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Texas Teen Crowned National Champion in Tractor Restoration Competition   11-4




Trade Aid: 2nd Round of 2019 Payments Approved   11-8


Corn Belt Farmers Face Propane Shortage – DTN   11-8


DTN Fertilizer Trends: Nutrien, Mosaic Company Earnings Fall   11-6


Cleveland on Cotton: 70 Cents Within Sight?   11-8


“2018 Farm Bill What-If Tool” Estimates Program Payments   11-6


Corn: High Moisture Widely Offsets Bullish Basis Hopes – DTN   11-8


Farmer Sentiment on Trade, Economy Improves with Harvest – Ag Barometer   11-5


Dossett on Rice: “Market Moving in My Direction”   11-8


Farm Taxes: Steer Away from Cash Accounting? – DTN   11-5


USDA Baseline Background, Outlook, and Recent Projections   11-5


Midwest: Mostly Average Yields, Harvest Delays Continue – DTN   11-4


Hubbs on Grain: What Does a Trade Deal Promise for Soybean Exports?   11-4


Soybeans: Growing Premium Seed – Is It Right for You? – DTN   11-6


Farm Business: Measuring Financial Stress   11-4




Harvest Weed Seed Control – Podcast   11-4




California Almonds: Tree Loss Value Calculator   11-7


California Tree Crops: Suterra Announces New NOW Control Product   11-4




USDA Announces $800Mln Available for AL, FL, GA Farmers Hit by Michael, Florence   11-8


Drought Monitor Weekly: Generally Wet Except Out West   11-8


Iowa: Winter Weather Outlook for 2019-2020   11-4


Georgia: October 2019 Likely in Top 5 Warmest   11-4


Florida: 4 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Hail, Drought   11-4


Alabama: 8 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   11-4


South Carolina: 6 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   11-4


USDA REPORTS - Scroll to the end. 




Rice Market Update: Freeze Expected to Impact Ratoon Crop Quality   11-8


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   11-8


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   11-8


Moving Grain: Ocean Freight Rates Lowest in 12 Weeks   11-7


China Pork Shortage Overrides Tariffs – DTN   11-6


World Rough Rice Prices Decline   11-6


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   11-5


Grain Markets: RaboResearch Predicts Continued Price Pressure   11-4


Ag Trade: China’s Import Capacity Considered as Phase One Talks Continue   11-4


Rice Weekly Market Report, Nov. 4 – USDA   11-4


Cleveland On Cotton: Unusual Approach For “Bottled Up” Market?   11-2






Oklahoma Pecan Prices: Harvest Off to Slow Start   11-8


Georgia Pecan Prices Continue to Weaken   11-8


Louisiana Pecan Prices: Very Light Deliveries to Start the Season   11-6




Fuel Report: Prices Little Changed; Midwest Propane Stocks Decline   11-6


Waters of the U.S. Repeal Challenged – DTN   11-6


Texas AgriLife Programs Aid Veteran Farmers   11-5




Great Plains – Dust Bowl Lessons   11-8


Corn | Soybeans


Soybeans: Cutting Back on Seeding Rates with No Yield Loss – DTN   11-8


Michigan Soybeans: Recommendations for a Late Harvest   11-7


North Carolina Soybeans: Green Stem – What Is It, What’s the Cause?   11-7


Nebraska: Fall Fertilizer – Nitrogen Application Considerations   11-6


Ohio Corn: High Moisture Harvest May Continue   11-6


Iowa Corn: How Does Tillage, N Application Affect Residue Breakdown?   11-6


Corn, Soybean Harvest Slowest Since 2009; Propane Supply a Concern   11-6


Soybean Yields: Lost Bushels – Tips to Find Them – DTN   11-5


Iowa: Soybean Cyst Nematode Management Should Begin Now   11-5


Illinois: Extension Requesting Farmers’ 2019 Yield Data   11-4


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Crop Quality Observations on Another Unusual Year   11-4




Cotton | Sorghum


Alabama Cotton: Late Oct. Rains Slow Down Harvest   11-6




North Dakota Livestock: Don’t Be Tempted to Graze Unharvested Soybeans   11-4


Pecans | Peanuts


Arkansas Peanuts: Freezing Temps Threaten Last Leg of Harvest   11-7


Georgia Pecans: New Tools Help Protect Against Fungicide-Resistant Scab   11-6




Global Markets: Cotton – Global Stocks Boom Since May’s Initial Forecast   11-8


Global Markets: Rice – U.S. Rough Rice Exports to Mexico Rebound in 2019   11-8


Global Markets: Wheat – U.S. Exports Off to Faster Start Than Last Year   11-8


Global Markets: Coarse Grain – Feed Barley’s Price Gap With Corn Shrinks Dramatically   11-8


Global Markets: Oilseeds – Stocks Shrink as China’s Veg Oil Complex Changes   11-8


WASDE Cotton: Lower Domestic Production, Ending Stocks   11-8


WASDE Oilseeds: U.S. Soybean Production Slightly Lower, Ending Stocks Raised   11-8


WASDE Rice: U.S. Ending Stocks Down on Reduced Production   11-8


WASDE Coarse Grains: Lower U.S. Corn Production, Ending Stocks   11-8


WASDE Wheat: Reduced Domestic Use, Lower Stocks   11-8


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