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Cotton – Midsouth – Hoping For Rain (But Not A Flood) – AgFax   6-6


Cotton – Southeast – Plenty Is Riding On If It Rains And How Much – AgFax   6-6


Cotton – Southwest – Crop in All Stages | Pigweed Has Arrived – AgFax   6-5


Rice – Rain Brings An End To Planting (Maybe) – AgFax   6-6


Almonds – Plenty Of Caution (And Fungicides) After All The Rain – AgFax Tree Crops   6-1




Farming – That Old Married Couple – Video   6-6




U.S. Corn Acres: One-Third Still Unplanted – DTN   6-7


Mystery: Genetically Engineered Wheat Discovered in U.S. Field   6-7


Corn Acres Planted: ‘Rain Washed the Chalkboard Clean” – Bull Market Factors? – DTN   6-3


Hubbs on Grain: Soybeans Face More Acres, Weak Demand   6-3


Cleveland on Cotton: Curve Balls Just Keep on Coming   6-7


Upper Mississippi River: Most Locks Closed, No Relief in Sight – DTN   6-5


Mexico Tariff – Largest Market for U.S. Rice Threatened by Trump Move   6-6


Disaster Aid Package: Confusion Over Who and What is Covered – DTN   6-7


Plant 2019: Racing the Rain – Acres to Go Before Sleeping – DTN   6-7


Dossett on Rice: Looking for Dips in a Weather Disaster   6-6


Trade Aid: Farmers Look for Answers on Program Details   6-4


Texas Cotton: Remember the 15-Day ‘Replant Rule’ for Insurance Decisions   6-7


Farmer Sentiment Collapsing, Financial Conditions Continue Decline – Ag Barometer   6-4


Ag Trade: Farmers Unsettled by Tariff Threats; USDA Projects Lower Exports   6-4




Drought Monitor Weekly: Southeast Dries Out, More Flooding in Midwest   6-7


NOAA Monthly Drought Outlook – June   6-5


NASA’s Temperature Estimate of Earth Heating Up is on Target   6-6


Farmers Face Difficult Decisions as Spring Planting Lumbers On   6-3


After Unprecedented Spring, Planting Decisions Unfold for Corn Belt Farmers   6-7


Colorado: 28 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Drought   6-7




California Walnuts: Mesophyll Collapse – Cause, Effects   6-7


California Tree Crops: Sacramento Valley Meetings – When, Where   6-1




Dicamba Battle Lines Drawn – States Agencies Overworked – DTN   6-5


Nebraska Corn, Soybeans: Resistant Marestail – Post-Emergence Control Options   6-4


Tackling Tough Weeds with Cover Crops – Video   6-7


Minnesota: Weed Control in Late Planted Crops   6-6


Missouri: 5 Weed Management Issues from Flooding, Wet Conditions   6-6


Arkansas: Weed Challenges During ‘Crazy’ Growing Season   6-3




Moving Grains: Barge, Rail Traffic Face Continuing Flood Problems   6-6


World Rough Rice Prices Drop   6-7


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   6-7


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   6-7


Thompson on Cotton: A Bounce With A Weak Starting Point   6-6


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   6-4


USDA Lending Rates Unchanged from May   6-3


U.S. Ag Exports Forecast at $137Bln, Imports at $129Bln   6-3




Family Farm: Why are Bad Relationships Tolerated? – DTN   6-2


Farm Business: Generation Z is Smart, Ready to Work and Learn – DTN   6-3


EPA Rules: Farms Exempt From Emissions Reporting – DTN   6-6




Arkansas: U of A Launches Mobile-Friendly Pesticide Database   6-3


Alabama: SmartMap Apps Help with Drone Aerial Imaging   6-7


RiceTec Receives Canadian Approvals for FullPage   6-7


Fuel Report: Diesel, Gas Prices Continue Lower   6-5


Syngenta Introduces New Seed Treatment Fungicide, Vayantis   6-3


Outdoors: Pond Maintenance Boosts Performance, Prevents Catastrophes   6-3


Timber Management: 3 Major Differences Between Hardwood and Pine   6-3




Corn | Soybeans


Soybeans: Making June Planted Beans Thrive, 5 Key Points – DTN   6-3


Indiana Corn, Soybeans: Delayed Planting Considerations – Videos   6-7


Mississippi Corn: Do Top-Dress Timing, Short Plants Affect Yields? – Podcast   6-7


