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California Almonds: Rains Prompting More Fungicides But Are Slowing Pests…For Now – AgFax Tree Crops   4-4




The Petersons are Back with More Music and Fun   4-9





Hubbs on Grain: Implications of 97 Million Corn Acres   4-6


Coronavirus: When Ag Chem Labels Require N95 Masks, Will You Have Them?   4-7


USDA Extends Loan Maturity for Marketing Assistance Loans   4-9


DTN Fertilizer Trends: Prices Inch Higher   4-9


Farmer Sentiment Plummets as Coronavirus Concerns Rise – Ag Barometer   4-7


Dicamba: A Quick Overview On Realities, Safety Measures And New Findings – DTN   4-6


Coronavirus: Machinery Manufacturer Engines Sputter – DTN   4-9


Farmland: Database Makes Every Field More Of An Open Book – DTN   4-8


Coronavirus: Ethanol Industry Takes Massive Hit As People Stay Home   4-9


Rice: Coronavirus Upends World Trade Projections   4-9


Farm Finances: Contingency Planning with Cash Flow Shortages   4-6


Biofuels: Appellate Court Denies Rehearing in RFS Case, Ethanol Plants Idled   4-8




Coronavirus Actions Puts Strain on Ag – DTN   4-6


On-Farm COVID-19 Safety Measures – Video   4-8


Texas: Unique COVID-19 Social-Distancing Message for Farmers   4-6


Coronavirus: Tips for Keeping Your Farm Disease Free   4-7


Coronavirus: A “Just In Case” List Farmers Should Consider   4-6


COVID-19 Hampers Markets, Worker Safety, Health Garner Increased Attention   4-9


Louisiana: LSU Ag Keeping in Touch with Farmers, Ranchers   4-9


Louisiana: Act Quickly for CARES Aid   4-8


Coronavirus: Global Food Markets “Well Balanced,” Trucking Issues a Concern   4-8


Coronavirus: Food Prices Rise; Labor Remains a Concern   4-7




What’s the Deal with Dicamba Litigation? April 15 Webinar   4-9


Tennessee: Poa and Ryegrass Causing Burndown Issues   4-9


Burndown Herbicides: How Are They Affected by Temperature, Rain   4-9


Iowa: Pesticide Certification – Options Available for New Applicators   4-9




Cotton, Soybeans: Enlist Weed Webinar – April 21   4-9




California Alfalfa: Managing Blue Alfalfa Aphids   4-8


USDA - Scroll Down




Rice Market Update: Delta Rice Farmers Poised to Make Planting Progress   4-9


Corn Prices and Covid-19 Trends: Plenty Of “Numerical Uncertainty” – DTN   4-6


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   4-9


Moving Grain: FMC Works to Alleviate Disruptions   4-9


Livestock: COVID-19 Hits Packing Plants – DTN   4-9


Arkansas Rice: Don’t Panic, Positive Points In The Market   4-6


Grain Transportation: Trucking Weight Limits, Other Regulatory Concerns – DTN   4-8


Thompson On Cotton: The Saga (And Uncertainty) Continues   4-8


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   4-7






Drought Monitor Weekly: Improvements for South Texas; Gulf Coast Still Dry   4-9


Iowa: Spring Weather Outlook, Potential Crop Impacts   4-8


Weather: Active Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted   4-7




Georgia’s Blossoming Citrus Industry Susceptible to Citrus Greening Disease   4-8


Louisiana Crawfish Farmers Take a Hit from COVID-19   4-7


Florida Watermelons: Crops in the Ground, Uncertainty Abounds   4-7




Arkansas Crop Insurance Planting Dates   4-9


Tennessee: Soil Fertility, Nutrient Management Practices Survey   4-9


Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Tractor? Proper Ballast, Tire Pressure.   4-9


Louisiana: True Armyworms in Field Crops and Pastures   4-7


Corn | Soybeans


Iowa: Preemergence Herbicide Application Timings – Pros and Cons   4-9


Pennsylvania: Early Preplant Herbicides – How Early Can They Be Sprayed?   4-9


Minnesota Corn: Should You Credit N Following Fallow Fields?   4-9


Iowa: 10 Considerations for Adopting Strip-Till   4-9


North Carolina Soybeans: Pre-Plant Fertility Tips – Video   4-9


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Crop Budgets Revised with Lower Prices   4-9


Iowa Corn: Flexibility in the Timing of Strip-Till with Nutrient Application   4-8


Louisiana Soybeans: Planting Moves Ahead   4-8


Minnesota: Managing Prevent Plant Acres   4-8


Ohio: Spring Safety Tips   4-8


Indiana: When to Plant Corn   4-8


Iowa: Are You Planting on a Level Playing Field?   4-8


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Planting Considerations for 2020   4-8


Ohio: Preparing to Plant in 2020   4-8


Louisiana Corn: Replanting – 3 Ways to Control a Failed Stand   4-7


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Pythium- An Early Season Pain   4-6






Cotton: Fungi Can Decrease Root Knot Nematode Galling   4-8




Missouri Rice: Planting Hampered by Wet Conditions   4-9


Arkansas Rice: Looking For Positive Signs As Planting Progress Stalls   4-6




Webinar: Peanut, Cotton COVID-19 Relief Act Update   4-8


Florida Peanuts: Don’t Be Surprised by Spotted Wilt Virus   4-6




Illinois: Wheat Progress and Early Season Diseases   4-8


Tennessee: Wheat Diseases and Fungicide Options   4-8


Arkansas Winter Wheat: Another Tough Year   4-7




WASDE Cotton: Sharply Lower U.S. Exports, Consumption   4-9


WASDE Oilseeds: Reduced Domestic Usage, Increased Ending Stocks   4-9


WASDE Rice: Domestic Usage Unchanged, Lower Ending Stocks   4-9


WASDE Coarse Grains: Increased Domestic Feed, Residual Use, Larger Stocks   4-9


WASDE Wheat: Lower U.S. Demand, Increased Ending Stocks   4-9


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