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Trade Agreement: Yet Another Excuse To Overplant?   1-24


Trade Aid: Last Payment “Assured and Imminent” – DTN   1-23


ARC/PLC Payment Calculator Updated – Expected Payments for 2020   1-23


New WOTUS Rule Announced   1-23


Cleveland on Cotton: China Stalls Even As Prices Slip   1-24


Farm Lending Declines For 2nd Quarter – Kansas City Fed   1-22


Farmers End 2019 with Renewed Optimism – DTN   1-23


Hubbs on Grain: 2 Trade Deals and a Price Drop   1-21


Farm Working Capital: Key Measure Slips Unevenly In Illinois Comparisons   1-21


Dossett on Rice: Weather Improvements Will Change Everything   1-24


Ag Economy: Jan. Observations from the Fed – Beige Book   1-21


Selling Food And Gaining Influence – New Realities – DTN   1-21


Ag Trade: Uncertainty Lingers Regarding Chinese Purchases of U.S. Goods   1-21


Farmers Can’t Ignore Consumers…Especially Their Fears – DTN   1-21


Corn: Record U.S. Production Possible in 2020, Prices to Remain Flat   1-21




4 Things to Consider When Making ARC vs. PLC Decision


ARC/PLC Payment Calculator Updated – Expected Payments for 2020


Making ARC/PLC Decisions Based On What We Know In Late 2019


ARC Versus PLC – Best Choice In A Low-Price Environment? – DTN


ARC – Individual Vs. County – When Is It Worth Considering?




Tennessee: Pesticide Recertification for Dicamba, Paraquat – Podcast   1-24


Minnesota: Noxious Weeds Spread to 8 New Counties   1-23


Pennsylvania: What’s New for Agronomic Weed Control in 2020?   1-23


Herbicide Antagonism — Is It Making Bad Situations Worse? – DTN   1-21




California Almonds: 4 Goals to Improve Sustainability by 2025   1-21




Texas: Disaster Relief for Crop Losses Due to 2018, 19 Droughts   1-24


Drought Monitor Weekly: Some Heavy Rains, Lots of Dry Spots   1-24


North Carolina: 14 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Hurricane Dorian   1-23


Texas: 5 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   1-23


Kansas: Marshall County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Floods   1-23


Ohio Weather: Early Indications Point to Wetter Spring   1-22




Soybean Market: Early to Predict but Here’s Something to Think About   1-24


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   1-24


USDA Crop Reports: A Proposal to Re-Level the Information Playing Field   1-24


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   1-24


Rice Market: Little Downside Price Risk   1-24


How Much Of What Will China Buy? They’re Not Sure. – DTN   1-23


World Rough Rice Prices Increase   1-23


Moving Grain: Major Barge Lines in Legal Disputes   1-23


Wheat: Income Potential, Weather Fight Against Winter Seeding   1-23


ELS Cotton Competitive Payment Rate Is Zero   1-23


Thompson on Cotton: Market Direction After Trade Agreement? It Depends   1-22


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   1-21






Western Region Pecan Prices: Good Demand, Variable Quality   1-23


Texas Pecan Prices: Light Deliveries Despite Active Trade   1-23


Oklahoma Pecan Prices: Moderate Deliveries as Season Winds Down   1-23




Pecan Production Up 14% From Previous Year – USDA   1-23


Feed Grain Outlook: Several Changes to Current, Past Year’s Balance Sheets   1-21


Wheat Outlook: Stocks Tighten on Rising Domestic Use; Exports Hold Steady   1-21


Rice Outlook: U.S. Production Estimate Lowered 3.3Mln Cwt   1-21


Oil Crops Outlook: Soybean Prices Supported by Strengthening Soy Oil Market   1-21




Arkansas: U of A Partners with Ag-Analytics to Collect Precision Data   1-24


Navigable Waters Protection Rule – A New Definition of WOTUS   1-24


Fuel Report: Diesel, Gas Prices Drop 3 Cents   1-23


Tennessee: Discovery Park of American Announces Major Ag Funding   1-23


For Biofuel Industry, Plenty Riding On Feds’ Optimistic Tone – DTN   1-21






Arkansas: Making Decisions with ‘Phase One’ Signed, No Word on 3rd MFP Payment   1-24


Tennessee: Insect Management Publication Available Online   1-24


Minnesota: Extension Begins Drainage Trial   1-22


New Land Lease? How to Incorporate Conservation Practices.   1-22


Corn | Soybeans


North Carolina Soybeans: 2019 Yield Contest Results Posted   1-23


Grain Storage: Natural-Air Drying, Truth vs. Myth   1-22


Ohio: Managing Stored Grain Through Winter   1-22




Pennsylvania Hemp: What’s New for 2020 Regulations?   1-23




Georgia Pecans: Look Out for Fire Ants in Orchards   1-21




Tobacco: Market Slips for U.S. Burley, Malawi Troubles Could Help   1-24




Tennessee: Wheat, Aphids, and BYD – It’s That Time of Year   1-24


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