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Very Late Planting – 11 Issues Facing Growers   6-3


Minnesota: Soybean Gall Midge – What Have We Learned of This Pest?   6-7


Louisiana Corn: Wet Spring Conducive to Potassium Deficiency   6-3


Michigan: Late Planted Corn – Should You Change Seeding Rates?   6-6


Nebraska Soybeans: How Will Flooding Affect Early-Season Crops?   6-4


Pennsylvania: Crop Insurance – Prevented Planting Coverage for Field Crops   6-6


Pennsylvania Corn: Is It Time to Switch Hybrid Maturities?   6-6


Midwest Corn: Late Planting – How Late Should You Go?   6-6


Kentucky Corn: Sugarcane Beetles Feeding on Seedlings   6-6


Michigan Corn: To Plant, or Not to Plant? That’s a Good Question.   6-6


Louisiana: Early-Season Soybeans’ Response to Flooding   6-3


Iowa Corn: Tool Helps Estimate Nitrogen Needs   6-5


Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Nutrient Issues Going into Summer – Podcast   6-5


North Carolina Corn: Scout Before Spraying Stink Bugs   6-4


Minnesota Corn: Interseeding Cover Crops to Improve Soil Health   6-4


Georgia Corn, Pecans: Irrigation and Soil Moisture Sensors   6-4


Michigan Corn: Improve Fertilizer Efficiency with Crop Sensors   6-3


Mississippi Corn: Tassel Stage – Everything You Need to Know – Podcast   6-3


Minnesota: Black Cutworm and Early Season Weed Issues – Podcast   6-3


Cotton | Sorghum


North Carolina Cotton: Insecticide Recommendations for Tarnished Plant Bug   6-7


Texas South Plains Cotton: Alternative Crop Options After Failed Planting   6-7


Texas North Plains: “Cotton and Conservation” Videos Highlight BMPs   6-7


South Carolina Cotton: Still Making Thrips Decisions   6-7


Tennessee Cotton: Management Tips for Thrips, Tarnished Plant Bugs – Podcast   6-7


North Carolina Cotton: Detect And Deal With Crusting Now   6-1


Texas LRGV Crops: Cotton Blooming, Tarnished Plant Bugs on the Move   6-7


Cotton Harvest By Robots – A Fit For Smaller Alternatives?   6-6


Georgia Cotton: Controlling Weeds In Hot, Dry Conditions   6-5


North Carolina Cotton: Making Replanting Decisions – Quickly, Carefully   6-1


Alabama Cotton: Dry Spring Causes Management Difficulties   6-5


Virginia Cotton: Rain Gave 90% Coverage, More at End of Week   6-4


North Carolina Cotton: Late Planting – Results Hinge On Early Retention   6-1


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Peanuts: Ideal Conditions for Lesser Cornstalk Borer   6-7


Midsouth Peanuts: Preventative Fungicide Spray Warning for Growers   6-7


Georgia Pecans: Spray for Scab ASAP   6-4


Georgia Pecans: Beneficial Insects in Orchards   6-4




Arkansas Rice: When To Stop Planting And What To Do After That   6-1


Louisiana Rice: Flash Flood Warning; Watch for Green Stink Bugs   6-5


Arkansas Rice: Management Considerations for Late Planted Crops   6-4


Louisiana Rice: Crop Looks Promising Despite Tough Start   6-3




Tobacco: Growers Topping in Florida, Still Planting in Kentucky, Tennessee   6-7


Georgia Tobacco: Dry Weather Helps Fight Black Shank Disease   6-5


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