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Rice – Better Planting Weather – The Last Big Push Starts In Midsouth – AgFax   5-23


Cotton – Midsouth – Better Planting Ahead…Dare We Hope? – AgFax   5-22


Cotton – Southeast – Planting Stalls In More Areas As Soils Go Dry – AgFax   5-22


Southwest Cotton 5-22 More Planting. More Storms. – AgFax   5-22


Rice – Better Planting Weather – Last Big Push Starts In Midsouth – AgFax   5-23


California Almonds: Plenty Of Rain, Plenting Of Rethinking? – AgFax Tree Crops   5-18




Deere & Co. – Ag Economy Pushes Stock into Bear Territory   5-20


Farm Bill Draft, 2020: $1.802Bln for Farm Programs – $32.1Mln More than 2019   5-23


Cleveland on Cotton: U.S. Textile Supply Chain Leaving China   5-24


Organic Grain Fraud Scheme – 5th Farmer Pleads Guilty   5-20


St. Louis Harbor Reopens While Flood Misery Continues in Lower Miss. River – DTN   5-21


U.S. Cropland Appreciated Faster than Pastureland Post-Recession   5-24


Farmers Pushed by Weather and Market: Tale of Woe is Wide, Deep – DTN   5-20


Ag Export Growth is No Guarantee of Profits – Here’s Why – Commentary   5-22


Hubbs on Grain: Time to Price 2019 Soybeans?   5-22


Indiana Farm Bureau Survey – Trade Situation Is Jeopardizing Farmers   5-22


Senate Ag Hearing – Farmers Offer Answers to Climate Change – DTN   5-22


Glyphosate Suits: Not So Much What The Science Says But What Jurors Think It Says   5-22


Midwest Corn: Price Increases, PLC Payments, and Prevented Planting   5-22




Trade Aid: Will the Formula Be Based on Historical Production? – DTN   5-21


Trade Aid: Pres. Trump Allocates $16Bln to Farmers   5-24


Trade Aid Details Released – “A Little Band-Aid for a Big Problem”   5-24




Arkansas: Dicamba – May 25 Is Cutoff for Spray Applications   5-24


Dicamba: Tennessee Department of Agriculture Will Soon Begin Spray Visits – Podcast   5-23


Minnesota Soybeans: Herbicides – Get to Know Your Sites of Action   5-22




USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   5-24


Midwest Corn: How Will Late Planting Affect Acreage, Yield, Marketing?   5-24


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   5-24


Peanuts Included in New Tariff Mitigation Plan   5-24


Rice: U.S. Market Getting More Complicated by the Day   5-24


Corn: U.S.-China Trade Conflict Pulled Prices 20 Cents Lower   5-23


Rice: Lower U.S. Tariffs Have Ripple Effect, Turkey Reciprocates   5-23


Moving Grain: Barge Shipments Remain Low; Upbound Fertilizer Movements Increase   5-23


Rice Deemed Eligible Commodity for Trade Aid Payments   5-23


Ag Trade: Tariffs Leading to ‘Point of No Return’   5-23


World Rough Rice Prices Jump Higher   5-22


Milled Rice: Mexico Diversifies Imports – Uruguay Ahead of U.S.   5-22


Ag Trade: African Swine Fever Continues to Disrupt Markets   5-21


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   5-21


Cattle Trader Alleges Packer Conspiracy – DTN   5-21


Ag Trade: Some Good News, More Problems Remain   5-20


Corn: Trade Over Aid – “A Penny Won’t Cut It” with Ongoing Chinese Dispute   5-20




Drought Monitor Weekly: Southeast Dry; More Rains, Floods Elsewhere   5-24


Georgia Weather: Upcoming a Heatwave a Concern for Cotton   5-24  




California Pistachios: Points To Remember Going Into Summer   5-24


Almonds Included in 2nd Trade Assistance Program   5-23




Nebraska: Rubber-Producing Dandelions? Might Be the Next Big Crop.   5-22


Fuel Report: Diesel Over a Dime Lower Than Last Year   5-22




Louisiana Crawfish: 6 Tips for Stocking Rice Fields   5-24


Mississippi: Managing Slugs in Row Crops – Podcast   5-23


Corn Acres Lead Crops Using GPS Guidance Systems   5-23


South Carolina: Cover Crops Increase Soil Moisture as Much as 10%   5-23


Tennessee: Corn, Cotton Producers’ Prevented Planting Decision   5-21


Corn | Soybeans


North Carolina Soybeans: Early-Season Leaf Puckering, Deformation, Damage   5-24


Midwest Corn: Injury, Disease, Pest – Do You Need to Replant? – DTN   5-24


Kansas Corn, Soybeans: Spring Weather Creates Challenges   5-23


Iowa Corn: Late-Spring Soil Nitrate Test Use in 2019   5-23


Iowa Soybeans: Evaluating Stands, Making Replant Decisions   5-23


Mississippi Soybeans: Replant Considerations – Podcast   5-23


Minnesota Soybeans: Planting Delayed Again – What’s a Farmer to Do?   5-22


Minnesota: Corn Planting and the Cool, Wet Spring – Podcast   5-21


Illinois Corn: 6 Weed Management Reminders in a Wet Spring   5-20


Mississippi Soybeans: Making Replant Decisions   5-20


Corn: Germination – Identifying Emergence Issues   5-20


Cotton | Sorghum


Tennessee Cotton: 7 Days Left in May – Plant/Replant Considerations   5-24


Oklahoma Cotton: Extreme Weather – Hopefully it’s Behind Us   5-24


Georgia Cotton: Dusting in Seed in Dry Conditions   5-23


Alabama Cotton: How Should We Think About PGRs? – Video   5-22


Alabama Sorghum: Be on Lookout for Sugarcane Aphids   5-22


Alabama Cotton: High Thrips Pressure in Northern Counties   5-22


Texas High Plains Cotton: Time to Scout for Thrips, Wireworms   5-22


Cotton: Studies Find No Yield Benefit to Higher Plant Populations   5-21


North Carolina Cotton: Increasing Thrips Damage. Is It Resistance?   5-20


North Carolina Cotton: Planting Temps Good, Soil Moisture Concerns   5-20


Texas Blacklands IPM: Sugarcane Aphid Thresholds   5-20


Industrial Hemp


Alabama: Growing Industrial Hemp – 8 Points You Absolutely Need to Know   5-22




Beef Checkoffs Unconstitutional Says Cattle Group – DTN   5-24


African Swine Fever – How Are We Keeping It Out of the U.S.? – DTN   5-22


Nebraska: Flooded Pastures – Improve Grazing with Fencing, Water Systems   5-22


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Pecans: No Need to Increase Irrigation in High Heat   5-23


Georgia Peanuts: Should You Apply Gramoxone in Dry Weather?   5-23


Georgia Peanuts: Why the Higher Acephate Rate for Thrips?   5-22




Louisiana Rice: New Provisia Variety Approved for Release   5-24


Arkansas Rice: 3 Hot Points This Week – Worms, Disease, Drift   5-18


Arkansas Rice: Planting Progress And The Need To Flood…Now   5-18




Tobacco: 90 Degree Heat Threatens Georgia-Florida Crops   5-21


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