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AgFax Weed Solutions – Palmer Pigweed’s New Surprise | Fighting Resistance On Wide Basis   3-14


AgFax Tree Crops: A Long Almond Bloom, More Rain, More Fungicides   3-9




Drought Monitor Weekly: Wettest Winter on Record, Storms Continue   3-15


Flooding: Louisiana’s Bonnet Carre Spillway Opening is Historical – DTN   3-13


Veteran Ag Journalist, Hembree Brandon, Dies   3-14


Cotton, Soy: USDA Drops Field Surveys for August Production Reports – DTN   3-14


DowDuPont Moves Closer To Establishing Corteva As A Standalone Company   3-10


Cleveland on Cotton: 5-Cent Range Hanging in There   3-15


10 Steps for Conducting Your Own On-Farm Trials   3-14


President’s Ag Budget Proposal Causes Some Hand-Wringing – DTN   3-13


Arkansas Outlaws Rice Pretenders   3-14


China Purchases U.S. Soybeans, Sorghum; Trade Talks Face Hurdles   3-12


DTN Retail Fertilizer: Economist Creates Model to Help Forecast Prices   3-15


Ag Economy: Feb. Observations from the Fed Reserve Beige Book   3-12


U.S. Rice: 9 Varieties Tested in Nicaragua – Top 3 Might Surprise You   3-15


Grain Markets: WASDE Provided Little Bullish Support – DTN   3-11




Cotton Payments, Disaster Assistance, and Safety Net Update   3-12


Farm Programs: Supplemental Coverage Option – Is It Right for You? – Videos   3-13




California: Westside Weed Day – April 11   3-15


California: Weed Day At Kearney Set For April 2   3-15


Almonds: Australia’s 2019 Crop – “Outstanding Quality”   3-14




Arkansas: Glyphosate Labels – Working Through the Confusion   3-15


Arkansas: CropCheck – New Program to Reduce Pesticide Drift   3-15


Tennessee: Cover Crops Effect on Pigweed Germination – Podcast   3-14


Herbicide Resistance – Potential Gains When Farmers Fight Together – AgFax Weed Solutions   3-14


Metabolism-Based Herbicide Resistance – Why the Concern?   3-11


North Carolina: Auxin Stewardship – A Few Opportunities Left for Training   3-13


Georgia: Paraquat Certified Applicator Training Required for New Products   3-11


Cover Crops: Roller-Crimper Aids Termination, Weed Suppression   3-11




Ethanol’s Lost Demand – No Change in RFS Waiver Policy – DTN   3-15


Biofuel: EPA Releases E15 Rule; The Clock is Ticking – DTN   3-13






Illinois: Bitter Cold Jan. Likely Won’t Reduce Crop Pests   3-15


Mississippi: Wet Conditions, Flooding May Delay Planting   3-15


Ohio Weather: Farmers Need to Gear Up for More Rain   3-14


Nebraska: Freeze-Tolerant Crop Research Gets NSF Award   3-12


Nebraska Weather: What to Expect for Snowmelt, Warm-up   3-12




Rabobank Moves to Strengthen its Production Ag Lending   3-15


Texas Cotton: Acreage Continues to Climb in Northern Panhandle   3-14


Kellogg’s to Contract Titan Rice for Some of Its Grain Source   3-15


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   3-15


Shurley on Cotton: Market Continues to Need Clarity   3-15


Rice Market: Acres Still in Question with Weather Delays   3-14


Commodity Markets: Speculators and Bona Fide Hedgers – DTN   3-14


Tobacco: Will China Buy Any U.S. Leaf This Year?   3-12


Rice: U.S. Medium Grain – Does it Pass the Sushi Test?   3-12


Moving Grain: River Navigation Challenges Continue   3-14


World Rough Rice Prices Unchanged   3-13


USDA: National Weekly Peanut Prices   3-12




Michigan: Protecting Crops from Wildlife Feeding – Webinar, March 22


Farmland: Eminent Domain – What Does it Mean to You? – Free Webinar, March 20  


Webinar: Corn, Soybean Prices – Implications of USDA Reports, March 29  




Rice: Indigo and Anheuser-Busch Announce Sustainability Push   3-11


Kubota Aligns With Versatile To Upsize Its Tractor Models   3-14


North Carolina Hog Farmer Named NPPC President   3-11




Midwest Livestock: Cold Start for the Calving Season – DTN   3-13


Livestock: Low Hog Prices to Start the Year   3-12






Cover Crops: Why Plant Them? What’s Your Goal? – DTN   3-13


Grain Storage: Monitor Moisture Content, Temperature to Avoid Losses   3-13


Mississippi: Fertilizing Crops with Poultry Litter – What You Should Know   3-13


Texas: Planter Maintenance Important to Optimize Yield Potentials   3-12


Corn | Soybeans


Mississippi: Bt Corn – How Effective Against Corn Earworms?   3-15


Iowa: Spring Planting and Wet Soil Management   3-15


Minnesota: Spring Fertilizer – What Are the Top Considerations?   3-15


Tar Spot – FYI: Field Management Required – DTN   3-14


Michigan Soybeans: Seed Quality Considerations for 2019   3-14


Arkansas Corn: How Late Can I Plant Without Yield Loss?   3-14


Illinois Soybeans: 4 Considerations for Planting in 2019   3-12


Nebraska: Corn Leaf Aphid – A Surprising Defense Compound   3-12


Nebraska: Western Bean Cutworm Webpage   3-12


Arkansas Soybeans: Tools to Aid Variety Selection   3-12


Indiana Corn: How Does Plant Population Affect Yield?   3-11




Mississippi Cotton: Seed Treatments Important to Battle Thrips   3-15


Tennessee Cotton: Cover Crops – When Should You Terminate?   3-15


Industrial Hemp


Texas: Industrial Hemp Production – 9 Common Questions   3-11




Arkansas Rice: Ready to Get the Show on the Road. Is the Weather?   3-15


Mississippi Rice: Early Season Paraquat Drift   3-14


Arkansas Rice: Rain, Rinse, Repeat   3-11




Texas Wheat: Topdress N Timing Is Critical   3-11


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