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Cotton – Southeast – Planting Progresses Where The Weather Allows – AgFax   5-20


Cotton – Midsouth – How Much Longer Will Farmers Plant Now? – AgFax   5-20


Rice – Midsouth – How Many Acres For 2020? – AgFax   5-21


Cotton – Southwest – Weather Delays | Weed Battles Begin – AgFax   5-20


California Almonds: Nut Fill Well Underway, Crop Size Still Impresses – AgFax   5-16




Farm Programs: Has Coronavirus Impacted Payment Outlook?   5-20


Farm Equipment Sales Better Than Expected, but Industry Not All Rosy – DTN   5-21


FSA Expands Set-Aside Loan Provision for Customers Impacted by COVID-19   5-21


Hubbs on Grain: Soybean Demand Remains Uncertain   5-19


Cleveland On Cotton: Much Depends On What China Does Or Doesn’t Do   5-22


Ethanol: FDA Confusion Plagues Sanitizer Production – DTN   5-21


Ag Trade: China Reiterates Pledge to Implement Phase One Agreement   5-22


Coronavirus Food Assistance Program – Sign-Up Details Released – DTN   5-21


Biofuel Issues: Blending Quotas, RFS Waivers, COVID-19 Relief, and Gasoline Demand   5-21


COVID-19 Created Disconnect Between Where Food Is Produced, Where It’s Needed   5-21


Livestock: How Has COVID-19 Affected U.S. Pork Exports?   5-19




Drought Monitor Weekly: South Mostly Wet; Variable Temps   5-22


NOAA Drought Outlook Seasonal – June, July, Aug.   5-22


South Dakota: 3 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Floods   5-22


California: 5 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   5-20


Texas: 3 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   5-20


Illinois: How Has a Changing Climate Impacted Agriculture?   5-22




California: Pistachio Tasklist for 2020   5-20




Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   5-22


Moving Grain: Illinois River Closures Scheduled This Summer   5-22


USDA: Farmers, Ranchers to Receive Direct Support for Losses Related to COVID-19   5-19


Rice Market Update: Delta Planting Continues to Battle Weather Conditions   5-21


Ag Trade: Amid Phase One Frustration, China Asks Food Companies To Boost Commodity Supplies   5-19


U.S. Rice Back in Turkish Market   5-19


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   5-19




Tennessee: Management of Grass Escapes from Paraquat Burndown   5-22


Pennsylvania Soybeans: Which Dicamba, 2,4-D Products Can Be Sprayed Burndown?   5-22


Minnesota: Weeds Coming Up, Are You Ready for the Fight?   5-21


Tennessee Wheat: Italian Ryegrass Management Considerations   5-22


Florida: Pesticide License Testing Resumes at Extension Offices   5-18




Fuel Report: Gas Prices Rise, Diesel Unchanged   5-20




Florida: Grasshoppers Could Be a Problem This Season   5-22


Alabama: How to Manage Fertilizer Costs in Economic Uncertainty   5-19


Corn | Soybeans


Pennsylvania Soybeans: Dealing with Early Season Soilborne Diseases   5-22


Indiana Corn: Replanting? Controlling “Volunteer” Corn.   5-22


Arkansas Soybeans: Planting Sprints Toward Finish Line as Weather Allows   5-22


Michigan: Assessing Cold Weather Damage on Soybeans   5-22


Iowa: Mosaic Corn in Your Field? Don’t Fret Just Yet.   5-21


Soybeans: How Does Late Planting Affect U.S. Average Yield?   5-21


Illinois Corn: 5 Considerations for Tar Spot Management   5-20


Pennsylvania: Corn and Soybean Herbicide Damage   5-22


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: The 5 “W’s” of Stand Assessments   5-21


Michigan: Soybeans vs. Floods   5-22


Kentucky Corn: Be on Lookout for Seedling Diseases   5-20


Indiana Corn: Effects of Flooding, Ponding Prior to Tasseling   5-19


Iowa: Mosaic Corn in Your Field? Don’t Fret Just Yet.   5-21


Minnesota Corn: Nitrogen Advisory Tools – Do They Work?   5-19


Nebraska Corn, Soybeans: Evaluating Freeze, Chilling Injury   5-18


Iowa: Begin Scouting in Early Season for Better Management Decisions   5-20


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: How Much Were Production Costs in 2019?   5-18


Ohio: Stay on the Lookout for Leaf Diseases   5-19


Nebraska: How to Scout Corn for Insects   5-18


Illinois: Getting Through a Late Frost with Corn and Soybeans   5-18


Ohio: Grain Budgets and Projected Returns in 2020   5-19


Nebraska: Planting Dates and How They Impact Corn Growth   5-18


Cotton | Sorghum


South Carolina: Three Key Insects Right Now In Cotton, Soy   5-22


Tennessee Cotton: Yield Potential and Planting Date   5-22


Texas High Plains Cotton: Heavy Thrips Populations – Podcast   5-21


Oklahoma Cotton: Weekly Scouting for Thrips a Priority   5-21


Arkansas: When to Make the Difficult Decision of Replanting Cotton   5-20


North Carolina Cotton: Consider Switching to Earlier Maturing Varieties   5-20


Texas Upper Coast Cotton: Fleahoppers on the Rise   5-18




Arkansas Rice: Fertilizing, Flooding Early Crops – Podcast   5-21


Louisiana: Rice Crop Yield Potential   5-22


Arkansas: Rice Farmer Incentives for Waterfowl Habitat, Hunting Access   5-20




Louisiana Sugarcane: 2020 Crop Off to Good Start   5-21


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Peanuts: Valor Injury Likely After Rains   5-22


Florida Peanuts: Managing Aspergillus, Rhizoctonia Crown Rots   5-22


Georgia: Reminders for Peanut Crops   5-20


Georgia Pecans: Irrigation Considerations   5-20


Florida Peanuts: Stand Issues – Should You Replant Your Field?   5-18




Indiana Wheat: Foliar Diseases, Fusarium Head Blight Management   5-22


Oklahoma Wheat: Crops Mostly Passed Disease Concern   5-22


Kentucky: Assessing Wheat Freeze   5-20


Tennessee Wheat: Freeze/Frost Damage Reports Becoming More Common   5-22


Kentucky Wheat: Head Scab – To Spray or Not to Spray?   5-20




Feed Grain Outlook: Record-High Corn Crop Projected For 2020/21   5-22


Cotton Outlook: Global Production, Mill Use Projections More Closely Balanced   5-22


Rice Outlook: U.S. Production Projected at 216.2Mln Hundredweight   5-22


Wheat Outlook: Surge in U.S. Food Use Link to COVID-19   5-22


Oil Crops Outlook: Brighter U.S. Exports May Trim Stocks Surplus   5-22


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