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California Almonds: Bloom Nears With Valentine’s Day Timing, Plus Or Minus – AgFax   2-9




DTN Fertilizer Trends: How Often to Apply Phosphorus?   2-13


Farm Program Decision – An Alternative Look   2-14


Missouri River Basin Under Continued Flood Threat – DTN   2-11


USDA Updates 2020 Farm Sector Income Forecast   2-11


ARC-IC – Should You Consider It?   2-14


Cleveland On Cotton: Virus Remains The Main Influence, Bullish News Aside   2-14


DTN Fertilizer Outlook: More Corn Acres Could See Higher Prices   2-10


Income Taxes: Farmer Filing Deadline Is March 2   2-12


Ethanol: Court Calls EPA’s Hand On Questionable Refinery Waivers   2-12


Hubbs on Grain: Corn Consumption Showing Improvement   2-10


Trump Proposes Budget Cuts to USDA – DTN   2-11


Ag Subsidies Pale In Comparison To What Fossil-Fuel Industry Receives – Commentary   2-12


Taxes: 7 Key Tips from New Retirement Act – DTN   2-10


Climate Change: Conversation Heating Up – What Can Ag Do?   2-10


Ethanol Industry Hitching Its Wagon To Carbon-Reduction Efforts – DTN   2-12




ARC-IC: Payment Examples and Revised 2019 Payment Calculator


Deadline Looms For Your ARC Versus PLC Decision – Are You Ready? – DTN


ARC/PLC Payment Calculator Updated – Expected Payments for 2020


ARC Versus PLC – Best Choice In A Low-Price Environment? – DTN


4 Things to Consider When Making ARC vs. PLC Decision




Goal Herbicide Products Shift to Nufarm   2-10




California Almonds: 4 Considerations for This Year’s Bloom   2-10


USDA - Scroll Down




Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   2-14


Rice: Scarce Supplies Create Liquid Cash Market   2-14


Grain Markets: Time to Start Pre-Harvest Hedging? – DTN   2-13


USA Rice Helps Resolve Issues with Costa Rican Testing Protocols   2-14


Moving Grain: Major Barge Line Files for Bankruptcy   2-13


Soybeans: Despite Potential Record Crop, Brazil Still Has The Upper Hand – DTN   2-12


Soy, Corn Market: Pat on the Back for Hindsight – DTN   2-12


World Rough Rice Prices Unchanged   2-12


Rice Weekly Market Report, Feb. 11 – USDA   2-12


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   2-11


Ag Trade: China Reassures U.S. on Phase One Purchase Goals   2-10


Thompson on Cotton: Virus Aside, Positive Points Arise   2-8






Drought Monitor Weekly: Heavy Rains All Around   2-14


Nebraska: Scotts Bluff County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Freeze   2-14


Kentucky: 22 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   2-12


Virginia: 10 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   2-11


Minnesota: 7 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Storms, Flood   2-11


Texas: 3 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   2-11


Kentucky: 4 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   2-11


Virginia: 39 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   2-11


Kansas: Rawlins County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Floods   2-11


Michigan: 20 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Excessive Rains   2-11




Tractor Market Data Shows Brief Drop in Sales for 2020 Before Rebound   2-14


Fuel Report: Diesel, Gas Prices Drop   2-12


Combine Sales Slip In January Compared To Year-Ago Totals   2-12


Georgia: Farm Bankruptcies Increased in 2019   2-11






Corn | Soybeans


Nebraska: Soybean Fertility Study – What is Limiting High Yield, Protein?   2-14


Louisiana Corn: Should You Apply an In-furrow Starter Fertilizer?   2-12


Grain Storage: Difficult Harvest Creates More Bin Hazards   2-12


Minnesota: Pre-Season Nitrogen Management Considerations – Podcast   2-12


Tennessee Soybeans: Improving Drought Adaptation – Podcast   2-12


North Carolina Soybeans: Variety Selection Tool Updated   2-11




Tennessee Cotton: 2019 Variety Trial Results Now Available   2-14


Cotton: Weed Management with Cereal Rye Cover Crops – Video   2-12


Texas Cotton: Mobile App to Aid Crop Irrigation Management   2-12


Texas Cotton: Reniform Nematode Management Options   2-12




Texas Hemp: Handheld Spectrometer Quickly Determines THC Levels   2-14




Livestock: Prospects for Swine Feed Costs in 2020   2-10




Arkansas Rice: U of A’s Commercially Released Varieties Offer More Options   2-14


Louisiana Rice: Starter Fertilizers Bring Good Things To The Table   2-11


Arkansas Rice: Growers Keep Eye Out for Dry Window   2-14


Louisiana Rice: LSU AgCenter Gives Farmers Optimistic Outlook   2-11


Golden Rice: No Clear Path to Reach Consumers   2-10




Georgia Pecans: Time to Monitor for Ambrosia Beetles   2-12




Texas Blacklands: Wheat Looks Good; Preparing for Corn Planting   2-12


Texas Wheat: Guidelines for 2,4-D Use   2-12




Global Markets: Oilseeds – Palm Oil Exports Constrained By Lower Supplies   2-14


Global Markets: Rice – Medium- and Short-Grain Trade Overview   2-14


Global Markets: Wheat – Shift in Market Dynamics in Southeast Asian Demand   2-14


Global Markets: Coarse Grains – Foreign Sorghum Exports Lowest Since 2005/06   2-14


Global Markets: Cotton – Uncertainty Overshadows China’s 2019/20 Balance Sheet   2-14


WASDE Cotton: Season-Average Farm Price Up Slightly   2-11


WASDE Oilseeds: Increased Domestic Exports, Lower Ending Stocks   2-11


WASDE Rice: Increased U.S. Imports, Exports, Ending Stocks   2-11


WASDE Coarse Grains: Reduced U.S. Corn Exports, Increased Ethanol Use   2-11


WASDE Wheat: Increased Exports, Reduced Domestic Stocks   2-11


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