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Cotton – Southeast – Multiple Pests Demand Attention As July Starts – AgFax   7-3


Cotton – Midsouth – More Blooms, Pests And Growth – Welcome To July – AgFax   7-3


Cotton – Southwest – Finally Some Good News; Fleahopper Scouting – AgFax   7-3


Rice – More Midsouth Rice Heading – AgFax   7-3


Almonds – Hull Split Spraying Eases Into Gear In Lower SJV – AgFax Tree Crops   6-29




NASS June Grain Reports Were an Eye Opener – DTN   7-1


Hubbs on Grain: June Acreage Report Heightens Market Uncertainty   7-2


Farmer Sentiment Improves – Rise in Crop Prices; USDA Payments – Ag Barometer   7-5


Rice: U.S. Makes 1st Sale to China   7-3


Prevent Plant as Land Diversion Policy   7-1


Shurley on Cotton: 2019 Acreage, Production Will Remain a Mystery   7-1


Glyphosate Safety – Questions, Concerns About Cancer Risk – Podcast   7-5


USDA Crop Progress: Corn, Soy Conditions Hold Steady – DTN   7-2


Ethanol Plants – Tough Road Ahead, says CoBank Report – DTN   7-5


Cover Crops Make a Comeback with Increased Yields – Commentary   7-3


Oil State Republicans Tell Trump to Keep Purdue Out of RFS Decisions – DTN   7-2


USDA Lending Rates Decline from June   7-1


Midwest Farmland Values Firm Up – DTN   7-1




Drought Monitor Weekly: Dry Areas Get a Mixed Bag for Rains   7-5


NOAA Monthly Drought Outlook – July   7-2


Wisconsin: Irrigated Farming in Central Sands Cools Region’s Climate   7-5


North Dakota: Grant County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Drought   7-3


Tennessee: 31 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Prolonged Flood   7-3


Ohio: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Floods   7-3


Alabama: Dale County Designated Natural Disaster Area from Michael   7-3


Michigan: 5 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Storms   7-3


Missouri: 5 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Flood   7-3




California Almond: USDA Forecasts 2019 Crop Down 3.5%   7-3


California Almonds: How Can Cover Crops Help?   7-2




Corn Market Volatility: The Fireworks Show is On – DTN   7-5


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   7-5


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   7-5


World Rough Rice Prices Lower   7-5


Moving Grain: Barge Logistics Improve, Mississippi River Recedes   7-5


Ethanol Outlook Weak Amid Sluggish Demand   7-2


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   7-2


Soybean Trade: Interdependence of China, U.S., Brazil – ERS   7-1




Texas Webinar: Ag Pesticide Laws, Regulations Review – July 11   7-5




Wheat and Peanuts: Scientists Focus on Food Allergies – DTN   7-5


Fuel Report: Gasoline Prices Jump Higher   7-3


Cotton: USDA, Texas Tech to Build On-Campus Classing Facility   7-2


Bayer AG Stock Jumped on News of Plan to Deal with Glyphosate Lawsuits   7-1




Tennessee: Abundance of Stink Bugs in Cotton, Soybeans; Expect Rise in Kudzu Bugs   7-5


Corn | Soybeans


Nebraska: Soybean Gall Midge Management Window Changing   7-5


Nebraska Corn, Soybeans: Japanese Beetles Emerging, Scout Your Fields   7-5


Tennessee Corn: Relatively Low Disease Levels Present   7-5


Nebraska Corn: Bacterial Leaf Streak – Everything You Need to Know   7-3


Ohio Corn: What to Do About Nitrogen Fertilizer This Year?   7-5


Nebraska Corn, Soybeans: Mid-Season Diseases to Watch for – Podcast   7-3


Minnesota: Late Planting and Fertility Concerns – Podcast   7-3


Kansas Corn: Disease Threat Currently Low   7-3


Northern Illinois Crop, Prevent Plant Budgets for July   7-3


Minnesota: Early Summer Crop Scouting Recommendations – Podcast   7-2


Indiana Corn: “Rootless” or “Floppy” Corn Syndrome   7-2


Minnesota Corn, Soybeans : Micronutrients – Small but Mighty – Video   7-2


Illinois Corn: Early Common Rust – Is It a Concern?   7-1


Cotton | Sorghum


Texas Cotton: Acreage Down, Crop Potential Uncertain   7-5


Georgia Cotton: PGRs – What Do They Do, When Should You Use Them?   7-3


Texas Mid-Coast Sorghum: Headworms, Stink Bugs, and Sugarcane Aphids   7-5


Tennessee Cotton: And Away We Go – Controlling Plant Growth in 2019   7-5


Virginia Cotton: The Value of Scouting for Plant Bugs   7-5


Texas: Cotton Blue Disease Not Found in State, So Far   7-5


Alabama Cotton: Expect a Challenging Month for Insect Pests   7-5


Virginia Cotton: Pix Applications – When to Pull the Trigger   


Georgia: Cotton Aphid Management- We Need the Fungus!   7-3


Georgia Cotton: 1st Bloom is Here; Protect Your Crop, Maximize Yields   7-3


Georgia Cotton: Dicamba – Approved Directed and Hooded Applications   7-3


Industrial Hemp


South Carolina Industrial Hemp: Pesticide List Approved   7-5




Arkansas Rice: Managing Kernel, False Smut with Fungicides   7-5


Arkansas Rice: Judging Growth Stages For Midseason, Fungicide Timing – Video   7-5


Arkansas Rice: Acreage Estimates Still Out Of Sync With Reality   6-30


Arkansas Rice: Overviews On Fertility, Diseases Going Into July   6-30




Tobacco: Harvest Begins in Deep South   7-5




Winter Wheat: Plenty of Stress From Planting to Harvest – DTN   7-5


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