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Cotton – Midsouth – Planting Progressed But More Acres Still In The Sack – AgFax   5-28


Cotton – Southeast – Planting Moves Towards A Conclusion, One Way Or The Other   5-27


Rice Planting Inches Along In Delta, Heading Starts In Coastal Crop – AgFax   5-29


Cotton – Southwest – Some Dryland Planting is a Dust-in | Arizona’s 100+ Temps – AgFax   5-27


Herbicide Resistance – 7 Steps With Something New To Consider – AgFax Weed Solutions   5-25


Almonds – California – Not Too Early To Think About Hull Split – AgFax   5-23




DTN Fertilizer Trends: Making Economical Decisions   5-28


Corn, Soybean, Cotton – Basics of CFAP Direct Payments   5-29


Dicamba Cutoffs Coming Too Soon for Some Farmers – DTN   5-26


Rural Internet: Coronavirus Highlights Lack of Broadband – DTN   5-28


Shurley On Cotton: Market Direction — Questions Looking For Answers   5-26


Soybean Aphid Sucked into a 10-State Trap Network   5-28


Hubbs on Grain: Corn Prices Likely to Remain Range-Bound   5-26


Soybeans Planted with Autonomous Tractors - How Did it Go? - DTN  5-26


Family Business Survival - 'Nonviolent Communication' – DTN   5-26


Iowa: Research Reveals Answers Regarding the Use of Liquid Potassium in Rainy Seasons   5-27


Managing Ag PPE Needs When Supplies Are Short   5-29


Rice: Global Prices Recede from Peak; Some Remain Above Pre-Pandemic Levels   5-29


Catfish Producers Can Make Case for Relief Funds   5-28


Rice Market Update: Uncertainty Looms on Horizon for Harvest   5-28


Coronavirus: Aquaculture, Including Catfish, Not Covered by CFAP   5-26


Coronavirus Food Assistance Program Enrollment Begins – DTN   5-29


COVID-19 Impacts on Livestock Markets Persist; Fed Says Ag Sector “Under Severe Stress”   5-26


Minnesota: COVID-19 Actions and What They Mean for Farmers   5-28




Drought Monitor Weekly: Widespread Rains, Thunderstorms   5-29


South Dakota: Grant County Designated Natural Disaster Area   5-28


Texas: Aransas County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Drought   5-28




California Almonds: 7 Points of Focus Ahead of Hull Split and Harvest   5-28


California: Can Oilfield Water Safely Be Reused for Irrigation?   5-26




Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   5-29


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   5-29


Moving Grain: STB Invites Additional Input on Rate Review Options   5-28


Ag Sales to China Tick Upward – DTN   5-28


Grain Markets: How Are We Weathering COVID-19? – DTN   5-28


Rice: New Tariff Code Helps Trap Aromatic Imports   5-26


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   5-26




Tennessee Corn: Options to Manage Glyphosate-Resistant Johsongrass   5-29


Indiana Soybeans: Dicamaba Application Cutoff Is June 20   5-29


Pennsylvania: Advice for Control on Out-of-Control Weeds   5-29




Fuel Report: Diesel Up Slightly, Gasoline Jumps Higher   5-28


Sacketts to Continue Fight Against Clean Water Act – DTN   5-29


Webinar: Arthritis and Ag – The Importance of Protecting Your Joints – June 2   5-26


Iowa: Pesticide Labels and Endangered Species   5-28




Mississippi: Drier Weather Helps Growers Catch Up on Planting   5-29


Louisiana: Crawfish Season Winding Down; Time to Restock Ponds   5-28


Louisiana Crawfish: 5 Steps to Minimize Impacts of White Spot Syndrome Virus   5-26


Corn | Soybeans


Michigan: When to Replant Soybeans After a Frost   5-29


Pennsylvania: How to Make Wise Replanting Decisions   5-29


Tennessee Soybeans: Planting, Replanting, and Supplementing Weak Stands   5-29


Louisiana Soybeans: Planting Passes 80%; Don’t Stress Over Low Plant Populations   5-28


North Carolina, Virginia Corn: The Threshold for Stink Bugs Is Changing   5-28


Nebraska: Soybean Gall Midge Alert Network   5-27


Alabama Corn: Watch Out for Grasshoppers   5-27


Minnesota: Nitrogen Fertilizer Economics – Podcast   5-27


Nebraska: Watch for Seed Injury from Corn Maggot   5-27


Iowa: New Trapping Network for Corn Rootworm   5-26


Tennessee: 2020 Top Bean Soybean Yield Contest Details   5-29


Nebraska Corn: Managing Stalk Borers   5-27


Cotton | Sorghum


Texas Plains: Some Heavy Thrips Spots, Pillbugs Doing Damage – Podcast   5-29


South Carolina Cotton: Grasshoppers Remain The Main Focus   5-29


Alabama Cotton: Thrips, Grasshopper Control – New Videos   5-28


North Carolina Cotton: Failed Stand. Now What?   5-27


Tennessee: Cotton Producers’ Prevented Planting Decision   5-27


Texas Cotton: Time to Increase Defense Against Thrips   5-27


Tennessee Cotton: Suggestions to Minimize Injury with 1st POST Applications   5-27




Meat Packing Concentration – Advantages and Disadvantages   5-28


Texas Livestock: Cattle Fever Tick Numbers on the Rise   5-26




Rice Straw Finds a Variety of Sustainable Uses   5-28




Tobacco: Good Start in Deep South, Weather Slows Setting Elsewhere   5-29


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Peanuts: 3 Thoughts on Weed Management   5-29


Peanuts: Better, Faster, Breeding with Biophysics   5-26




Michigan Wheat: Fungicide Options for Fusarium Head Blight   5-29


Kansas Hard Red Winter Wheat Tour Goes Virtual   5-28


Ohio Wheat: Online Tool Helps Assess Scab Risk   5-27


North Carolina Wheat: Timing Harvest for Top Quality – Video   5-26


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