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Farmers Need to Keep Feeding the World – Maybe Not.    




AgFax Weed Solutions: Ultimate “Weed-Free” Combine  4-12


AgFax Tree Crops: Almond Fungicide Decisions Still On The Table   4-5




U.S. Farms: Average Farmer Age is Up and Female Ownership Rising   4-12


Midwest Disaster Aid: $3Bln is ‘Baloney’ says Ag Comm. Chair – DTN   4-10


DTN Retail Fertilizer: Anhydrous Ammonia Application – 4 Points – DTN   4-12


Cleveland on Cotton: Riding the Export Wave   4-12


Farm Income: The Wolf is at the Door – Commentary   4-12


USDA: Corn, Soy Stocks Change; South American Production Up – DTN   4-10


World Pork Expo CANCELED – African Swine Fever Fears – DTN   4-12


2018 Farm Bill: What’s Happening? USDA Updates the Timeline   4-12


Roundup Jury Verdicts: What Do They Mean to Your Farm or Ranch?   4-10


Palmer Pigweed: Running Out of Options   4-12


Rice Market: Weakening Fundamentals; Weather Hampers Trade   4-12


Trade Conflicts – Canada May Hit U.S. Ag with More Retaliatory Tariffs – DTN   4-9


Ag Economy: Pressure on Farm Finances Likely to Continue   4-9


Farm Business: Determining the Strong Points of Individual Farm Managers   4-8




For A “Weed-Free” Combine, Feed It Straw (No Kidding)   4-12


Weed Control: Top Priority in Delayed Spring Planting – DTN   4-12


Missouri: Dicamba – 5 Things We’ve Learned   4-9


Weed Management Requires Community Collaboration   4-9


Weedy Rice: How a Domesticated Crop Can Become a Problematic Weed   4-9




Moving Grain: Flooding Continues to Disrupt Barge and Rail   4-12


Hubbs on Grain: Corn, Soybean Exports – Where Do We Stand?   4-9


Grain: How Ag Firms Can Increase Profits with Basis Indexes – White Paper   4-10


Thompson On Cotton: Reasons To Be Optimistic   4-12


Livestock: Prospects for Swine Feed Costs in 2019   4-11


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   4-12


The U.S. Trade Conflict – One Year Later   4-12


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   4-12


Shurley on Cotton: Market Improves, Future Unknown as Planting Approaches   4-11


Livestock: Prospects for Swine Feed Costs in 2019   4-11


World Rough Rice Prices Decline   4-10


Hubbs on Grain: Corn, Soybean Exports – Where Do We Stand?   4-9


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   4-9




Drought Monitor Weekly: General Improvements for South, Northwest   4-12


Tennessee: A Discussion on Weather, Climate – Podcast   4-12


Mississippi: South Delta Farmers Wait for Flood Waters to Recede   4-12


Ohio Weather: Spring Roller Coaster Ride Coming   4-9


Weather: Below-Average Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted   4-9


Georgia Weather: Last Frost Likely Past   4-9




California: Walnut Blight Management   4-12


California: Managed Flooding Could Restore Lost Groundwater   4-10


Almond Irrigation And Nutrient Workshops Set For 4 Locations   4-5




For A “Weed-Free” Combine, Feed It Straw (No Kidding)   4-12


Weed Control: Top Priority in Delayed Spring Planting – DTN   4-12


Missouri: Dicamba – 5 Things We’ve Learned   4-9


Weed Management Requires Community Collaboration   4-9


Weedy Rice: How a Domesticated Crop Can Become a Problematic Weed   4-9




U.S.-China Trade Talks: “Great Progress,” Yet “Some Way to Go.”   4-9


USDA Farm Loans – Higher Limits Now Available   4-12


Iowa: USDA Opens Signup for Emergency Conservation Program   4-12


Farmers Can Now Manage USDA Farm Loans Online   4-10


Congress: Disaster Aid Issues – What’s the Hold Up?   4-10


Conservation Stewardship Program: May 10 Deadline Plus 3 Improvements   4-8


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Webinar: 7 Habits for Effective Farmers, May 1   4-12


