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Rice – Rain, Delays And Complications Stack Up In Push To Finish Planting – AgFax Rice   5-16


Cotton – Midsouth – Shortening Maturity In A Late Crop? See Simple Tip From Darrin Dodds – AgFax Midsouth Cotton   5-15


Cotton – Southeast – In Places, It’s The Season That Wont Start – AgFax Southeast Cotton   5-15


Cotton - Southwest - Sunshine! It’s Pedal to the Metal Time - AgFax 5-15


Dicamba – Using It This Year? “Must Reads” On pH, Timing, Tank Mixing – AgFax Weed Solutions   5-13


AgFax Tree Crops – Almond Nut-Fill Continues, Heavy “Monsoon” Rains Fall In Places   5-11


Quote of the Week


"Everyone is tired of waiting and we're all like a bunch of penned-up bird dogs that are ready to bust loose." 

Hank Jones, C&J Ag Consulting, Pioneer, Louisiana




Bayer Loses Again – Third Glyphosate Trial, Stock Declines – DTN   5-15


Mississippi Delta: Longest Stretch of Floodwater Since 1927 – 223,700 Crop Acres – Video   5-17


Bt Resistant Corn Borer on the Rise, Single Trait Hybrids at Risk – DTN   5-17


Trade Aid: $15 Billion More for Farmers? – DTN   5-15


Wild Pigs Invade Canadian Provinces   5-13


Corn Price Decline: It’s Not About Trade. Here’s the Real Answer. – DTN   5-14


Prevented Planting — It’s “A Different Game,” Unfortunately – DTN   5-13


Cleveland on Cotton: Digging Deep for Some Good News   5-17


2020 Political Rhetoric and 5 Years of Falling Crop Prices – Commentary   5-15


Midwest Grain: Low Soy Prices Pushing More Acres to Corn – DTN   5-16


Farm Business: How Are Your Buying and Marketing Skills?   5-14


Dossett on Rice: Iraq Flip Flop and Then There’s the Weather   5-17


Trade Aid: $15 Billion More for Farmers? – DTN   5-15


Midwest Farming: Sand Deposited by Floods – What are Your Options?   5-14


DTN Retail Fertilizer: Minnesota Gov. Waives Service Hours to Speed Up Delivery   5-16


USDA Reports Summary – Bearish is the Key Word – DTN   5-13


Hubbs on Grain: Reconsidering USDA’s Corn Projections   5-13


Farmer Suicides – Risk Factors to Look For   5-16




University of California Issues Temporary Halt on Glyphosate Use   5-16


Midwest Weeds: Wet, Cold Weather Made for Woolly Fields – DTN   5-15


Iowa Weeds: For Whatever Reason, Calls Pick Up About Purslane Speedwell   5-15




Shurley on Cotton: Prices Tumble Through Support as Trade Uncertainties Mount   5-17


Ag Trade Aid, Part II: Will Soy, Corn and Wheat Formula be the Same?   5-17


EU Cancels 2013 US Anti-Ethanol Dumping Duty – DTN   5-17


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   5-17


Corn: How Does Production Compare Among Top 5 Exporters?   5-13


Rice Update: USDA Lowers World Market Price Estimate   5-16


Moving Grain: Upper MS River Improves, Lower River Water Levels Rise   5-16


Ag Trade: U.S.-China Dispute Escalates; Some Aid Details Emerge   5-16


Wheat: USDA Predicts Another Record World Crop   5-16


ELS Cotton Competitive Payment Rate Is Zero   5-16


Rice: Congress Rallies to Push for Iraqi Tender   5-15


Thompson On Cotton: Don’t Try To Catch A Falling Knife   5-15


World Rough Rice Prices Decline   5-15


DDG Price Drops $18 Per Ton Over 4 Past Weeks – DTN   5-14


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   5-14




California: The John F. Mahaney Co. Sold to All States Ag Parts   5-14


University of California Issues Temporary Halt on Glyphosate Use   5-16




Florida: Sales Tax Relief for Farmers Hurt by Michael   5-17


Florida: Governor Activates Disaster Bridge Loans for Farms Hit by Michael   5-17


NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – June, July, Aug.   5-16


Drought Monitor Weekly: Widespread Rains Across the South   5-16


Ohio Weather: Planting Windows Expected Next 2-3 Weeks   5-14




Fuel Report: Diesel, Gas Lower; Propane Stocks 20% Higher Than Average   5-15


Premier Crop Systems – “Start Managing at a Finer Scale”   5-15


Tullahoma Farmer Named Tennessee Farmer of the Year   5-14


Ag Equipment Sales In North America A Mixed Bag Last Month   5-13


Kansas Net Farm Income Climbs, but with a Big Catch   5-13  




Texas LRGV IPM: More Fleahoppers in Cotton; Sugarcane Aphids Take Off in Sorghum   5-17


