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Weed Resistance…Early-Season Prevention In The Age Of Resistance – AgFax Weed Solutions   3-18


AgFax Tree Crops: Almonds – More Bacterial Blast This Year   3-16




Drought Monitor Weekly: CA Drought Free for 1st Time Since 2011   3-22


NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – April, May, June   3-22


Nebraska Gets Fed Funds; Infrastructure Damage Challenges Ag Businesses – DTN   3-22


Nebraska Flood Aid: Huge Ag Relief Effort Takes Shape – DTN   3-22


Midwest Flood Damage High From Lack of Warning – DTN   3-21


Grain, Fertilizer Transportation: MS River Flooding Prevents Barge Movement – DTN   3-21


Georgia Weather: El Nino to Blame for Wet Winter   3-18


Moving Grain: Lock Closures on Upper MS River; Rail Disruptions   3-21


Rice Market: Flooding Complicates Export Shipments   3-21


Grain Storage: Flood Damage Management Options   3-22


Missouri – Some Farmers Still Reeling From 2011 Flooding, Now Underwater Again – DTN   3-21


Nebraska Ag’s Worst Disaster In History – Losses Pile Up – DTN   3-21


USDA Assists Farmers, Ranchers, Communities Affected by Recent Flooding   3-21


Iowa Farmers Survey Devastation; Floodwaters Continue Rising   3-21


Kansas: Fall Rains Provide Spring Wildfire Fuel   3-21


Iowa Latest to Declare Storms Disaster – DTN   3-18




Dicamba-Tolerant Corn on the Horizon – DTN   3-22


Hubbs on Grain: Early Predictions for Prospective Plantings   3-18


Nebraska: Average Ag Land Values Drop 3% from a Year Ago   3-22


Thompson On Cotton: Don’t Wait Too Long   3-21


U.S., China Trade Talks Persist; Flooding Compounds Stress on Ag Economy   3-22


DTN Fertilizer Trends: 3rd Week of Declines   3-22


Farm Crisis? It Depends On Who You Ask, Who You Are – DTN   3-21


Corn, Soybeans: USDA Ag Projections to 2028   3-19




Farm Programs: How Would High Prices Affect the PLC Elevator Provision?   3-18




California Almonds: Bee Hours and Pollination   3-18




Mississippi Outdoors: Wild Turkeys – Decline and Repopulation   3-18




Tennessee: Clethodim and Managing Glyphosate-Resistant Grasses   3-22


Iowa: 5 Tips for Spring Cover Crop Termination   3-22


Training Required for all Paraquat-Containing Products   3-22


Iowa: Noxious Weed Law Changes – What You Should Know   3-22






Arkansas Rice: Will Acres Actually Change This Year?   3-22


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   3-22


World Rough Rice Prices Unchanged   3-21


ELS Cotton Competitive Payment Rate Is Zero   3-21


Texas Ag Trade: Uncertainty, Low Commodity Prices Weigh on Outlook   3-21


Rice Market: Puerto Rico Supplier Fined for False Advertising   3-19


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   3-19


Corn Prices: Lessons Learned in 2017 – DTN   3-19


Ag Trade: U.S., China Deal Cannot Be Taken for Granted   3-18




Webinar: Tar Spot in Corn, Other Emerging Diseases, March 25   3-21




Mississippi State Cotton Specialist Darrin Dodds Named Department Head   3-21


Southern Weed Science Society Honors Tennessee's Larry Steckel  3-19


USA Rice, Anheuser-Busch Partner to Support Sustainable Farming   3-18


LSU AgCenter to Start Full-Scale Medical Cannabis Production   3-22


Fuel Report: Diesel Dips Slightly, Gasoline Climbs   3-21






Corn | Soybeans


Minnesota: Late Spring Applications of Phosphorus, Potassium – Podcast   3-22


Water Quality: How Well Do Buffer Strips Protect Rivers? – Study   3-18


Nebraska Corn: Planting Date Impact on Plant Growth, Ear Issues   3-22


Anhydrous Ammonia Applications – Equipment Considerations   3-22


Tennessee: March Soil Temps Hovering Below 50 Degrees   3-22


Illinois Soybeans: Early Decisions Influence Final Yields – 5 Key Points   3-22


Anhydrous Ammonia – How Do in Soil Applications Work?   3-19


Texas: Corn Tar Spot Could Have Ridden in on ‘Bomb Cyclone’   3-21


Illinois Corn: Should You Lower Nitrogen Application Rates?   3-21


Iowa Corn: How Will Unharvested Soybeans Affect Soil Nutrients?   3-19


Ohio Corn: 4 Considerations for Anhydrous Ammonia Applications   3-19


Ohio Soybeans: Poor Seed Quality – Will Seed Treatments Help?   3-19


Ohio: Soybean Cyst Nematode – Samples Requested for Resistance Survey   3-19




Virginia Cotton: Burndown Opportunities with Auxin Herbicide Systems   3-22


Texas: Bollworm Resistance to Bt Crops – What to Do?   3-19


Peanuts | Peaches


Florida: Peanut Variety Options for 2019   3-18


South Carolina: Peaches Suffered Minimal Damage from Freeze   3-21




Arkansas Rice: Hurry Up and Wait and Wait Some More   3-22


Arkansas Rice: Titan vs. Jupiter for Medium-Grain in 2019   3-22


Arkansas: 1st Week of Blue Skies – Fieldwork Begins in Earnest   3-22


Mississippi Rice: Effects of Late Season Paraquat Drift   3-22




Pennsylvania: Wheat Stand Assessment   3-22


Louisiana: Wheat Crop Survives Below-Freezing Temps   3-20


Winter Wheat Weather Woes Continue – DTN   3-19


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