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California Almonds: Rains Set In, Fungicides Going Out On A Wide Basis – AgFax   3-21




Farming Through Covid-19: Workarounds And Common-Sense Approaches – DTN   3-27


Midwest Farm Income: How Has COVID-19 Impacted the 2020 Outlook?   3-25


Coronavirus: Ag Groups Praise Aid Bill – DTN   3-26


FSA Makes It Easier for Customers to Conduct Business   3-26


Small Distilleries, Close To The Farm, Shift To Blending Hand Sanitizer – DTN   3-22


No Urban-Rural Divide When It Comes to Coronavirus – DTN   3-23


Arkansas: Extension Events Being Canceled, Postponed, or Moved Online   3-23


Oklahoma: Coronavirus Concerns Grow In Rural Areas   3-23


Coronavirus On The Farm: Be Prepared – Labor, Inputs, Policies – Video From The U. of Nebraska   3-22


Commodity Analysts React To Coronavirus Market Mayhem – Video From U. of Nebraska   3-22




Glyphosate Interim Registration Faces First Court Challenge – DTN   3-25


Ag Research in Limbo – DTN   3-26


Food Security: Ample Global Supplies vs. “Food Nationalism,” Supply Chain Restrictions   3-27


Cleveland On Cotton: Fewer Cotton Acres Worldwide — And What That Means   3-27


Hubbs on Grain: What to Plant? Looking at Recent Market Developments.   3-23


Farm Taxes: Partnership Capital Accounts – It’s Complicated – DTN   3-25


Biofuels: Time Has Run Out for EPA to Appeal 10th Circuit Ruling   3-25


Prevent Potential Yield Losses with Proper Planter Settings   3-25


Diesel Buying Opportunity for Farmers – DTN   3-25


Ag Labor: Border Open to H-2A Workers – DTN   3-23


Celebrate Ag Day – DTN   3-26




Tennessee: Results of the 2019 Palmer Amaranth Dicamba Screen   3-27


Tennessee: Managing Late Burndown – Podcast   3-27


Michigan: New Rules for Using Paraquat   3-27


Weedy Rice – Unintended Legacy of Green Revolution   3-26


Florida: Extension Works to Bring Pesticide Licensing Online   3-26


Texas: Auxin CEU Training Available Online   3-24


Pennsylvania: Pesticide License Recertification with the Virus Blackout   3-23




California Almonds: Irrigation Scheduling – Deciding on a Crop Coefficient   3-27


Almond Conference Will Return To Sacramento This December   3-21




Moving Grain: Funding Opportunity for Port Infrastructure   3-27


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   3-27


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   3-27


Peanut Stocks: Utilization Up 4%; 4.2Bln Pounds in Storage   3-27


Ethanol Demand Destruction Amid Coronavirus   3-27


Rice Futures Hold Up Pretty Well By Comparison   3-26


Rice Market Update: Farmers Busy Planting, Dodging COVID-19   3-26


Ag Trade: Progress with China as COVID-19 Hurdles Impact Markets   3-26


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   3-24


Corn Belt Economic Prospects “Dimmed” by Coronavirus   3-23


Louisiana: Farmers Begin Planting Amid Uncertain Prices   3-23


Barge Traffic Resumes On Upper Mississippi River But Floods Remain A Concern – DTN   3-23






Drought Monitor Weekly: Mostly Wet Except for Gulf Coast   3-27


Texas: 4 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   3-27


Arkansas: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Excessive Rains   3-27


Weather: Planting Delays Possible, Not Likely to Be as Severe as 2019   3-24




Fuel Report: Prices Continue Falling   3-25


Arkansas State University Appoints New Dean for College of Agriculture   3-24




Louisiana: Crawfish Farmers Urged Not to Drain Ponds Yet Despite Drop in Sales   3-27


Iowa: Terminating Cover Crops This Spring   3-27


Corn | Soybeans


Iowa: Dry Fertilizer – Getting the Most from Your Applications   3-27


Unsung Hero In Fight Against Soybean Cyst Nematodes – DTN   3-26


Indiana Corn: Plant Populations – Maximizing Economics   3-26


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Sulfur Fertilizer Management Considerations   3-27


North Carolina Soybeans: Seed Quality Considerations   3-26


High Oleic Soybeans Offer Benefits to Dairy Cows, Farmers   3-26


Illinois Corn: Nitrogen Management Considerations for 2020   3-25


Minnesota: Can I Credit N for Unharvested Sugar Beets, Fallow Fields?   3-24


Michigan Soybeans: Are Seed Treatments Profitable?   3-25


Minnesota: Flood-Abandoned Sugarbeet Acres Create Dilemma When Coming Back With Grain   3-24


Florida Corn: Comparing Nematicide Efficacy   3-23






Texas Cotton: With Exceptions, Cotton Pretty Clean in lower Rio Grande   3-27


Alabama Cotton: Early Season Thrips Control Is Important   3-27


Texas Cotton: Northern High Plains Acres More Than Double in Last 5 Years   3-26




Iowa Hemp: Opportunities and Challenges   3-27




Arkansas Rice: Use the DD50 Management Program to Stay Ahead in 2020   3-27


Arkansas Rice: Management Tips to Reduce Seedling Diseases   3-27


Arkansas Rice: Formulating A Burndown Plan   3-26


Arkansas Rice: Crop Insurance Coverage for Furrow-Irrigated Fields – 7 Requirements   3-26


Texas Rice: Planting Moves Ahead   3-22


Arkansas Rice: Planting Stalls In Rain, Shades Of 2019   3-26


Louisiana Rice: Farmers Starting Crop With Near-Perfect Conditions   3-25


Arkansas Rice: Farmers Waiting on Weather to Plant   3-26


Louisiana: Rice Crop Starting Well, Planting Continues   3-25




Georgia Pecans: Clarification on Phosphite Materials   3-26




Tobacco: Mexican H2A Workers Still Available   3-27




Small Grains: Managing Fusarium Head Blight   3-23


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