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Cotton – Midsouth – Insect Mix Plus “Funny” Plant Growth – AgFax   7-18


Cotton – Southeast – Insects Demand Attention – AgFax   7-18


Cotton – Southwest: Late Blooms Too Late? | Mr. Pigweed, Meet Mr. Hoe – AgFax   7-17


Rice – Harvest Starts On A Small Scale – AgFax   7-19


Almonds: Growers Make Real Progress With Hull Split Sprays – AgFax Tree Crops   7-13




Hubbs on Grain: Corn Prices Heating Up   7-15


Corn Basis: Summer Averages – Are You Aiming High or Low? – DTN   7-19


Cleveland on Cotton: Lows Follow Demand and Weather News   7-19


Ag Trade: Is China Buying More U.S. Farm Goods or Not?   7-15


Weather-Based Price Premiums Will Be Limited Help – Commentary   7-18


Corn: 6 Problems Popping Up in this Wet, Late Season – DTN   7-15


NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – Aug., Sept., Oct.   7-19


USDA Farm Loans – Online Tool Aids Decisions   7-17


Midsouth Cotton and Soybeans Restored to Transform WG Label   7-16


Pesticide Disposal: Website Updated with Latest Rules   7-15




Michigan: Marestail Control Options in Fallow Prevent Plant Fields   7-17




Drought Monitor Weekly: Locally Heavy Rains; Lots of Dry Areas   7-19


Louisiana: Hurricane Barry Floodwaters Affecting Southwestern Crops   7-18


Arkansas: Southwestern Counties Bear Brunt of Barry’s Rain   7-17


Midwest Flooding: Climate Models Changing – DTN   7-16


Weather Change – Drier Times for the Midwest? – DTN   7-15




California Walnuts: Howard Nut Drop – What Happened?   7-18




Cleveland on Cotton: Avoid the “Wishful Thinking” 7-14


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   7-19


Moving Grain: Ocean Freight Rates Tick Up; New Orleans Port Closed   7-19


Rice Update: Avoids Tropical Storm Damage, Harvest Days Away   7-19


World Rough Rice Prices Rise   7-17


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   7-16




Tennessee: Soybean Yield Contest Deadlines   7-19


Arkansas: Milo Schult, Longest Service Extension Head, Dies   7-19


Texas: New Extension Peanut Program Leader in Stephenville   7-19


Plant Viruses May Be Reshaping Our World, Says Study   7-17




Corn | Soybeans


Mississippi Corn: Late Season Scouting Priorities – Podcast   7-19


Dicamba Injury: Soybeans Entering Reproductive Stage Most Vulnerable – DTN   7-19


Minnesota: Building a Soil, Water Conservation Project – Podcast   7-19


Minnesota: Soybean Aphids – 2 New Insecticides Available   7-19


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Foliar Fungicide Decisions for Late-Planted Crops   7-19


North Carolina Soybeans: Corn Earworms – Changes to Management Recommendations   7-17


Mississippi Corn: How to Safely Terminate Irrigation   7-17


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Flash Drought and Crop Stress Concerns   7-17


Missouri Soybeans: 6 Management Considerations When Planted as Cover Crop   7-17


Kentucky Soybeans: Foliar Fungicide Considerations   7-17


Illinois Corn: Tar Spot Found in Indiana – Don’t Panic   7-16


Cotton | Sorghum


Texas Sorghum: Researchers Developing Climate-Smart Crops   7-19


Tennessee Cotton: Crunch Time for Pest Management   7-19


South Carolina Cotton: Focus On Stink Bugs Now   7-19


Texas LRGV: Cotton Being Defoliated; Sesame Harvest Nears   7-19


Kentucky Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphids Make an Appearance   7-17


Texas Blacklands IPM: Bollworm Season Arrives; Watch for Stink Bugs   7-19


Mississippi Cotton: Spider Mite Management, Rainfastness of Insecticides – Podcast   7-17


Texas West Plains Cotton: All Quiet on the Insect Front   7-19


Virginia Cotton: Crop Moving into Sensitive Stage   7-17


Alabama Cotton: Blue Disease Present – Scout Closely, Submit Samples   7-17


North Carolina Cotton: 3 Approaches With 2019’s Variable Crop   7-16




Tennessee: UTIA and Blühen Botanicals Collaborate on Hemp Research   7-18


Kentucky Industrial Hemp: Southern Blight – What You Need to Know   7-17




Livestock: Dealing with Midwest Heat Wave – DTN   7-19


Hay Prices Rising – DTN   7-17


Livestock: How Will Corn Prices Affect Swine Finishing Feed Costs?   7-15


Pecans | Peanuts


Georgia Peanuts: Scout Fields for Lesser Cornstalk Borers, Spider Mites   7-19


Georgia: 5 Weed Considerations for Corn, Peanuts   7-17




Arkansas Rice: Sheath Blight Concern After Days of Heavy Rain   7-19


Mississippi Rice: Disease Identification, Fungicide Use – Podcast   7-17


Louisiana: Row Rice Production Gains Interest   7-15




Louisiana Sugarcane Poised for Good Harvest Despite Hurricane Barry   7-19




Tobacco: USDA Projects 5% Smaller Flue-Cured Crop   7-17




Kansas Wheat: Farmers Contending with Weeds Left After Harvest   7-19


Wheat: Got that Old Bearish Feeling Again – DTN   7-15


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