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Ag Borrowing – Best Approaches When Asking For Money – DTN   12-2


D-i-v-o-r-c-e on the Farm – 11 Fact Sheets to Help You Through It   12-2


The J.R. Simplot Co. to Acquire Pinnacle Ag   11-27


Farm Income Support: Between a Rock and Hard Place – Commentary   12-4


Grain Buyers Pushed To The Edge In Parts Of Corn Belt – DTN   12-5


Deere & Co. Ag and Turf Sales Downturn Forecast for 2020   12-4


Ag Economy Finding New Plateau? – DTN   11-26


Trade Aid: How Does the MFP Compare to Past Farm Programs?   12-6


Hunting for Better Prices? Consider Specialty Crops. – DTN   12-6


Growmark to Acquire Assets from Mid-Iowa Cooperative   12-5


Farming and Hearing Loss – 8 Tips for Managing the Noise – DTN   12-4


What Farmers Need – Commentary   11-27


Equipment Companies Jockey For Potential Opportunities – DTN   12-2


Cleveland On Cotton: Welcome To The New Reality   12-6


2019 Farm Sector Income Forecast Updated for Nov.   12-3


FSA Promises Flexibility with CRP Enrollment – DTN   12-6


DTN Fertilizer Trends: Prices Continue Lower   12-4


Farmer Sentiment Jumps as Harvest Winds Down – Ag Barometer   12-3


Weathering the Storm – Remaining Productive, Profitable in Changing Climate – DTN   11-27


Hubbs on Grain: Corn Demand Showing Some Recovery   12-2


Election 2020 – A Look at the Democratic Candidates – DTN  12-2


What Farmers Need – Commentary   11-27


Ag Economy: Conditions Remain Mixed – Beige Book   12-2


Climate-Smart Farming – Finding Environmental Markets – DTN   11-26


Neonics: Some Uses Uses Could Benefit Bees, Says Study  12-2


Hubbs on Grain: What Can We Expect for 2020 Acreage?   11-27


Will Lack Of Sustainability Proof Hurt U.S. Export Sales? – DTN   11-26


China Caught Stealing Ag Tech – DTN   11-26




Mississippi: Talking Pest Management with Corteva – Podcast   12-6


Texas Corn, Sorghum: Soil Management Considerations for Pre-Emergence Herbicides   12-6


North Carolina: Auxin Herbicide Best Management Practices Trainings for 2020   12-6


Mississippi: New Paraquat Handling and Use Regulations   12-4


Syngenta’s New Gramoxone 3SL (Paraquat) Formulation   12-4


Herbicide Rule Changes – Hoops You’ll Have To Jump Through – DTN   12-2




California Pistachios: 4 Management “Takeaways” From Bob Beede   12-6


California Pistachios: Do “Rest Enhancement” Treatments Pay?   12-5


California Almonds: Pruning Wound Protection – Reducing Impact of Canker Diseases   12-5


California Tree Crops: Postharvest Irrigation in a Dry Autumn?   11-25


California Almonds: Oversupply Risk Tied to Shifts in Weather, Acreage   11-25




Drought Monitor Weekly: A Plethora of Winter Storms   12-5


NOAA Monthly Drought Outlook – December   12-2


Indiana: Clinton County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Flood   11-26




Farm Bill: 2019-23 Enrollment Periods for ARC, PLC Programs   12-6


Conservation Reserve Program Signup Opens Dec. 9 – USDA   12-5




Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   12-6


Moving Grain: Barge Volume Remains High, May Slow Soon   12-5


USMCA: Ag Groups Continue to Call for Congressional Action – DTN   12-4


World Rough Rice Prices Decline   12-4


Grain Elevators Facing Tighter Margins, Revenue Pressures in 2020   12-4


Trade War: President Pushes Brazil, Argentina   12-4


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   12-3


Wheat Market: Taking a Long-Term Perspective – DTN   11-26


Ag Trade Outlook – U.S. Export Forecast Increased for 2020   11-26


Ag Truckers: Electronic Logging Device Rule – Controversy Remains – DTN   11-27


Illinois: How Will Trade Aid Payments Affect 2020 Cash Rents?   11-27




U.S. Cattlemen Wary About Brazilian Company’s Bigger Footprint Here – DTN   12-3


Livestock: African Swine Fever Continues to Impact U.S. Pork, World Protein Markets   11-27






Alabama: USDA Awards $29.5Mln for Rural Broadband Investment   12-5


Rural Broadband: FCC Announces Major 5G Expansion Funding   12-4


Illinois: 1,650 Rural Homes Slated for High-Speed Broadband   12-4




Biofuels: Sen. Grassley Hopeful Trump Changes RFS Rule – DTN   12-4


Biofuels: EPA Still Not Backing Up RFS Promises – DTN   11-27




Louisiana: Hardwick Family Supports AgCenter Student Worker Awards   12-3


Farmers In Latin America Facing Environmental Push-Back   12-6


Fuel Report: Diesel Prices Up Slightly, Gasoline Remain Variable   12-4


South Carolina: Clemson Helps Farmers Find Opportunities Amid Trade War   11-26




Corn | Soybeans


Midwest – Can Corn Overwinter? Risks And Uncertainty Abound – DTN   12-5


Mississippi: 2019 Corn Hybrid Trial Disease Evaluations   12-4


Illinois Corn: Southern Rust – All You Need to Know   12-4


Minnesota: Can Precision Ag Help Nutrient Management? – Podcast   12-4


Yield Updating Decisions Under the 2018 Farm Bill   12-4


Soybeans: How Bad Was the 2020 Season? – Farmer Commentary – DTN   12-4


Mississippi Corn Hybrid Demonstration Program Results   12-6


Corn: How Does Grain Drying Affect Test Weights?   12-2


Minnesota Corn: European Corn Borer – Implications of Reducing Bt Acres   11-26


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Choosing the Right Variety – 9 Considerations   11-26




Cotton | Sorghum


North Carolina Cotton: On-Farm Variety Evaluation Yield Results   12-6


Tennessee Cotton: Estimating Yield Loss from Fall Out   12-4


Arkansas Cotton: 2019 County Variety Testing Update   11-27




Court Puts Iowa Ag Trespass Law on Hold – DTN   12-5




Arkansas Rice: New High-Yielding Medium-Grain Variety Available   12-5


Mississippi: Rice – Sustainability, 2019 Outlook Conference – Podcast   12-4




Texas Wheat: Checklist for Getting Your Crop Off Right   12-6


Wheat: Variable Weather Poses Challenges, Opportunities for U.S. Farmers   11-27


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