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Prevented Planting Payments: Initial Check (Almost) In The Mail – DTN   9-30


Wheat: USDA Confirms High U.S. Yields Offset Reduced Planted Area   10-3 


Nitrogen: Fall Applications Going the Way of Blockbuster Video? – DTN   10-4


Cleveland On Cotton: Volatility Ahead As Many Bales Remain Unpriced   10-4


Bullish Numbers From USDA For Corn, Soybeans – DTN   10-1


Texas: Wild Pigs – 7 Things You Need to Know   10-4


Peanuts – Argentina Will Push A Big Crop Onto World Market   10-3


Southwest Cotton: Rain Helps Late Crop but Delays Harvest for Many   10-4


Hubbs on Grain: Corn for Ethanol Should Improve in 2019-20   9-30


Market Policies Should Relate to Real Life Agriculture – Commentary   10-4


Vintage Iron Remembered – The Farm Equipment of Yesteryear – DTN   10-3


Rice: More Food Pretenders Popping Up 10-2


Midwest Harvest – Lagging With Lower Expectations – DTN   9-30


Farmer Sentiment Slips in Sept. – Ag Barometer   10-1




4 Things to Consider When Making ARC vs. PLC Decision   10-2


ARC Versus PLC – Best Choice In A Low-Price Environment? – DTN   10-1




No Pigweed Left Behind – Make That A Goal At Harvest   10-4


Texas: Herbicide-Resistant Kochia Invading High Plains   10-4


Ohio: 4 Reminders for Fall Herbicide Treatments   10-4


Fall Burndown: 3 Points To Remember   10-1


Herbicide Resistant Waterhemp Moves Into Canada   10-4




Tree Nuts: Almond, Walnut, and Hazelnut Production Forecast To Drop – USDA   10-1


California Almonds: 4 Market Facilitation Workshops Set   10-1


California Walnuts: Yellowing, Collapsing Trees? Might Be Water Logging.   10-1


California Almonds: Phytophthora – What You Need to Know   10-1




Biofuels’ New Deal – Making it Right with Midwest Farmers – DTN   10-4


Biofuels: EPA, USDA Announce Agreement   10-4


Two Oil Refineries Want in on RFS Waiver Action – DTN   10-4


Biofuels Blending Agreement at Hand   10-2


Ethanol Plants – Farmers Urge Trump to Overrule EPA – DTN   9-30




Drought Monitor Weekly: Hot and Dry East of the Rockies   10-3


NOAA Drought Outlook Monthly – Oct.   10-1


South Carolina: Over 75% of State Experiencing Drought; Yields Suffer   10-2






Soy Oil: Better Fundamentals After Many Weak Years – DTN   10-4


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   10-4


Farm Business: Identifying Profitability and Cash Flow   10-4


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   10-4


Illinois: Cash Rents Roughly Unchanged in 2019   9-30


Rice Market: Stronger Export Activity Needed, Harvest Nears Completion   10-4


Prevented Planting Disaster Payments Q&A   10-1


Michigan: Farm Financial Benchmarking – How Is Your Operation Holding Up?   10-1


Rough Rice Prices Unchanged   10-3


ELS Cotton Competitive Payment Rate Is Zero   10-3


Moving Grain: Bonneville Lock and Dam Facility Reopens   10-3


Shurley on Cotton: 6 Troublesome Factors Affecting the Market   9-30


Ag Trade: Volatility Continues to Roil U.S. Markets – CoBank   10-2


Livestock: How Have Recent Corn, Fed Cattle Prices Affected Cattle Finishing Net Returns?   10-3


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   10-1


Grain Stocks: Corn, Wheat Down Slightly, Soybeans Double Last Year   9-30


Ag Trade: China Buys U.S. Soybeans, Explores Soymeal from South America   9-30




Yield Guarantee? Growmark and Growers Edge Roll Out Program   10-3




12 Tips to Avoid, Contain Combine Fires During Harvest   10-1


5 Tips for Soil Health Test Sampling   10-2


Corn | Soybeans


Nebraska Corn: Stalk Quality Concerns Widespread   10-4


Ohio Corn, Soybeans: More Diseases, Lower Yields Forecast   10-4


Corn: Increasing Ground-Level Ozone Levels a Hidden Threat   10-4


North Carolina: Making The Case For Non-Bt Corn   10-3


Indiana Corn: Scout Now for Tar Spot to Determine Future Risk   10-3


North Carolina Soybeans, Sweetpotatoes: Widespread Fall Armyworm Infestations   10-3


Nebraska: Preparing Grain Bins, Equipment for Harvest   10-4


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: P and K Management Following Highly Variable Yields   10-2


Minnesota Corn: Tar Spot Found for 1st Time in State   10-1


Ohio: Avoid Fallow Syndrome in Prevented Plant Acres   10-1


Corn: How Does a Late-Season Frost Affect Crops?   10-1


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Fall Fertilizer Considerations in 2019   10-1




Cotton | Sorghum


Mississippi Cotton: Late Season Heat, Dry Weather Aided State Crop   10-4


Tennessee: Cotton Harvest Issues – Podcast   10-4




Kentucky Hemp: Heligen Registered to Manage Corn Earworm   10-3


Pecans | Peanuts


South Carolina Peanuts: Varieties, Disease Control, Tech Highlight Field Day   10-3


Mississippi Peanuts: Late Season, Early Leaf Spot Movement   10-3




Arkansas Rice: Harvest Heads Toward Finish, Growers Enjoy High Market Prices   10-1




Tobacco: Leaf Harvest Ending in Intense Heat   10-3




Tennessee Wheat: Ryegrass Management Options   10-4


Mississippi Wheat: MSU Short List of Suggested Varieties   10-3


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