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Researchers Rediscover Fast-Acting Insecticide Lost After WWII   10-14




Dicamba: Illinois Kicks Off 2020 Regulation Showdown – DTN   10-18


Hemp’s Growing Pains — Uncertainty, Regular And Otherwise – DTN   10-15


2014 Farm Bill – Which Paid More, PLC or ARC-CO?   10-16


DTN Fertilizer Outlook: Another Unfavorable Application Season This Fall   10-15


Farm Conservation Policy – What’s Next?   10-18


Cleveland on Cotton: When Will Chinese “Yes” Finally Mean Yes?   10-18


World Food Supply — Future Shortfalls Widen, Latest Projections Show – DTN   10-17


Tractor Sales Buoyed By Replacement Cycle   10-15


Seed Corn Costs: Seed Company Financing vs. Traditional Financing   10-17


Farm Employee Or Contractor? 4 Points For Determining Status – DTN   10-15


USDA Opens 2020 Enrollment for ARC, PLC Programs   10-15


Hubbs on Grain: Corn, Soybeans Move Higher on Supply, Trade Numbers   10-14 


Seed Corn Costs: How Do Discounts Work with Seed Company Financing?   10-15




Michigan: Fall Weed Control Reminders on Late, Prevent Plant Acres   10-18


Louisiana: Glyphosate-Resistant Italian Ryegrass Management Considerations   10-18


Dicamba: Illinois Department of Ag Announces 2020 Restrictions   10-16




California Almonds: Start 2020’s Weed Management After 2019’s Harvest   10-16


California Alfalfa: Chlorpyrifos Leaves The Market – Effects, Alternatives?   10-12




Biofuels: Farmers, Lawmakers Dismayed Over Proposed EPA Ethanol Formula   10-16




Drought Monitor Weekly: Mostly Wet, Some Continued Dry Spots   10-18


NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – Nov., Dec., Jan.   10-18


Georgia: Another Tropical Storm on the Way?   10-18


Freezing Temps, Snow Bring Widespread Harvest Challenges   10-15






Distillers Grains: Under Pressure from Weaker Cash Corn Prices – DTN   10-18


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   10-18


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   10-18


Moving Grain: Arkansas River Navigation Recovering   10-18


Wheat Market: Quality Concerns, Minimal Selling Drive Spring Wheat Export Prices   10-17


Rice Market: Prices Stabilize as Final Harvest Number Tabulated   10-17


Shurley On Cotton: Don’t Hold Out For Good News   10-15


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   10-15


1st Steps to Trade Deal? China to Buy $40-$50 Bln in U.S. Farm Goods   10-14




Georgia Pecan Prices: Light Deliveries, More Varieties Hitting Market   10-16




Mississippi Outdoors: Keep Hunting, but Have Deer Tested for CWD   10-18




Minnesota: How Does Irrigation Impact Nitrate Leaching, Groundwater Quality? – Video   10-18


Phosphorus Management: 8 Steps to Reduce Edge of Field Losses   10-17


Minnesota: Haney Soil Test – How Can It Help You? – Video   10-16


Tennessee: Soil Sampling – How to Get the Best Results   10-16


Minnesota: Fall Fertilizer Economics – Podcast   10-15




Corn | Soybeans


Mississippi Soybeans: Challenged by Reduced Acreage, Shaky Start   10-18


Iowa Soybeans: Frost Damage – What to Expect   10-17


Ohio Corn: Tar Spot – What You Need to Know   10-17


Minnesota: Cover Crop “Recipes” Now Available   10-16


Mississippi: Corn Varieties – 2020 MSU Short List   10-18


Nebraska: Avoiding Harvest Compaction in Wet Soils   10-16


Ohio: Soybean Cyst Nematode – Fall Is the Time to Sample   10-17


Mississippi Corn: Variety Trials – What Did Well in 2019?   10-16


Missouri Soybeans: Grain Remains Green in Plants Killed Before Maturity   10-16


Cotton | Sorghum


Texas High Plains Cotton: Harvest Activity Increases   10-18


Pecans | Peanuts


Florida Peanuts: New Nematode Resistant Variety Gets On-Farm Trials   10-14


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