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AgFax Rice: Rain Delays Stir Talk Of Prevented Planting   4-17


AgFax Tree Crops: Almonds – Plenty Of Wind, How Much Loss?   4-13




Farm Taxes and Vehicle Depreciation – What are the Rules? – DTN   4-18


Midwest Flood Debate: Funds for Levee Repair are No Sure Thing – DTN   4-18


Ag Economy: Farmland Values Steady; Potential for Declines Exist   4-16


Rural Broadband: $20Bln FCC Fund to Increase Access Plus 5G Expansion – DTN   4-16


Cleveland on Cotton: Weather and Trade – Hedging is Key   4-18


Property Taxes Rising: Up 21.3% in 2017 Compared to 2012 – DTN   4-17


Federal Reserve: Beige Book – Observations on the Ag Economy   4-18


U.S. Prospective Plantings: When is an Error Not a Mistake? – DTN   4-15


Hubbs on Grain: Corn Fundamentals Showing Weakness   4-15


Structurally Deficient Bridges: How Long to Fix All the Bad Ones? 80 Years – DTN   4-16




Palmer Amaranth: 5 Tips for Spotting Pigweed Seedlings- DTN   4-18


Arkansas: Dicamba – It’s Past April 15, Which Formulation Can I Spray?   4-17


Nebraska: Record Keeping: Pesticides, Herbicides, Fertilizer Applications   4-16


Nebraska: Invasive Scotch Thistle Weed has Staying Power   4-16




Wheat Market: Good Quality, Competitive Prices Spark U.S. Demand   4-18


Moving Grain: Flood Disruptions Continue; Ocean Freight Rates Low   4-18


Cotton: USDA Announces 2019 Loan Rate Differentials   4-16


World Rough Rice Prices Unchanged   4-17


Rice: Louisiana Legislature Addresses Market Pretenders   4-17


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   4-16


Livestock: African Swine Fever – Market Impacts Persist   4-15




Drought Monitor Weekly: Mostly Wet, Southwest Stays Dry   4-18


NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – May, June, July   4-18


Nebraska Flooding: Adjusting Pasture, Hay Ground Leases   4-16


Nebraska: Flood Damage and Prevented Planting   4-16


Nebraska Bomb Cyclone: A Personal Story of My Hometown – DTN   4-15


Iowa Floods: Available USDA Aid Options   4-15




California Tomatoes: Beet Curly Top Update – Some “Positives,” Weather Delays   4-15


Almond Board Makes Major Commitment To NOW Sterile-Release Research   4-13  




Webinar Recording Available: U.S. Rice Exports Free Trade – Fair Trade   4-16




Fuel Report: Diesel, Gas Prices Climb; Propane Stocks 22% Higher Than Average   4-17


Rice: Parboiling Method Reduces Inorganic Arsenic   4-17


Pennsylvania Industrial Hemp: 2019 Permit Deadline Set   4-15




Minnesota: 8 Steps for Safe Handling of Treated Seed   4-18


Watershed Monitoring: USDA Has $2Mln Available for Farmers in 6 States   4-18


Arkansas Corn: Stand Establishment Issues, Replant Considerations   4-17


Nebraska: Addressing Harvest Ruts and Erosion Gullies   4-16


Minnesota Alfalfa: Winterkill, Delayed Termination – Should I Consider Soybeans?   4-16


Cover Crop Planting Increased by 5 Million Acres  4-16


5 Tips for Designing On-Farm Field Trials   4-16


Worker Protection: 5 Steps to Ensure Proper Respirator Compliance   4-16


Corn | Soybeans


Texas Corn: New Lines Released for Use in Commercial Hybrids   4-18


Corn: Here We Go Again – How Long to Plant the U.S. Crop?   4-18


Illinois Soybeans: Highest Yields in Southern Regions   4-17


Minnesota Soybeans: Farmers Sampling for SCN Surprised by What They Find   4-17


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Grape Colaspis – A Pre-Season Primer   4-17


Corn, 2018: Exceptional Yields in Central Illinois, Eastern U.S.   4-16


Illinois Corn: Variable vs. Uniform Seeding Rates   4-17


Ohio Corn: Assessing the Value of Variable Seeding Rates   4-16


Ohio Soybeans: Effect of Relative Maturity on Grain Yield   4-16


Indiana Corn: The Planting Date Conundrum   4-15


Illinois Soybeans: Another Look at Planting Dates   4-15




Alabama Cotton: Dealing with Target Spot, Areolate Mildew Damage   4-16


Alabama Cotton: Grasshoppers – A Sporadic Pest of Seedlings   4-15


Georgia Cotton, Peanuts: Thrips Predictor Model, Injury Risk for April   4-15


Alabama Cotton: Insect Management Tips for 2019   4-15




Midwest Livestock: Forage Needed After Floods – DTN   4-16




Georgia Peanuts: 2019 Thrips Preview – Don’t Cut the Seed Treatments   4-18


Arkansas Peanuts: The Importance of Inoculants   4-17




Arkansas Rice: Nearly A Flat Line On Planting Progress   4-18




Kansas Wheat: Growers Urged to Look for Yellowing in Fields   4-18


Texas Wheat: Increase Grain Protein with Late Season Nitrogen   4-18


Texas Wheat: 2 New Varieties Offer Good Disease Resistance Packages   4-17


Texas Blacklands Wheat: Watch Out for Loose Smut   4-16


Texas Blacklands: Corn Planting Finished; Watch for Wheat Rust, Stink Bugs   4-15


Alabama Wheat: Head Scab Control Options   4-15


Illinois Wheat: Dealing with Soilborne Mosaic and Spindle Streak Viruses   4-15


Alabama Wheat: High Risk of Scab   4-15


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