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California Almonds: Pests Will Enjoy The Warming Weather Trend – AgFax Tree Crops  3-28




Coronavirus: Restricting Ag Exports – Importance of Keeping Supply Chains Open   4-3


Virus Concerns Change Farmer Habits – DTN   4-1


Coronavirus: Reviewing USDA Funding in the CARES Act   4-3


COVID-19 Impacting Food Purchasing Dynamics, Ag Labor Concerns Persist   4-3


Livestock: Coronavirus Alters Live Sales – DTN   4-2


Corn, Soybeans: Old-Crop Cash Flow Considerations Under COVID-19   4-1




Agriculture Faces Financial Pounding from Multiple Sources   4-3


Corn Planting Intentions Beat Expectations; Grain Stocks Fall – DTN   4-1


Grain Markets Show Little Response to USDA Reports – DTN   4-1


USDA Lending Rates Down from March   4-3


Farm Labor: H-2A Visa Waiver Expanded – DTN   3-30


Young Farmer Leads USDA Initiative to Help out the Rookies   3-31


Dueling USDA Corn Estimates – DTN   4-3


House Passes Stimulus Bill – What’s In It For Ag? – DTN   3-30


Cleveland On Cotton: Is The Price Bottom Finally Established?   4-3


Cotton: Bales And Bales Of Uncertainty Flood The Market – DTN   4-1


Biofuels: COVID-19, Oil Prices Take Toll on Ethanol Plants   3-31


EPA Backs Off On Long-Running Wetlands Case – DTN   4-3


Federal Stimulus Includes Ag; Suppliers Accelerate Planting Input Deliveries  3-30


CRP: Hefty Signup Announced But Big Expiration Total Looms Ahead – DTN  3-29




Georgia Weeds: 3 Reoccurring Herbicide Questions   4-3


Nebraska Weed Control: Profitability Is Rooted In Those Early Applications   4-3


South Carolina: Pesticide Certification Renewal Deadline, Testing Postponed   4-3


Pesticide Applications – Are you Prepared?   4-3


South Dakota: Palmer Amaranth an Aggressive Threat to Fields   4-3


Iowa: Deadline Waived for Pesticide Applicators to Renew Certification   4-2




Almond Orchard Recycling a Climate-Smart Strategy   4-2


California Cotton: 22% Acreage Drop Projected For 2020   3-31


California Walnuts: 10 Orchard Management Tips For April  3-28




Wheat: USDA Predicts Slight Decline in U.S. Spring Wheat Planted Area   4-3


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   4-3


Moving Grain: Shippers Ask FMC To Publish Container Availability Rule   4-3


Rice: More Rice Acres For 2020, USDA Projects   4-2


Shurley on Cotton: Will the Bleeding Ever Stop?   4-3


Cotton Market: Why Do Futures So Closely Follow the Stock Market?   3-31


Grain Stocks: All Down from 2019 – USDA   3-31


Rough Rice Stocks Down 17% – USDA   3-31


Prospective Plantings: Corn, Soybean Acreage Up, Cotton Down Slightly   3-31


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   3-31


Thompson On Cotton: A Somber Start To Planting Season   3-30


Rice: 2019 U.S Imports Projected at Record High for 3rd Consecutive Year  3-30


Livestock: Hog Market Faces More Uncertainty, Volatility Going Forward  3-30


Liu On Cotton: Weighing Whether To Take The LDP  3-29






Drought Monitor Weekly: Record Dry March for Florida   4-3


NOAA Monthly Drought Outlook – April   4-3


Arkansas: Tornado Adds Insult But Only Minor Injuries in Jonesboro  3-30




Precision Ag: Amvac Enters Strategic Partnership With Canada’s Clean Seed   4-2


Fuel Report: Price Drop Continues   4-1


Biofuels: ‘Tequila’ Power More Efficient Than Corn, Sugar   3-31


Louisiana: Crawfish Q&A for Growers  3-30




Tennessee: Thinking About Insect Pests During Planting Season   4-3


Louisiana Cotton, Soybeans: Seed Treatments and Pesticide Regulations – Podcast   4-3


Arkansas: Rice Planned Acreage Increases, Falls Short of Analysts’ Expectations   4-1


Georgia: Disease Update – Soybean Rust, Peanut Seed Issues, Planting Date Recs   3-31



Corn | Soybeans


Tennessee Corn: Minimize Nitrogen Loss with N Stabilizers   4-3


Soybeans: LL GT27 Beans Gain a Herbicide   4-3


Iowa Corn, Soybean: Planting Recommendation Updates   4-3


Michigan Soybeans: Reducing Planting Rates Can Increase Income   4-2


Minnesota: Optimal Soil Phosphorus, Potassium Levels – Podcast   4-2


Michigan: 12 Tips to Reduce Soybean Production Costs in a Tough Year   4-2


Soybeans: EPA Approves Isoxaflutole Herbicide On Resistant Varieties   4-1


Michigan: Think Carefully Before Using 2019 Soybean Seeds   4-2


Corn, Soybeans: 2020 Fungicide Efficacy Tables Available Online  3-30


Michigan: Benefits of Bin Aeration for Grains   4-2


North Carolina Soybeans: Time To Think About Marestail  3-30




Alabama Cotton: Grasshoppers – A Sporadic Seedling Pest   4-3


North Carolina Cotton: Time To Start Checking Seed Quality Data Base   4-3


Mississippi Cotton: Virus And Rain Force Hard Planting Decisions   3-31


Alabama Cotton: 8 Points To Remember If Valor Is In Your Plan   3-31




Texas Rice: Early Planting Is Key to Success   4-3


Louisiana Rice: First Reported Case Of Apple Snail Damage In Rice   4-2


Rice: Considering Water Seeding? Tips, Tradeoffs   3-30




Georgia Pecans: Scab Management with Early Bud Break – Podcast   4-3




Tobacco: A Good Crop in the Greenhouse   4-3




Tennessee: Wheat Questions on the 1st of April   4-1


Ohio Wheat: Nitrogen Rate Recs In Cool Weather   4-1


Ohio: Broadcasting Red Clover into Wheat   4-1


Texas Blacklands Wheat: Wet Conditions Favorable for Diseases   3-31


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