Michigan: Preventing Sidewall Compaction in Wet Spring   5-17


Texas Blacklands: Wheat Heading Towards Finish; Saturated Soils Affecting Cotton, Corn   5-16


Mississippi: How Current Rainfall May Influence Crop Inputs – Podcast   5-15


Tennessee: 6 Pest Issues to Be on Lookout For   5-15


Corn | Soybeans


Indiana: Soil Compaction – The “Gift” That Keeps on Giving   5-17


Michigan Soybeans: Planting – Be Patient Yet Prudent About Wet Weather   5-17


Michigan Corn: Irrigation and Tar Spot – What Happened Last Year? Will It Happen Again?   5-17


Michigan Corn: Targeting N Management Strategies for Improved Efficacy   5-17


Canada: European Corn Borer Bt Resistance Confirmed   5-17


Florida Corn: Brittle Snap Damage   5-17


Ohio Corn: Will Planting Delays Require Switching Hybrid Maturities?   5-17


Indiana Corn: Planting Time – Fish or Cut Bait   5-17


Minnesota Corn: Key Factors for Evaluating Stand Establishment   5-16


Corn: Early Season Damage – The Growing Point Is What Matters   5-16


Illinois: How Will Late Planting Affect Crop Diseases?   5-16


Tennessee Corn: Maturity Cutoffs for Herbicides   5-15


Iowa: Black Cutworm Moth Counts Jump “Significantly” In Multiple Counties   5-15


Mississippi Corn: After Delays, Planting Plunges into Summer   5-15


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Seedcorn Maggots Present – What to Know   5-15


Iowa Soybeans: Late Planting Options   5-15


Minnesota: Agricultural Drainage and Nutrient Management – Podcast   5-15


Iowa Corn: Scouting for Black Cutworm in 2019   5-15


Louisiana Soybeans: Early Season Response to Flooding   5-15


Midwest Corn: Everything You Need to Know About Prevented Planting   5-15


Kentucky Corn: Stink Bugs Damaging Seedlings   5-15


Nebraska CropWatch: Corn Seedling Diseases – Podcast   5-14


Nebraska Corn: Replanting – 3 Items to Consider Before Jumping In   5-14


Nebraska: Delayed Corn Planting – Time To Switch Maturities?   5-14


Arkansas Corn: What to Expect From Late Planted Crops   5-14


Florida Corn: Twisted Whorl Syndrome   5-14


Indiana Corn: Assessing Frost, Cold Injury to Young Plants   5-13




Texas Plains Cotton: Hale County – 2018 Top U.S. Producer   5-17


Virginia Cotton: Transform Receives Section 18 Approval for Tarnished Plant Bugs   5-17


Cotton, Sorghum: Transform WG Gets Section 18 Emergency Use Exemptions   5-16


Texas Cotton: Planting and Soil Temperatures   5-16


Tennessee Cotton: Seed Quality and Replant Decisions – Podcast   5-16


Tennessee Cotton: Making the Replant Decision   5-16


Virginia Cotton: Thrips Dispersal and Foliar Sprays   5-16


Virginia Cotton: Orthene Time, Priorities with Approaching Dry Period   5-15


North Carolina Cotton: “Isolated” Seed Quality Issues Become Apparent   5-14


North Carolina Cotton: Planting Forecast Mostly Upbeat   5-14


Texas Upper Coast Cotton: Not Much Thrips Damage, Lots of Fleahoppers   5-14




Cargill Feed Recall in 9 States Due to High Aflatoxin Levels   5-14


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Pecans: Newly Planted Tree Issues   5-15




Arkansas Rice: Fungicide Seed Treatments – Pay Attention to Field History   5-17


Texas Rice: Invasive Snail Inflicts Levee Damage   5-17


Mississippi Rice: Impact of Rainfall on Insecticide Seed Treatments   5-15


Louisiana Rice: Fungicide Options Available for 2019   5-15


Louisiana Rice: Short Dry Period; Prevented Planting Info   5-15


Arkansas Rice: Managing “Out of Control” Spring Critical to ’19 Success – Horizon Ag   5-14


Rice Blast Study Sheds Light on How Disease Spreads   5-14




Australian Wheat: Research Accurately Predicts Yield Months Before Harvest   5-17


North Carolina Wheat: True Armyworms in Northeastern Fields – Time to Scout   5-15


Texas Wheat: Bacterial Streak and Black Chaff   5-13


Illinois Wheat: Fusarium Head Blight Risk Remains Elevated   5-13


Wheat: Decoded Durum Genome Opens Doors to Potential Improvements   5-16


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