractor Owner Survey: Is Dealer Support More Important than Resale? – DTN   6-2


Kansas: Average Net Farm Income Expected to Drop 87%   6-1


Ag Trade: Trump Launches Punitive Measures Against China – DTN   6-2


Farmers Urge Economic Assistance Bill Is Necessary – Ag Barometer   6-2


Ag Trade: Policymakers Discuss COVID-19 Impacts – DTN   6-2


Cleveland on Cotton: Dare The Chinese Cancel Commitments?   6-5


DTN Fertilizer Trends: Prices Break 10 Week Climb   6-5


Hubbs on Grain: Will We See a Seasonal Soybean Rally This Year?   6-1


Ag Lawsuits: Wetlands Case Highlights Need for Legal Reform – DTN   6-5


Ethanol: FDA Pulls Back on Sanitizer Restriction – DTN   6-5




Drought Monitor Weekly: Mostly Dry Outside Southeast, Northwest   6-5


NOAA Drought Outlook Monthly – June   6-2


Alabama Weather: Active Hurricane Season on the Horizon   6-3




Herbicide Applications: The Confusing World of Adjuvants   6-5


Dicamba: EPA Registration Voided by Federal Appeals Court   6-4


Minnesota Soybeans: Herbicide Options After Dicamba Registrations Vacated   6-5


Indiana Soybeans: No More Dicamba – What Do I Do?   6-5


Virginia Cotton: Kill Roundup Resistant Weeds on 1st Trip   6-2


Alabama Corn: Dealing with Late Ryegrass – The Last Resort   6-2


Arkansas Rice: Herbicide Application Considerations   6-1




California Rice Featured in Premium Japanese Sake   6-4


Almond Board of California 2020 Election Results   6-3


California Almonds: Irrigation Scheduling – Sourcing ETo   6-1


California Almonds: Tree Stakes Don’t Fit? Try Using a Shovel for Shaving.   6-1


California Pistachios: Dealing with Copper Deficiency   6-1




Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   6-5


Distiller’s Grains: Under Pressure as Feeders Look for Cheaper Prices – DTN   6-5


Ag Economy: May Observations from the Federal Reserve Beige Back   6-2


Ag Trade: Phase One Deal Progress – USTR Feels “Very Good”   6-5


Moving Grain: Total Grain Inspections Increase   6-5


Rice Market Update: Firm Undertone Relative to Other Commodities   6-5


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   6-2


Distiller’s Grains: Livestock Producers Resume Feed Buying – DTN   6-2


Ag Trade: Phase One Purchases Behind Schedule, China Halts Some U.S. Farm Imports   6-1




Ag Groups Call for More CFAP Aid – DTN   6-5


Fuel Report: Prices Little Changed   6-3


Florida: $380Mln for Hurricane Michael Timber Recovery   6-1




Crop Progress: Corn Planting Moves Towards Finish Line – DTN   6-3


Alabama: Understanding Pathways of Soil Phosphorus Loss   6-1


Corn | Soybeans


Georgia Corn: Southern Rust Found in Decatur, Jeff Davis Counties   6-5


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Crop Insurance – Making the Prevented Planting Decision   6-5


Indiana Soybeans: Armyworm Feeding After Cover Crop Termination   6-5


Iowa: Soybean Cyst Nematodes Coming on Fast   6-4


North Carolina Soybeans: Late Planting Options   6-4


Louisiana Soybeans: Rains Slow Planting, Insects Mostly Quiet   6-4


Iowa Corn: Anthracnose Leaf Blight Prevalent Fields   6-4


Minnesota Corn: Things to Consider When Sidedressing Nitrogen   6-3


North Carolina Soybeans: Early Season Kudzu Bug Management   6-2


Iowa Corn: Start Scouting for Stalk Borers   6-4


Nebraska Corn: Why Is Emergence Uneven This Season?   6-1


Indiana Corn: Reducing Costs and Disease Through Irrigation Management   6-1


Nebraska Corn: Identifying Growth Stage After Lower Leaf Loss; Implication for Post-Emergence Herbicides   6-1


Cotton | Sorghum


Texas LRGV IPM: Whiteflies, Fleahoppers, and Sugarcane Aphids on the Rise   6-5


Virginia Cotton: Leaf Scorch Mostly Cosmetic   6-5


Tennessee Cotton: Dealing with Thrips, Loss of Dicamba – Podcast   6-5


Texas High Plains Cotton: Hot and Dry, Thrips Still Increasing – Podcast   6-5


Oklahoma Cotton: Managing Fleahoppers   6-4


North Carolina Cotton: Time to Watch for Thrips   6-4


Tennessee Cotton: Dealing with Chemical Burn – Podcast   6-2


Alabama Cotton: Grasshoppers, Thrips Still Active   6-2


Texas LRGV Cotton: Limited Insect Pressure Except Along River   6-1


Tennessee Cotton: Thrips Be Rolling   6-5


Texas Blacklands: Cotton Pests Relatively Quiet; Leaf Blight, Spider Mites in Corn   6-1




Indiana: Hemp in The Ground, Pests Flying Around   6-1




Arkansas Rice: Using Urease Inhibitors   6-1


Louisiana Rice: Hail Damage Hits Some Areas   6-3


Arkansas Rice: Time to Get to Flood   6-1


Arkansas Rice: Herbicide Injury to Clearfield Hybrids   6-1




Tobacco: Warmer Weather Speeds Up Planting   6-5


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Peanut: Initiating a Proper Fungicide Program   6-4


Alabama Peanuts: Stand Loss – What’s the Problem?   6-1


Georgia Peanuts: Lesser Cornstalk Borers Present, Scout Fields   6-5




Kansas Wheat Breeder Takes Early Look at Upcoming Releases   6-3


Nebraska Wheat: Stripe Rust Confirmed in State   6-1


Minnesota Wheat: Look Out for Tan Spot   6-1


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