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Soy-Based Products on the Leading Edge of Sustainable Housing   9-17




Trade-Aid Payments Seem On Track As House Passes Funding Measure – DTN   9-20


Drought Monitor Weekly: Extreme Heat Intensifies ‘Flash Droughts’   9-19


Is Unmanned Aerial Weed Control Ready for Takeoff?   9-18


Corn Yield Estimates: Let’s Start With Significantly Lower Ear Counts – DTN   9-16


Hubbs on Grain: Have Soybean Prices Put in a Low?   9-16


USDA Chiefs Rally for US-Mexico-Canada Agreement – DTN   9-20


Ag Shopping List for Presidential Hopefuls – Commentary   9-18


Trade-Aid Payments Hinge On Budget Resolution – DTN   9-19 


Biofuel Reallocation Possible – Don’t Celebrate Just Yet – DTN   9-18


Cleveland On Cotton: Trading Range Poised To Weaken More?   9-20


Seasonal Ag Jobs Going Online; H-2A Forms Updated – DTN   9-20


ARC-CO – Program Changes in the 2018 Farm Bill   9-18


Trade Aid: Politics Over MFP Funds? – DTN   9-18


Biofuels: Progress on Tentative Blending Agreement   9-17


China’s Tariff Announcement Remains A Bit Murky, Pork-Wise – DTN   9-16


RFS and SRE: A Simple Proposal to Clear the Logjam   9-20


DTN Fertilizer Trends: Prices Still Slipping – DTN   9-19






Iowa: ISU to Conduct Survey for Herbicide Resistant Waterhemp   9-20


South Dakota: Palmer Amaranth Declared a Prohibited Noxious Weed Seed   9-20


Palmer Pigweed Resistance – Keys Behind the Evil Genius   9-18




Almonds: Researchers Find Uses for Every Part of the Tree, Nut – Podcast   9-17




NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – Oct., Nov., Dec.   9-19


Texas: 4 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   9-20


Alabama: Barbour County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Drought   9-20


Texas: 24 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Floods, Drought   9-19


Ohio: 19 Counties Designated Natural Disaster to Floods, Storms   9-19


Oklahoma: 5 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   9-18


Louisiana: 2 Parishes Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Floods   9-18


Heavy Rains Raise Prospects For Renewed Iowa Farmland Flooding – DTN   9-16




USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   9-20


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   9-20


Rice Market: Positive Exports, Harvest Looks Better Than Expected   9-20


Moving Grain: Panama Canal Approves Toll Structure Modifications   9-19


World Rough Rice Prices Unchanged   9-18


Grain Transportation: Largest River Gateway for Wheat Closed – DTN   9-18


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   9-17


Rice Weekly Market Report, Sept. 16 – USDA   9-17


Trade Tensions Simmer; China Purchases U.S. Farm Goods   9-16


Rice Market: Will Higher Prices Make Up for Lower Production? – Podcast   9-16






Indiana: 34 Farm Fatalities Reported in 2018   9-19


Diesel Fuel Prices Spike Following Attack on Saudi Arabia – DTN   9-18


Nebraska: Who Has Hunting Rights for Leased Land?   9-18


Ethanol Fuels Large-Scale Expansion of Brazil’s Farming Land   9-18  




Arkansas: Winter Cover Crop Planting Considerations   9-19


Corn | Soybeans


Nebraska Cover Crops: Optimum Planting Times Following Corn   9-20


Arkansas Soybeans: Free Nematode Testing for Growers   9-20


Michigan Soybeans: When Will Fields Reach Physiological Maturity?   9-20


Indiana Corn: Do Your Ears Hang Low? – Premature Ear Declination   9-20


Mississippi Soybeans: Extension Expands Free Nematode Tests   9-19


Ohio Soybeans: Sorting Out Herbicide Resistance Traits   9-18


Michigan Soybeans: Handling Frost-Damaged Crops   9-18


Indiana Corn: Delayed Grain Maturity, Frost/Freeze Worries   9-20


Nebraska Corn, Soybeans: Late-Maturing Crops and Insects – Podcast   9-18


Ohio Corn, Soybeans: Reminders About Pre-Harvest Herbicide Treatments   9-18


Michigan Corn: Fields Changing Colors? Check for Tar Spot.   9-20


Indiana Corn: Predicting Maturity Dates for Delayed Plantings   9-20


Nebraska Soybeans: Late Season Diseases Widespread   9-18


Corn, Soybeans: How Does Weather Factor into Late Crop Development? – Podcast   9-17


Minnesota Corn: Fall Sulfur Application – Selecting the Best Product   9-16 




Cotton | Sorghum


Virginia Cotton: Forecast Looks Good for Defoliation   9-20


Tennessee Cotton: Defoliation Concerns, Product Recommendations – Podcast   9-18




Hemp Webinar Talks CBD Legality, THC Testing   9-20


Kentucky Hemp: Corn Earworm Outbreaks   9-18


Alabama Hemp: What Insects Did We See This Year – Video   9-17


North Carolina Hemp: 4 Diseases Causing Die Back Symptoms   9-16




Livestock: New Rule to End Limits on Swine Inspection Line Speeds – DTN   9-19


Pecans | Peanuts


Georgia Pecans: Leaf Drop, Scorch – What’s Causing It?   9-17




Tobacco: Adding Up the Damage from Dorian   9-16




Missouri Rice: Harvest in Full Swing, Yields Mostly Average   9-20


Rice: Barnyardgrass — 1,000 Years Of Hiding In Plain Sight   9-17


Sweet Potatoes


Guava Root-Knot Nematode: Clemson Armed with $7Mln to Combat Pest   9-18




Ohio Wheat: 3 Planting Considerations for 2019   9-18


Michigan Winter Wheat: Good Yields Start with Fall Fertilizers   9-20


Ohio: Wheat After Wheat – Managing Take-All and Other Diseases   9-18


Illinois Small Grains: 6 Tips for Planting in an Odd Field Season   9-16


Southern Plains: Research to Boost Rainfed Ag – Improving Efficiencies, Soil Health   9-17


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