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Tariff War: Nebraska Farmers Eye $Billion-Plus Setback Before MFP Funds   9-4

Corn Market: Learning from Our Mistakes – DTN   9-6

Trade War Tied to Fires in Brazil – Commentary   9-5

Cleveland On Cotton: Prepare To Market Out Of The CCC Loan   9-6

Democratic Hopefuls Talk Ag During CNN “Town Hall”   9-5

Rice Market: Harvest Remains The Focal Point   9-5

Ag Barometer: Farmer Sentiment Declines Sharply As Commodity Markets Weaken   9-3

After Being On The Back Burner, ARC-PLC Enrollment Opens – DTN   9-5

Illinois: How Will Corn, Soybeans Yield In A Disjointed Year?   9-6

Farm Policy: Sanders’ Ag And Rural Proposals – A Snapshot   9-4

DTN Fertilizer Trends: Major Nutrient Prices Decline Yet Again   9-5

Rosy Farm Income Projections – Explanations?   9-3

Truckers Receive Exemption On Drive Time Related To Hurricane Relief – DTN   9-4 


Tennessee: Herbicide Slippage, Not Drift, Dominated 2019 – Podcast   9-5

Iowa: Good News, Bad News From Latest Palmer Pigweed Tour   9-4

Louisiana: Don’t Ignore Weeds Between Now And December   9-3


Soybeans: 13 Post-Hurricane Measures To Save What You’ve Got Left   9-5

Florida: Hurricane Dorian’s Impact On State’s Ag Was Minimal   9-6


Reduced Stands? Don’t Ignore Planter Downforce Settings   9-4

Soil Sampling Robots Offer Efficiency, Accuracy   9-3

Louisiana: Cover Crops, Pin Down Your Objective First   9-3


Mississippi: Catfish Processor Expands  9-6 

Corn | Soybeans

Corn Planting – Getting Off to a Fast Start – DTN   9-6

Indiana Soybeans: Green Stink Bugs Demand Attention   9-6

Minnesota Corn: New Manure Rate Guidelines – Quick Look   9-6

Michigan Corn: Cash Crop and Livestock Producers Need to Talk   9-6

Tennessee Soybeans: Harvest Aids – The Right Field, Product And Timing   9-5

Minnesota Corn: Late-Season N Deficiency – What You Need To Know   9-5

Tennessee Soybeans: When To Pull The Plug On Irrigation This Year?   9-5

Ohio Corn: What’s Causing “Barbell” Ears?   9-4

Iowa Corn: Sampling for the End-of-Season Stalk Nitrate Test   9-4

South Carolina: Cotton Pests Mostly Finished But Soy Insects Need Attention   9-3

Illinois Corn: Tar Spot Seems Likely   9-3

Pecans | Peanuts 

Georgia Pecans: Mites And Weevils Remain A Concern In September   9-6


Rice Outlook Conference – Registration Opens For December Event   9-5


Tobacco: Flue-Cured Auctions Start Slowly   9-4


Wheat: 3 New Varieties Released from KSU   9-6  

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