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Cotton – Midsouth – On The Verge Of Plant Bugs – AgFax   6-12


Cotton – Southeast – More Plant Bugs In More Places – Scouting? – AgFax   6-12


Southwest Cotton Crop – More Complications, More Decisions – AgFax   6-12


Rice – More Going To Flood, A Few Heads Showing – AgFax   6-14


Almonds – The Heat Is On, 2019’s Rollercoaster Ride Continues – AgFax Tree Crops   6-8




Texas Corn Breeder Looking to Build a Better Bourbon   6-13




USDA Payment Details: MFP Won’t Help if You Can’t Plant and There’s More – DTN   6-12


Drought Monitor Weekly: 2019 Had 2nd Wettest May on Record   6-14


Corn: Higher Prices to Come? Maybe. More Rain? Definitely – DTN   6-14


Dossett on Rice: Market Bounce Back   6-13


DTN Fertilizer Outlook: Weak to Firm Prices – DTN   6-14


Kansas City Wins – USDA Will Relocate ERS and NIFA – $300Mln Savings   6-13


Cleveland on Cotton: Bearish Hints from WASDE Cotton Report   6-14


Ethanol: Petroleum Interests Sue EPA on E15 Rule – DTN   6-13


Corn Prices: Beware of High Expectations – DTN   6-10


DTN Fertilizer Outlook: Weak to Firm Prices – DTN   6-14


Farm Equipment Sales Stabilize in U.S., Sharp Declines in Canada   6-12


Hubbs on Grain: U.S. Corn, Soybean Yield Prospects   6-14


Prevented Planted Acres and Tariff Aid/MFP – 10 Q&A from USDA   6-12


Ag Trade: Positive News with Mexico Amid Awful Spring Planting   6-11


Prevented Planning and Potential Legal Issues – Commentary   6-14




Minnesota: Palmer Pigweed in Manure – What Can You Do?   6-14


Waterhemp Found Resistant to Another Class of Herbicides   6-14


Tennessee: Management Options for Grass Weeds – Podcast   6-14


Dicamba: High Temperatures Plus Glyphosate Increase Chances of Volatility   6-13


Dicamba Injury: Micro-Rates Can Affect Soybean Yields at Least 5% – Video   6-12




Sac Valley Almonds: Hull Rot Bad In 2018, What Now?   6-10


Almond Genome Reveals How Edible, Sweet Almonds Arose   6-14




Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   6-14


Wheat Market: U.S. Exports End Marketing Year Close to USDA Estimate   6-14


Rice Market: Fundamentals Strengthen, Prices Slow to Respond   6-13


Moving Grain: River Flood Levels Slowly Receding; Rail Service Recoveries   6-13


Extra Long Staple Cotton Competitive Payment Rate Is Zero   6-13


Ag Trade: USMCA Approval “Vital” Amid Ongoing Trade Issues   6-13


Global Rough Rice Prices Unchanged   6-12


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   6-11




Global Markets: Oilseeds – Consumption Grows Despite Slowing Trade, Production   6-12


