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Cotton – Midsouth – Insects Prompting More Decisions – AgFax   6-27


Cotton – Southeast – Shaping Up To Be “A Plant Bug Year”? – AgFax   6-27


Cotton – Southwest – Bollworms and Bt | Crop Slow to Develop – AgFax   6-26


Rice Crop Progresses — With Complications – AgFax   6-28


Almonds – Hull Split Approaches, Timing Is An Open Question – AgFax Tree Crops   6-22




Soybean Plywood? Yes, It’s a Thing.   6-28




Plant, Replant, No Plant – Just When You Thought it Couldn’t Get Worse – DTN   6-28


Dicamba: Multiple States Extend Spray Deadlines; Pigweed Resistance Showing Up   6-28


DTN Fertilizer Trends: Prices Calm Despite River Transport Issues   6-27


NASS Crop Acreage: Corn Up Despite Weather; Soy, Cotton, Wheat All Down  6-28


Hubbs on Grain: Soybean Acreage Report Will Set Price Expectations   6-24


Midwest Planting – Weather Persevered but So Did Farmers – DTN   6-25


Cleveland on Cotton: Don’t Panic.   6-28


Soybeans: Researchers Work to Develop Drought-Tolerance   6-27


Cover Crops and Prevent Planting – What You Need to Know   6-26


Rice Market: All Eyes on Crop Condition, Gulf Harvest a Month Away   6-27


CoBank – Trade Talks, Record Rains Upend Agriculture   6-28


Fertilizer Recommendation Technology: What Is Success?   6-24




Drought Monitor Weekly: Wet Conditions Continue   6-27


Ohio Weather: Expect Wetness to Continue Through July   6-25


NOAA Weather: Cool, Wet Trend Forecast in Midwest, High Plains – DTN   6-24




Postemergence Herbicides – 8 Points to Success   6-26


Tennessee: Reports of Sketchy Pigweed Control with Engenia, XtendiMax   6-26




Tree Crops: July Events Focus On Early Problem Detection Technology   6-27


California Almonds: Irrigation Tips Through Summer   6-24


Almonds: After Wet Spring, Alternaria And Rust Are Possibilities   6-21




Rough Rice Stocks Soar, Milled Stocks Decline – USDA   6-28


Soybean Stocks Up Nearly 50%, Corn, Wheat Down Slightly – USDA   6-28


Corn: Supply Concerns Impacting Corn, Trade Worries Persist   6-28


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   6-28


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   6-28


Moving Grain: Barge Traffic Resumes on Upper Mississippi   6-27


Peanut Stocks: Utilization Down 1%; 3.1Bln Pounds in Storage   6-27


World Rough Rice Prices Double Digits Higher   6-26


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   6-25


DDG Weekly: Steady to Higher Prices – DTN   6-25


Thompson On Cotton: It’s Still About Demand   6-24


Cleveland on Cotton: Market 101 – Demand is Always the Driver   6-22




Webinar: Corn and Soybean Outlook, July 2   6-26




Livestock: Pork Group Wants Gene-Editing Moved to USDA Oversight – DTN   6-28


Fuel Report: Slide Lower Continues   6-26




Farm Biosecurity: Don’t Spread Pathogens When Walking Fields   6-28


Mississippi Cotton, Soybeans: Early-Mid Season Insect Issues – Podcast   6-28


Arkansas Cotton, Soybeans Up for Recount Following Acreage Report   6-28


Florida: Nitrogen – Getting the Most Out of Your Investment   6-24


Corn | Soybeans


Corn Belt: Wet Weather Derails N Applications – DTN   6-28


Pennsylvania Soybeans: Early-Season Stand Assessment   6-28


Pennsylvania Soybeans: What Factors Influence White Mold?   6-28


Georgia Corn: Watch for Southern Rust; Management Tips for Late Planted Crops   6-28


Michigan Soybeans: Options for Handling Treated Seed   6-27


Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Managing Hail Damaged Crops   6-27


Illinois Corn: Calculating Fungicide Net Returns   6-27


Soybeans: Just How Late is the 2019 Crop?   6-27


Ohio Corn: A Crop of Many Colors – What’s the Cause?   6-26


Ohio Corn: Is Your Crop Leaning?   6-26


Pennsylvania Corn: Early-Season Considerations for Foliar Fungicides   6-26


Pennsylvania Corn, Soybeans: Midseason Weed Control Issues   6-26


Minnesota: Soybean Gall Midge Make It Through Winter   6-26


Georgia Corn: Southern Corn Rust Turning Up – Decisions, Options   6-26


Michigan: Corn, Soybeans as Cover Crops Following Prevented Planting   6-25


Minnesota: Late Planting and Seed Corn Maggot   6-25


Ohio Soybeans: How to Differentiate Flooding Injury, Root Rots in 2019   6-25


Ohio Soybeans: How Will Wet Weather Affect Stands?   6-25


Soybeans: Keep Scouting for Insects – Especially This Year – DTN   6-25


Indiana Corn: Effects of Flooding, Ponding Prior to Tasseling   6-24


Corn, Soybean Production – Persistent Adverse Conditions Disrupt Outlook   6-24


Iowa: Soybean Cyst Nematodes – Have Our Sorrows Been Drowned?   6-24


Illinois Corn: Tar Spot – Conditions Unfavorable for Development   6-24


Iowa Corn: Predicting Tar Spot Risk for 2019   6-24


Cotton | Sorghum


Tennessee: Insects Are Quiet, Some Plant Bugs in Cotton   6-28


Virginia Cotton: Plant Bugs – Don’t Make Unnecessary Sprays   6-28


Texas West Plains IPM Update: Fleahoppers are Main Concern   6-28


South Carolina Cotton: First, Let’s Talk About Aphids   6-28


Georgia Cotton, Peanuts: Making PGR Decisions   6-28


Georgia Cotton: Variety Selection – Sometimes We Need Compromise   6-28


Texas Blacklands IPM: Fleahoppers in Cotton; Rootworm Beetles, Spider Mites in Corn   6-27


Virginia Cotton: Crop Looks Good, Some Fertility Issues   6-26


Texas Plains Cotton: Surviving Fields 10 Days Behind   6-26


Texas Upper Coast Cotton: Attention Shifts to Stink Bugs, Bollworms   6-26


North Carolina Cotton: Plant Bug Scouting, Thresholds Change with Bloom   6-25


Alabama Cotton: Plant Bugs Demand Attention — Now   6-25




2019 Flooding and Livestock Rescues, More Rain Predicted – DTN   6-25


Peanuts | Pecans


Florida Peanuts: Early Season Disease Observations   6-28


Georgia Peanuts: Cutworms Appearing in Abundance   6-28




Rice Acres Down 6% from 2018 – NASS   6-28


Arkansas Rice: Maximizing Fungicide Applications   6-25


Arkansas Rice: Sedge-pocalypse – Identification and Management   6-24


Arkansas Rice: Sheath Blight and Potassium Deficiencies   6-24


Arkansas Rice: Making Midseason Fertilizer Applications   6-24


Sweet Potatoes


Mississippi Sweet Potato: Layby Considerations, Weed and Pest Control – Podcast   6-28




Indiana Wheat: Fusarium Head Blight – Things to Consider When Harvesting   6-28


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