Webinar: Wellness in Tough Times – Farm, Ranch Families, April 23   4-8




March Ag Equipment Sales See Growth in Some Sectors, Drops in Others   4-10


Louisiana Timber Owners Have Run into Market Problems   4-10


Fuel Report: Diesel, Gas a Nickel Higher Than Last Year   4-10


Texas: AgriLife Extension Offers Landowner-Oriented Ag Law Meetings   4-9


Georgia Cotton: Sewage-Based Fertilizer a Possible Deer Deterrent?   4-9




Pennsylvania: Soil Compaction Threat Is High This Spring   4-12


Mississippi Irrigation: Be Sure to Check Those Watermark Sensors   4-12


Midwest: New Wildlife Management Resource Available for Farmers   4-12


Southwest Michigan: Slow Green, Variable Weather; Watch for Weeds   4-12


Midwest Flooding: Pivots Submerged? 6 Points To Remember   4-10


6 Planter Maintenance Tips for 2019   4-10


Alabama: Investment Costs of Center Pivot Irrigation – 3 Scenarios   4-9


Nebraska Alfalfa: Don’t Take this Crop for Granted   4-8


Corn | Soybeans


Corn: Plant Density for Maximum Grain, Silage Production   4-12


Tennessee Corn: Destroying a Poor Stand and Replanting Back to Corn   4-12


Arkansas Soybeans: Variety Selection – Things to Consider Before Planting   4-12


Ohio: Modified Relay Intercropping – Now’s the Time to Make Sure Your Plan Will Work   4-12


Virginia Soybeans: Full-Season Seeding Rates – Maximize Yield, Reduce Risks   4-12


Virginia Soybeans: Would Planting in Early April Increase Yields?   4-12


Illinois Soybeans: Early Season Diseases to Watch As The Season Progresses   4-12


Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: 5 Tips for Managing Potassium Fertilizer   4-11


Illinois Corn: Check Hybrids for Tar Spot Ratings, Scout Your Fields   4-11


Mississippi Corn: How Late Can We Plant?   4-10


Minnesota: Corn Planting – Reduce Risk, Maximize Economic Return   4-9


Soybean Plant Uniformity: Weighing Costs Versus Gains   4-8


Nebraska Corn: Nitrogen Management – How Are We Doing?   4-8




Arkansas Cotton: Section 18 Received for Transform - Tarnished Plant Bug   4-12


Arkansas: Cotton Stalks About to Have a Birthday? Destruction Deadline is April 15.   4-12


Alabama: Cotton Blue Disease – A Concern for Growers Going Into 2019 Crop   4-12


Arkansas Cotton: When To Plant? Look For The Signs   4-10




Iowa: USDA Announces Emergency Grazing Available   4-11




Arkansas Rice: 2 Clearfield Varieties Available from Horizon Ag in 2020   4-12


Louisiana Rice: Rain Hinders Planting   4-9


Arkansas Rice Production Bounced Back in 2018   4-8




North Carolina Wheat: Fusarium Head Blight Risk Currently Low   4-12


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USDA Announces 2019 Marketing Assistance Loan Rates   4-10


Global Markets: Oilseeds – Canada Rapeseed Exports Lowered Following Trade Dispute with China   4-10


Global Markets: Cotton – Rising Production in Mexico Reduces U.S. Exports   4-10


Global Markets: Rice – China’s Medium Grain Exports Hit New Record   4-10


Global Markets: Wheat – Smaller Production, Lower Consumption, Tighter Stocks   4-10


Global Markets: Corn – U.S. Exports Face Stiffer Competition   4-10


WASDE Cotton: Domestic Consumption Forecast at Lowest Since 1890s   4-9


WASDE Oilseeds: Reduced U.S. Soybean Imports, Ending Stocks   4-9


WASDE Rice: Reduced U.S. Exports, Higher Stocks   4-9


WASDE Coarse Grains: Lower U.S. Corn Usage, Increased Ending Stocks   4-9


WASDE Wheat: Reduced Exports, Domestic Use   4-9


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