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California Almonds: Almonds Blooming But Taking Their Time – AgFax   2-16




Farm Taxes: 7 Red Flags That Can Trigger Audits – DTN   2-19


Ag Credit: Conditions Remained Weak in 2019 4th Quarter – Federal Reserve   2-18


DTN Fertilizer Trends: Low Prices Spell Trouble for Companies   2-20


Federal Budget: How Does Ag Spending Look for 2020?   2-18


Emptying Grain Bins – Make Safety Your 1st Priority When   2-21


Prepping Your Planter – A 10-Point Checklist – DTN   2-18


Conservation Reserve Program Signup Deadline Approaches   2-18


Lorsban Fading Away But Generic Chlorpyrifos Lives On (For Now) – DTN   2-20


Hubbs on Grain: 2020 Soybean Price Prospects   2-18


Multi-Farm ARC-IC Tool, Other Program Information   2-19


Ethanol: Plenty Working Against Profitability – DTN   2-21


Stronger Farmland Values Support Farm Economy   2-18


Farmers Join Forces for Sustainability, Responsible Climate Policy   2-19


USDA’s Climate Change Stance Ignores Sustainable Ag’s Positive Potential – Commentary   2-18




Preventing the Spread of Invasive Weeds – Video   2-18


Arkansas Weed Management: Getting Sprayers in Tip-Top Shape – Podcast   2-18


Louisiana Crops: Spring Burndown, Cover Crops and the Greenbridge – Podcast   2-18




Multi-Farm ARC-IC Tool, Other Program Information 


ARC-IC: Payment Examples and Revised 2019 Payment Calculator


Deadline Looms For Your ARC Versus PLC Decision – Are You Ready? – DTN


ARC/PLC Payment Calculator Updated – Expected Payments for 2020


ARC Versus PLC – Best Choice In A Low-Price Environment? – DTN


4 Things to Consider When Making ARC vs. PLC Decision


USDA - Scroll Down




USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   2-21


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   2-21


Rice Market Update: Growers Focused on New Crop   2-20


Moving Grain: Army Corps Announces Funding of 6 Port Channel Projects   2-20


Wheat: Supply, Quality, and Price Support – USDA Export Estimates   2-20


Ag Trade: China Considering U.S. Farm Purchases by March   2-19


World Rough Rice Prices Increased   2-19


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   2-18


Value-Added Trade Vs. Gross Trade – A Different Ballgame   2-18


Corn, Soybeans: USDA Ag Projections to 2029   2-18


2020 World Cotton Outlook: Bearish Effect from Multiple Factors   2-15


Ag Trade: Coronavirus Cases Increase, But More U.S. Soybean Sales Expected   2-18






Drought Monitor Weekly: Heavy Rains Across the South   2-20


NOAA Drought Outlook Seasonal – March, April, May   2-20




National Cotton Council – Kent Fountain Elected 2020 Chairman   2-21


Fuel Report: Diesel, Gas Price Trends   2-21


University of Georgia Marshals Resources to Battle Farmer Stress   2-20


Growers Donate Peanut Butter to Federation of Virginia Food Banks   2-18


Well Owners Urged to Be Aware of Potential Contamination from Flood Waters   2-18


Cotton Council International Elects New President, 2020   2-17






Corn | Soybeans


Michigan Soybeans: 7 Risks of Ultra-Early Planting   2-21


Corn: Handy Bt Trait Table Updated for 2020   2-21


Arkansas: Soybean Vein Necrosis Research Leads to Unexpected Discovery   2-21


Corn: New A.I. Algorithm Better Predicts Yields   2-20


Tennessee: Insect Pressure Following Warm Winter – Podcast   2-20


Midwest Soybeans: Improving Resistance to SCN – DTN   2-18


Louisiana Soybeans: Prospects For Heavy Redbanded Stink Bug Pressure In 2020   2-18


Minnesota Corn: Is Managing Nitrogen Becoming More Difficult?   2-18


Damaged Corn – Making The Best Of A Bad Situation? – DTN   2-18


Michigan Soybeans: 8 Production Lessons Learned from 2019   2-21


Louisiana Corn: Dealing With Early Insects Before, During and After Planting   2-18


Illinois Soybeans: What You Should Know About Phytophthora   2-18




Alabama Cotton: Thrips Management Considerations for 2020   2-18


South Carolina Cotton: Price Swings, New Disease Put Strain on Growers   2-18


Alabama: Cotton Leaf Roll Dwarf Virus – What You Should Know   2-21


Cotton Acres Expected To Slip In 2020 – NCC Survey   2-15




Hemp’s Prospects Stall Amidst FDA’s Uncertainty? – DTN   2-18




Horizon Ag: Manage Rice For Success In 2020   2-19




Arkansas Peanuts: Field Performance Results from Mississippi County   2-19




Tobacco: Slight Optimism Over Chinese Sales   2-20




Oklahoma Wheat, Alfalfa: Army Cutworms Reported in Some Fields   2-18




Rice Outlook: U.S. Import Forecast Increased 8% to Record High   2-19


Wheat Outlook: U.S. Carryout Tightens on Higher Exports   2-19


Oil Crops Outlook: Higher Global Imports Boost U.S. Soybean Export Prospects   2-19


Feed Grain Outlook: Offsetting Changes in Usage Leave Corn Stocks Unchanged   2-19


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