Global Markets: Corn – Ethanol and DDGS Buoy U.S. Performance   6-12


Global Markets: Wheat – Southeast Asia Projected as Leading Import Region   6-12


Global Markets: Rice – Chinese Imports Decline as Exports Soar   6-12


Global Markets: Cotton – Good Start to China State Reserve Sales   6-12


WASDE Cotton: U.S. Upland Farm Price Reduced   6-11


WASDE Oilseeds: Higher U.S. Soybean Beginning, Ending Stocks   6-11


WASDE Rice: Reduced Domestic Production, Usage, Stocks   6-11


WASDE Coarse Grains: Sharply Lower U.S. Corn Production   6-11


WASDE Wheat: Lower U.S. Beginning Stocks, Improved Production   6-11




Alabama Farmer Elected to Lead Farm Foundation Board   6-14


LSU AgCenter Receives $1.4Mln for Nutrient Runoff Research   6-13


U.S. Propane Stocks Rise – DTN   6-13


World Food Prize Laureate Awarded for Seed Development – DTN   6-13


Fuel Report: Diesel, Gas Price Decline Continues   6-12




Arkansas: Crop Pest Influx Complicates Difficult Growing Season   6-14


Corn | Soybeans


Minnesota: Weed Management Under Delayed Planting Conditions – Podcast   6-14


Pennsylvania Soybeans: Post Herbicide Options, Application Restrictions   6-14


Missouri Soybeans: Make the Most from Late Planted Crops   6-14


Ohio Corn: What Can We Expect from Ponding, Saturated Soils?   6-14


Missouri: Flooding Unlikely to Affect Japanese Beetle Populations   6-14


Corn, Soybean Fields: A Wet Mess for Farmers is Paradise for Insects – DTN   6-14


Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Late Planting, Fertility Concerns – Podcast   6-13


Midwest Corn, Soybeans: Prevent Plant Decisions in Early-Mid June   6-13


Midwest Corn: How Far Behind Are We? A Deeper Historical Look.   6-13


Missouri Soybeans: How Will Slow Planting Impact Yields   6-12


Minnesota Corn: 6 Takeaways on Pre-Sidedress Nitrate Test – Video   6-11


Iowa Corn: UAN and Herbicide Applications on Emerged Crops   6-11


Iowa Corn: 5 Considerations Before Applying Fungicides at V5   6-10


Midwest Soybeans: How Will Late Planting Affect 2019 Yields?   6-10


Iowa Corn: N Fertilization Options with Delayed, Rescue Applications   6-10


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Scouting for Early Season Pests After Late Start   6-10 


Cotton | Sorghum


Texas: 2019 Alternative Crop Replanting Guide Available Online   6-14


Texas West Plains IPM: Give Your Cotton Plants a Little Time   6-14


Tennessee Cotton: Managing Early Season Plant Bugs   6-14


Mississippi Cotton: Threecornered Alfalfa Hoppers Damaging Young Crops   6-14


Mississippi Cotton: Assessing Adult Plant Bug Control   6-14


Alabama Cotton: What to Know About Blue Disease – Video   6-14


Virginia Cotton: Scouting, Spraying for Plant Bugs Pre-Bloom   6-14


Virginia Cotton: Crop Looks Good, Developing Faster Than Normal   6-11


Texas Cotton: IDing Early-Season Stand Loss, Seedling Diseases   6-11




Forage Emergency: Groups Push to Plant, Harvest on Prevented Acres – DTN   6-12


Peanuts | Pecans


Arkansas Peanuts: Big Acreage Jump Banks on New In-State Buying Points   6-14


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   6-14


Alabama Peanuts: Moth Activity Shoots Up   6-14


South Carolina Peanuts: Be on Lookout for Diseases   6-13


Texas Peanuts: Mid- to Late-Season Weed Control Options   6-11


Peanut Industry Votes to Continue Research, Promotion Program   6-10




Arkansas Rice: Moisture Fuels a Blast Epidemic – Be Ready to Scout   6-14


Arkansas Rice: Start Scouting for Hydrogen Sulfide Toxicity   6-14


Arkansas Rice: Preflood Nitrogen Considerations   6-14


Louisiana Rice: Economist Sees Favorable Price Outlook   6-14


Mississippi Rice: Looking at Challenges for 2019, U.S. Industry – Podcast   6-14


Texas Rice: Leaf Blast Alert   6-14


Mississippi Rice: Wet Spring Weather Delays Planting   6-12


Arkansas Rice: Conditions Favor Rice Water Weevils   6-8


Arkansas Rice: With The Rain, Planting Ends – Now What?   6-8




Wheat: Kansas Researchers Look to Beat the Heat for High Yields   6-14


Nebraska Wheat: Disease Pressure on the Rise   6-12


Wheat: 20-Year Study Nets Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight   6-12


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