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Hemp: Tennessee Auction Falls Flat for Growers   11-22


“Hemp for Victory” Video Illustrates Hemp’s Importance in WW2   11-19




Eroding Farmer Liquidity Concerns Ag Lenders – DTN   11-19


What Ag Economic Analysis Often Misses – Commentary   11-20


Trade Aid: New Direction in Public Ag Policy?   11-22


Ag Trade: CFTC Attempts to Set Limits on Futures Speculating – DTN   11-21


Shurley on Cotton: Slipping but Should Find Support   11-22


Trade Speculators – How Big Is Their Market Impact? – DTN   11-19


Farmland Values, Farm Incomes Decline – Federal Reserve   11-19


Farm Credit Chief: Strong System But Rising Debt Issues – DTN   11-21


Hubbs on Grain: Soybean Crush Prospects   11-19


Farm Finances: 2020 Budgets – Don’t Forget Family Living Costs   11-18




Italian Ryegrass: Study Explores Different Control Methods – Video   11-22


Marestail: Integrated Weed Management Starts Now – Video   11-22


Liberty Herbicide Now “Preferred” Glufosinate With Enlist System   11-20




Drought Monitor Weekly: Mostly Dry as Temps Recover   11-21


NOAA Drought Outlook Seasonal – Dec., Jan., Feb.   11-21


Florida: $380Mln in USDA Disaster Relief for Panhandle Timber, Crop Producers   11-19


USDA Reports - See Below




Palm Oil Market Up — But Will That Matter With Soybeans? – DTN   11-22


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   11-22


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   11-22


Moving Grain: Mississippi River Barge Volumes Increase   11-21


Rice Market Update: New Crop Quality Concerns   11-21


Corn: Has Ethanol Increased Total US Usage?   11-21


Thompson On Cotton: Plenty Working Against Immediate Optimism   11-20


Distiller’s Grains: Slow Corn Harvest Balances Cash Weakness – DTN   11-19


Trade Talks Continue, China Buys Some U.S. Farm Products   11-19


Rice: U.S. Secures Carve-Out of Korean Market   11-19


Brazilians Defend Their Ag Policies – DTN   11-18


Peanuts: Argentine Farmers Struggle To Plant Amidst Drought   11-18






EPA Waivers Take A Hard Toll On Cellulosic Ethanol Industry – DTN   11-21




Texas Pecan Prices: Demand Good as Season Begins   11-20


Oklahoma Pecan Prices: Good Demand, Harvest Expected to Pick Up   11-20


Louisiana Pecan Prices: Deliveries Remain Very Light   11-20


Goergia Pecan Prices Steady, Holding Well   11-20




Vote On Reworked NAFTA May Linger Into 2020 – DTN   11-22


Arkansas: $3.4Mln in USDA Funding for Wild Hog Control   11-21


Corteva Launches LANDVisor, Grazing And Forage Management System   11-21


Fuel Report: Propane Stocks Continue to Fall   11-20


Texas A&M to Establish Trimble Technology Lab   11-18


Mississippi: MSU Offers Mental Health Assistance to Farmers   11-18




Harvest Complication: Propane Demand Outstrips Supply – DTN   11-19


Ohio Governor Announces Plan to Tackle Phosphorus Runoff – DTN   11-19


Corn | Soybeans


Illinois Corn: Wet Grain and Delayed Harvest   11-22


Michigan Corn: Can You Leave Crops in the Field Til Spring to Dry?   11-22


Midwest Corn: Weather, Energy Shortages Playing Havoc on Grain Drying   11-21


Minnesota: Is Tillage a Fertilizer Best Management Practice?   11-21


Iowa: Continuous Corn – 8 Steps to Boosting Yields   11-21


Illinois: Grain Farm Projected Net Incomes for 2019, 2020   11-20


Mississippi Corn: 2019 Hybrid Trial Disease Evaluations   11-18


Minnesota: 4-Year Tillage Study – What Did We Learn?   11-21




Cotton | Sorghum


Texas Cotton: Growth-Stage-Based Irrigation May Improve Yields   11-19


Texas: US Cotton Trust Protocol Featured at Cotton U   11-18


Florida Cotton: Manage Post-Harvest Regrowth to Reduce Pests   11-18




U.S. Poultry: China Lifts 4-Year Ban, Good News for Producers – DTN   11-18


Livestock: “You make your money the day you buy, not the day you sell.” – DTN   11-18


Pecans | Peanuts


Georgia Peanuts: NASS Increases Production Forecast   11-21


Texas Pecan Industry Rooted in Research   11-19


Georgia Pecans: Growers Still Recovering from Michael   11-18




Louisiana Rice: How Does Harvesting a 2nd Crop Affect Crawfish?   11-21




Sugar: For Beet Growers, Plenty Of Crop Left To Rot – DTN   11-21




Tobacco: Why It’s Important to Grow for Less in 2020   11-21


Tobacco: A Most Difficult Growing Season   11-18




Oil Crops Outlook: Minimal U.S. Soybean Crop Changes, Lower Demand   11-21


Rice Outlook: U.S. Supplies Forecast 7% Smaller Than Last Year   11-21


Wheat Outlook: U.S. Production Cuts Offset by Gains for EU, Russia   11-21


Feed Outlook: Another Reduction in Projected U.S. Corn Crop   11-21


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