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Cotton – Southeast – For Better Planting Progress, Just Add Heat – AgFax   5-14


Cotton – Midsouth – Planting Progress, Warmer Weather – Finally On Track? – AgFax   5-13


Rice – Midsouth Planting Stalls Again, Early Coastal Rice Hits PD – AgFax   5-14


Cotton – Southwest – Teaser Showers | Low Temps, Replant? – AgFax   5-13


California Almonds: May-Spray And Mite Decisions As Big Crop Shapes Up – AgFax  5-9




Farmland Values Stay Strong Thanks to Online Auctions – DTN   5-15


Federal Reserve Ag Credit Surveys: Economy Conditions By Region   5-15


Miss. River Floods – Army Corps of Engineers Sued Over Management – DTN   5-15


Livestock: Cattle Markets Face Problems Trying to Return to “Normal” – DTN   5-15


Cleveland On Cotton: Let’s Talk (A Small) Profit   5-15


DTN Fertilizer Outlook: Localized Ammonia Shortages in Corn Belt   5-13


Grain Shippers Concerned Over Unfair Rail Charges – DTN   5-13


Hubbs on Grain: Corn Looking to WASDE for Direction  5-11


Ethanol Gets a Boost as Americans Resume Driving   5-12


Estate Planning: Decide What Happens to Your “Stuff” or Someone Else Will  5-11




Drought Monitor Weekly: Mostly Dry with Some Wet Spots   5-15


Michigan: 3 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Freeze   5-15


South Dakota: 17 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Floods   5-15


Florida: 4 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   5-15




California: USDA-NASS Predicts Third Straight Record-Breaking Almond Crop   5-12


California Almonds: On The Road To Improving Forecasts  5-9


USDA Reports - Scroll Down




Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   5-15


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   5-15


Rice Market Update: Keeping the Food Chain Supply Moving   5-14


Moving Grain:  STB Issues Guidance on Demurrage   5-14


Ag Trade Issues: Meeting Chinese Phase One Targets a “‘Herculean Task”   5-14


Spring Wheat: Market Betting on Lower Prices – DTN   5-12


Rice Market: Lack of WTO Appeals May Invite Trade Violations   5-12


COVID-19 Has Caused an “Ag Tsunami;” USDA, DOJ Investigate Livestock Markets  5-11


Livestock: Meat Processing Rebounds, Prices Continue Higher   5-12




Minnesota: Preemergence Herbicide Injury on Soybeans… Or Maybe Not?   5-15


Tennessee Cotton, Soybeans: Dicamba Application Best Management Practices   5-14


Iowa: To Spray or Not to Spray?  5-11


Mississippi: Online Pesticide Training Available  5-11


Nebraska: How to Control Invasive Field Bindweed  5-11


North Carolina: Consider Planting Conditions When Choosing Preemergence Herbicides  5-11


Alabama: Rescue Treatments For Tall Palmer Pigweed – How They Compare  5-11




Coronavirus: Meatpacker Worker Deaths Spark Lawsuits – DTN   5-15


COVID-19 Roils Ag Markets- Impacts on Income, Food Prices, Production   5-13


Pandemic Relief Update: Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program   5-13




Fuel Report: Gasoline Climbs, Still a Dollar Below Last Year   5-13


Rice in Beer? Growing Popularity Among U.S. Craft Breweries   5-13


Ag Equipment Sales: April’s YTD Action Roughly Flat   5-13




5 Things to Know About the Haney Soil Health Test – Video   5-14


Nebraska: Center Pivot Safety – What Could Go Wrong?  5-11


Nebraska: Recycling Pesticide Jugs – Pursuing Sustainable Ag  5-11


Corn | Soybeans


Indiana Soybeans: Assessing Freeze Damage To Seedlings – Video   5-15


Pennsylvania: The Risk for Chilling Injury in Corn and Soybeans   5-15


Michigan Soybeans: Thin Stands Can Produce Surprising Yields   5-15


Indiana: First Comes Frost, Then Comes Blight   5-15


Minnesota: Black Cutworms Arrive, Start Scheduling Scouting   5-14


Tennessee Corn, Soybeans: Crops Look Relatively Good Despite Weather   5-14


Illinois: Planting Corn Late and Its Impacts   5-14


Iowa: How to Recover from Frosted Corn   5-14


Indiana Corn, Soybeans: Still Too Early For Black Cutworm   5-15


Ohio Corn, Soybeans: How Did the Cold Weekend Impact Crops?   5-12


Iowa: The Basics of Crop Scouting   5-14


Minnesota: How Bad Will Seed Corn Maggot Be This Year?   5-11


Iowa: Scouting Recommendations for Black Cutworm  5-11


Cotton | Sorghum


Texas LGRV Cotton: Heavy Whitefly, Aphid Populations   5-15


South Carolina: Three Insect Species Gaining Attention In Cotton, Soy   5-15


Tennessee: Cotton Seedling Diseases – Getting to the ‘Root’ of the Problem   5-15


South Carolina Cotton, Soybeans: Protect Crops from Hungry Insects   5-14


Texas High Plains: Effects of Recent Rains on Crops, Herbicides – Podcast   5-14


Texas Blacklands: Earworms, Armyworms in Corn; Sporadic Pests in Cotton   5-13


Arkansas Cotton: Increased Acreage, Record Yield in 2019; Ginning Capacity Increased   5-13


North Carolina Cotton: Strong Planting Window Approaches  5-11


Alabama Cotton: Where We Stand With Thrips This Week  5-11


Texas Upper Coast Cotton: Scout Field for Fleahoppers  5-11




Livestock: Calls for Aid to Pork Farmers – DTN   5-15


Livestock: Pork Farmers Still Face Logjam – DTN   5-12


Livestock: Impact of COVID-19 on Cattle Finishing Net Returns  5-11




Arkansas Rice: Growers Finally Make Headway in Planting   5-15


Arkansas: Furrow-Irrigated Rice Handbook Offers Research, Recommendations  5-11


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Pecans: Make Sure Trees Getting Enough Water; Scab Pressure Generally Light   5-15


Alabama Peanuts: Thrips Management and Control   5-12


Georgia Peanuts: How to Deal with a Potential Gypsum Shortage   5-12




Spring Wheat Planting Progress Varies with Regional Conditions   5-14


Illinois Wheat: Should You Be Worried About Stripe Rust?   5-12


Oklahoma Wheat: Diseases Mostly Quiet   5-12


Ohio Wheat: How Cold is Too Cold at Feekes 8 and 10.5.1 Growth Stages?   5-12




Global Markets: Grains – Record Corn, Wheat, and Rice Crops Build Stocks in 2020/21   5-15


Global Markets: Cotton – Supply Drives Record Stocks Outside of China   5-15


Global Markets: Oilseeds – Global Consumption Recovers After 2019/20 Drop   5-15


WASDE Cotton: Larger Consumption, Exports, Ending Stocks   5-12


WASDE Oilseeds: Higher Soybean Crush, Exports, Lower Ending Stocks   5-12


WASDE Rice: Larger Supplies, Exports, Usage   5-12


WASDE Coarse Grains: Record U.S. Feed Production   5-12


WASDE Wheat: Smaller Supplies, Reduced Domestic Use   5-12


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