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Weed Solutions: Weed Challenges After Floods, Cotton Virus Hosted By Winter Weeds – AgFax   2-24


California Almonds: Bloom Starts, Moves Fast…Really Fast – AgFax   2-22




The Stamps Legal Soap Opera Takes A New Twist – DTN   2-25


Farm Bill Programs – Choosing the Right One – Videos   2-25


Dicamba: Pigweed Punches Back – DTN   2-28


USDA Opens Wildfires and Hurricane Indemnity Program Plus   2-28


Trade Aid: Dependent on Future Exports, Not Prices – DTN   2-28


Cleveland on Cotton: Strong Potential but We’ve Got to Get Through 2020   2-28


Biofuel Companies Hunker Down, Avoid Ownership Changes – DTN   2-25


Rural Folks, City Folks, And Differing Attitudes About Conservation, Environment   2-25


Diesel Performance Fueled By Ethanol? Industry Takes Notice – DTN   2-26


Estimating 2019 ARC-CO Payments with Adjusted NASS Yields   2-26


USDA Outlook: How Reasonable Are the Numbers? – DTN   2-24


Hubbs on Grain: Corn Prices – Farmer Holding and the Coronavirus   2-24


EPA Science Board Directive Defeated – DTN   2-28


Dicamba Lawsuits Expected to Increase – DTN   2-28


Preparing for Climate Change – USDA Scientists Chime In – DTN   2-24


USDA Trade, Commodity Outlook – Report Highlights   2-24


Can Africa Feed Itself? EU and U.S. Espouse Different Visions – DTN   2-25




Waterhemp Could Move Midwest Towards Harvest Weed Seed Collection   2-28


Corteva Agriscience Submits New Cereals Herbicide to EPA   2-27


After 2019 Floods, Weed Complications Abound in Midwest and Midsouth   2-26


Iowa: Managing Residual Herbicides with Cover Crops   2-25


Weed Management: Sprayer Maintenance Tips for Spring   2-25




California: Nutria Eradication Bill Passes House with Unanimous Support   2-27




Farm Bill Programs – Choosing the Right One – Videos 


Multi-Farm ARC-IC Tool, Other Program Information 


Estimating 2019 ARC-CO Payments with Adjusted NASS Yields 


ARC-IC: Payment Examples and Revised 2019 Payment Calculator


Deadline Looms For Your ARC Versus PLC Decision – Are You Ready? – DTN


ARC/PLC Payment Calculator Updated – Expected Payments for 2020


ARC Versus PLC – Best Choice In A Low-Price Environment? – DTN


4 Things to Consider When Making ARC vs. PLC Decision




Grain Markets: Dissecting Seasonal Patterns – DTN   2-28


Rice Market: New Crop, Acreage the Main Focus for Growers   2-28


Ag Trade: Chinese Buying Slowly Returning to U.S. Markets   2-28


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   2-28


Supply Chains: Winter of Discontent – DTN   2-28


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   2-28


Global Markets Worried Over Virus Spread – DTN   2-28


Shurley On Cotton: Total Acres For 2020 Hinge On 70 Cents   2-27


Moving Grain: High Water Persists in Mississippi River System   2-27


Hell And/Or High Water? More River Traffic Challenges Ahead? – DTN   2-26


World Rough Rice Prices Rise   2-26


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   2-25


Cleveland On Cotton: Positive Trends But Virus Concerns Remain   2-23






Drought Monitor Weekly: Dry Out West, South Remains Wet   2-28


Indiana: 9 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Floods   2-27


Iowa: Taylor County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Flood   2-27


Virginia: Patrick County Designate Natural Disaster Area to Drought   2-27


Minnesota: 11 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Multiple Events   2-27


Missouri: 13 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Floods   2-27


Georgia Weather: Feb. Brings 7+ Inches of Rain to Some Areas   2-27




RiceTec Launches Harvesting Hope Charity Program   2-27


Fuel Report: Diesel Down Slightly as Gasoline Climbs   2-27


Tyson Raper Named Cotton Researcher of the Year   2-26


Georgia Ag Commissioner Announces $347Mln for Farm Recovery Program   2-26


Microplastics Harmful to Farm Crops – Study   2-26


Mark McKean Elected American Cotton Producers Chair   2-25






Corn | Soybeans


Minnesota: Urea – Fall vs. Spring Applications – Video   2-26


Iowa: Corteva to End Chlorpyrifos Production – What Does It Mean for Farmers?   2-25


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: 2019 ARC-CO Payment Estimates Based on NASS County Yields   2-24


Florida Corn: Planting Date, Starter Fertilizer Recommendations   2-24




Tennessee Cotton, Soybeans: New Thoughts on Burndown Strategy   2-28


Cotton: Remove Winter Weed Hosts To Minimize Leafroll Dwarf Virus   2-27


Making A Fresh Case For Aldicarb In Cotton, Peanuts   2-26


Cover Crops


Alabama: Cover Crops Play Vital Role in Soil Conservation   2-28


Cover Crops Have Universally Positive Effect on Soil Microbiome – Study   2-28


Michigan: Choosing the Right Cover Crop – Video   2-27


Soil Health Practices Increase Farm Profitability – 4 Studies   2-25


Michigan: Cover Crops – Variety Matters   2-27




Texas Hemp: Don’t Bet the Farm on It Just Yet – Video   2-28




Louisiana: Row Rice – Everything You Need to Know – Podcast   2-23




Tobacco Farmers Optimistic at Southern Farm Show   2-28




West Central Texas Wheat: Slight Chance of Vernalization Issues   2-28


Texas Blacklands: Weekly Rains Good for Wheat, Delay Corn Planting   2-26


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