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Cotton – Midsouth – Pest Pressure Mounts – AgFax   8-8


Cotton – Southeast – Heat Pushes Crop Ahead…Sort Of – AgFax   8-8


Cotton – Southwest – 4-Bale Potential | Herbicide Volatility, Drift Tests   8-7 


Rice: Coastal Yields Still Lagging, Midsouth Draining Widens – AgFax   8-9




Corn Maze Celebrates Purdue University’s 150th Anniversary   8-7


Soybeans – Replacement for Petroleum Adhesives in Particle Board?   8-6




China Investing in Brazil Agricultural Expansion – DTN   8-6


Hubbs on Grain: What’s Going on with Corn Prices?   8-6


Farmers Vent – Ag Sec. Perdue Listens – DTN   8-8


Illinois: Dicamba Injury – Complaints Skyrocket - Answers?   8-6


Chlorpyrifos: EPA Decision Appealed by Environmental Groups – DTN   8-9


Trade War: Counting the Casualties – Minneapolis Fed   8-9


Cleveland on Cotton: Market Looking for Guidance   8-9


Ag Economy: Loan Delinquency, Bankruptcy Filings on the Rise   8-6


Mississippi River Dredging: United Soybean Board Gives $2Mln – DTN   8-6


Farm Economy Weak 2Q – Crop Prices, MFP Help – KC Fed   8-9


Dossett on Rice: Waiting for the WASDE Wild Card   8-9


Farm Management: Making Sure Everyone’s Wearing the “Right Hat”   8-9


Ag Economy: Producer Confidence Soars; Large Prevented Plantings Confirmed – Ag Barometer   8-6




Drought Monitor Weekly: Dry and Hot for Contiguous 48   8-9




California Almonds: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Field Meeting, August 13   8-9


California Almonds: Observing Powdery Mildew   8-8




Taxes: Qualified Business Income, Section 199A – Confused? – DTN   8-5


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   8-9


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   8-9


Rice Market: New Crop Almost Export Ready, Farmers Await WASDE   8-8


Moving Grain: Railroads Hauled Record Volumes from Canada in 2018-19   8-8


ELS Cotton Competitive Payment Rate Is Zero   8-8


Thompson on Cotton: Wildly Variable Crops Going into Home Stretch   8-7


Wheat: Reduced Production Estimates Boost Russian Export Prices   8-8


Trade War Escalates: China Halts Purchases of U.S. Ag Products   8-6


Rice: World Market Prices and Loan Deficiency Payment Rates – USDA   8-7


Ag Trade: Tariffs Lead to Creative Supply Chains   8-6


Rice Weekly Market Report, Aug. 5 – USDA   8-6


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   8-6


Corn, Soy – Bearish Troubles – We Got ‘Em – DTN   8-5


Livestock: US, EU Sign Beef Deal – DTN   8-5




DTN Fertilizer Trends: Improving Nitrogen Fixing in Corn, Wheat   8-7


Irrigation: Stalk-Worn Sensor Measures Crops’ Water Use   8-6


Irrigation: Cameras Could Provide Cost-Effective Monitoring of Crop Temperatures   8-6


Corn | Soybeans


Ohio Corn, Soybeans: Watch for Diseases in Late Crops   8-9


Minnesota Soybeans: Be on Lookout for Brown Marmorated Stink Bug   8-9


Michigan: Corn, Soybeans Will Be Competing for Irrigation This Year   8-8


Georgia Corn: Protecting Stored Grain   8-7


Minnesota: Fall Fertilizer Applications – What Do You Need? – Podcast   8-7


Mississippi Corn, Soybeans: General Mid-Season Disease Update – Podcast   8-6


Minnesota Corn: Stress Now Reduces Kernel Number   8-6


Georgia Corn: Irrigation Malfunctions Common in Hot, Dry Summer   8-6


Cotton | Sorghum


Arkansas: Major Bollworm Flight Moving Through; Stink Bugs in Rice   8-9


Virginia Cotton: Why Are Fields Hitting Early Cutout?   8-9


Kansas Sorghum: Keep Beneficials in Mind When Spraying Headworms, Sugarcane Aphids   8-9


Texas West Plains Cotton: Scout Conventional Fields for Bollworms   8-8


Virginia Cotton: Some Crops Getting Safe, Some Need Protection   8-7


Texas Plains Cotton: Pests Mostly Quiet, False Chinch Bugs on the Rise   8-7


Georgia Cotton: Irrigating Through Bloom Under Adverse Conditions   8-7


Tennessee Cotton: Why Is the Crop “Turning” Early? – Podcast   8-6


Texas Cotton: Harvest Aids – The Art and Science   8-5




Kentucky: Hemp Russet Mite Management   8-7


Kansas Hemp: Test Plots Flourish, Good News for Farmers?   8-9


Kentucky Hemp: Dealing with Septoria Leaf Spot   8-7


Pecans | Peanuts


Georgia Pecans: Time for Water Stage Fruit Split   8-9


Georgia Peanuts: Large Numbers of Velvetbean Caterpillars; Scout for Lesser Cornstalk Borers   8-9




Arkansas Rice: Field Day Covers Advances in Breeding, Management Systems   8-9




Texas Wheat: AgriLife ‘Top Picks’ Varieties Updated   8-5


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