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Cotton – Midsouth – First Defoliation Gearing Up – AgFax   8-21


Cotton – Southeast – Heading Into The Final Stretch – AgFax   8-21


Cotton – Southwest – Rain Shortage | Stink Bugs Plentiful – AgFax   8-21




Rice Straws Could Be Solution to Throw Away Plastics   8-21




Ag Economy: Yield Assessments Uncertain After ‘Planting Season from Hell’   8-23


ARC, PLC Payment Calculator Available for Updated Programs   8-21


Gap Growing Between Irrigated, Rainfed Crop Yields   8-20


Major Ethanol Co. Cuts Production – DTN   8-21


Cleveland on Cotton: Chinese Politics Loom Large   8-23


DTN Fertilizer Trends: Prices Move Lower Across the Board   8-22


Nebraska: How Do Natural Disasters Affect Ag Land Leases?   8-20


Hubbs on Grain: Questions About Corn Crop Continue   8-19


Trade Damage Estimate: How Did USDA Get Its Numbers?   8-23


Farming Smarter, Quicker Using High Quality Imagery – DTN   8-19


Nebraska: Farm Land Lease – Terminating a Verbal Agreement   8-20


Illinois Farm Real Estate Values – No Change in 2019   8-19




EPA Ethanol Waivers Fire Up Iowa Politicians – “They Screwed Us,” Says Grassley – DTN   8-23


Trump Mulls Policy Options After Biofuels Waiver Backlash   8-21


USDA Defers Interest Accrual for 2019 Crop Insurance Premiums   8-20


FSA Expands Payment Options   8-20


Small Refinery Biofuel Waivers Stir Ire from Farm State Lawmakers   8-20


Ethanol: Corn Growers Hit Hard by Trump Turnabout – DTN   8-19


Ethanol: Too Much Cheek Turning On Refinery Exemptions, Says Industry Official – DTN   8-18




Integrated Weed Management – Understand the Soil Seed Bank – Video   8-23


“Planting Green” to Manage Weeds – Video   8-23


Weed Management with Cover Crops – Video   8-23


Tennessee: Pigweed Escapes in Xtend Crops Continue to Mount   8-22


Alabama: Post-Harvest Weed Control – Don’t Quit Yet   8-21




Drought Monitor Weekly: Extreme Heat, Dryness; Upper Midwest Cool   8-22


Iowa: Predicting 1st Fall Frost, Freeze Dates?   8-19




California Almonds: 5 Tips for Reducing Shaker Damage   8-20




Feed Outlook: Corn Crop Grows on Yield Increase   8-21


Oil Crops Outlook: Unsown Soybean Area Lowers Forecast of 2019/20 Production   8-21


Wheat Outlook: Weaker U.S. Prices Help Improve Export Prospects   8-21


Rice Outlook: U.S. Production Forecast Lowered 2%   8-21


Cotton Outlook: U.S. Production Forecast Higher   8-21




Tariff Wars: Soybeans, Pork Caught In Middle Of Latest Hike – DTN   8-23


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   8-23


Rough Rice Stocks Up 62% from 2018   8-23


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   8-23


Rice Market: Weather Concerns in SE Asia Impacting Price   8-22


Moving Grain: Navigation Difficulties Slow Barge Traffic   8-22


Soybeans: Chinese Imports Decline Dramatically – DTN   8-22


Mississippi River: Dredging Issues from Illinois to Mississippi – DTN   8-22


World Rough Rice Prices Unchanged   8-21


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   8-20


Corn Prices: There’s a Lot We Don’t Know – DTN   8-19




Fuel Report: Prices Dip Slightly   8-21


Elanco to Acquire Bayer’s Animal Health Business   8-20


LSU AgCenter Names New Head of Animal, Plant Programs   8-20




Mississippi: Think About Liming This Fall   8-20


Corn | Soybeans


Indiana Corn: Identifying Grain Fill Stages   8-23


Midwest Corn, Soybeans: Crop, Soil Status Across the I-States   8-22


Ohio Soybeans: Frogeye Leaf Spot – Is It Worth Spraying in 2019?   8-22


Indiana Corn: Estimating Grain Yield Prior to Harvest   8-23


Minnesota Corn: Site-Specific Estimation of Yield Response to N Fertilizer   8-21


Iowa Corn: Grain Filling Progress   8-21


Ohio Corn: Watch for Earworms, Molds   8-22


Indiana Corn: Effects of Severe Stress During Grain Filling   8-23


Louisiana: Corn Harvest Off to Disappointing Start   8-21


Nebraska: USDA Reports 400K Acres of Prevented Plant Cropland   8-20


Minnesota: Conservation in Ag – How the Process Is Working – Podcast   8-21


Cotton | Sorghum


South Carolina Cotton: Focus On Spider Mites   8-23


Texas Blacklands Cotton: Potassium Deficiency Rearing Its Head   8-23


Tennessee Cotton: Leaf Spot Complex – Looks Bad, Won’t Hurt Yields   8-23


Central Texas Cotton: Leafroll Dwarf Virus Discovered   8-23


Virginia Cotton: Pre-Defoliation Period   8-20


Texas Plains Pests: Migratory Bollworms Remain an Uncertainty   8-20


Virginia Cotton: Do ‘Cutout’ and ‘Insect Safe’ Mean the Same Thing?   8-21


Texas West Plains Cotton: Keep Watching for Aphids   8-23


Tennessee Cotton: Estimating Lint Yield from Boll Counts   8-19


Texas AgriLife Sorghum Breeding Program Finds New West Texas Home   8-21




Anthrax Confirmed In Two States So Far This Year – DTN   8-23


Pecans | Peanuts


Florida Peanuts: Why Is There So Much Spotted Wilt This Year?   8-23


Oklahoma Pecans: Protect Bumper Crop from Pecan Weevil   8-20




Arkansas Rice: Managing Stink Bugs in Late Fields, Weeds on Prevented Plant Ground   8-23


Louisiana Rice: Weather Deals Blow to Harvest   8-23


Arkansas Rice: Early Yields Mixed; Don’t Drain Too Early   8-23


Louisiana Rice: Farmers Look for Silver Lining for 2019 Crop   8-20




Sugarcane: LSU Scientists to Study Cold Tolerance in Central Louisiana   8-21




Tobacco: A Surprise Projection from USDA   8-19




Kansas Wheat: Maximize Next Year’s Yields, Control Volunteer Wheat Now   8-22


Spring Wheat: Unfavorable Weather Delays U.S. Harvest   8-22


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