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AgFax Tree Crops: California Almond Bloom Just Around The Corner?   2-2




WASDE Cotton: Domestic Production, Use Slightly Lowered   2-8


WASDE Oilseeds: U.S. Soybean Production Down 56Mln Bushels   2-8


WASDE Rice: U.S. Production Up on 2nd Highest Ever Yields   2-8


WASDE Coarse Grains: U.S. Corn Production, Imports, Usage All Down   2-8


WASDE Wheat: Domestic Ending Stocks Raised on Reduced Usage   2-8


Global Markets: Cotton – Record Brazilian Exports   2-8


Global Markets: Soybeans – Smaller Supplies to Limit Brazil’s Exports   2-8


Global Markets: Corn – Import Demand in South, Southeast Asia Continues to Grow   2-8


Global Markets: Rice – Intense Competition Among Asian Exporters   2-8




Ag Taxes: Loss of Itemized Deductions Still Confusing – DTN   2-5


Ag Taxes: 3 Strategies for Navigating the New Section 199A   2-5  




Farm Finances: The DuPont System – 3 Steps to Increase Profitability   2-4


Chlorpyrifos, Main Ingredient in Lorsban, Gets Another Court Hearing – DTN   2-8


Farmland Values Hold Firm – Farmers Still Buying is Good Sign – DTN   2-4


Industrial Hemp: Clemson Data Has Est. Cost Per Acre; 40 Farmers Have Permits   2-8


DTN Fertilizer Trends: 2 Trade Groups Form Alliance with OSHA   2-6


Nutrien Will Acquire Actagro, Soil And Plant Health Product Manufacturer   2-8


Cleveland On Cotton: What This Market Needs Is A Little Drama   2-8


Nebraska: Farmland – Trends in Ownership, Rental Patterns   2-5


“Orange Corn” Launches In U.S. Markets   2-5


Farmer Sentiment Improves with Farm Bill, Trade Aid – Ag Barometer   2-5


Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Pioneer Retires   2-8




Higher Soybean Seeding Rates: Making The Case For Weed Suppression 2-2


Herbicide-Resistant Kochia: What Do We Know About This Troublesome Weed?   2-7


Georgia Cotton: Beware of Increased Herbicide Resistance   2-8


Corn, Soybeans: What’s New in Weed Control for 2019   2-7


Ohio: The LL-GT27 Soybean – What’s Legal to Spray and When?   2-6




Farm Bill in Shadow of Possible Shutdown #2 – DTN   2-6


State of the Union: Pres. Trump Focused on Trade and Infrastructure – DTN   2-8


Ag Sec. Perdue Spoke on Trade Issues at Cattle Convention – DTN   2-5




Brazil Soybeans: Expectations Were High but Yields Disappoint – DTN   2-8


Corn Exports Bullish – DTN   2-8


Farm Economy: 2 Events Had Longterm Impact on Corn Prices – Commentary   2-7


Moving Grain: Barge Tonnages Drop in 2018   2-7


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   2-8


Arkansas Growers’ Biggest Concern for 2019? Money.   2-8


Illinois Corn and Soy: Profitability Impacts of Trend and High Yields   2-8


Rice Market: Lethargic Trade with All Eyes on WASDE   2-7


Mississippi: Ag Producers Consider Export Options   2-8


Cotton Market Teleconference, Feb. 11


Cornbelt Projected Revenue Insurance Prices – DTN   2-6


Livestock: Net Return Prospects for Cattle Finishing in 2019   2-7


World Rough Rice Prices Increase   2-6


Weekly National Peanut Prices   2-5




California Almonds: 5 Considerations for 2019’s Bloom   2-7






November Ethanol and DDG Exports Up From 2017 – DTN   2-8




Drought Monitor Weekly: Rains Pelt California, Mostly Dry Elsewhere   2-7


North Carolina: 15 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Michael, Florence   2-6


Crop Yields vs. Nutrition Linked with Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels 2-4




Monarch Butterfly and Milkweed Decline Started Before GM Crops, New Study   2-7


Fuel Report: High Regional Variability in Diesel, Gas   2-6


Mississippi Outdoors: Enjoy an Exciting, Safe Turkey Season   2-8              


Ag Robotics – English University Offering Doctorates   2-4


Women in Ag – Respondents Wanted for National Stress Survey   2-7




Industrial Hemp: Clemson Data Has Est. Cost Per Acre; 40 Farmers Have Permits   2-8


Crop Yields vs. Nutrition Linked with Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels   2-4




Florida Citrus: ‘Marathon’ Mandarin Gives Growers Advantages   2-7




Corn | Soybeans


Corn Hybrids – What’s the Difference in 1960s Choices and Now?   2-6


Nebraska Corn: What’s Wrong with My Ears?   2-6


Illinois Soybeans: How Can You Make Up for Poor Seed Quality?   2-8


Mississippi Soybeans: Costs of Irrigation – Flood vs. Furrow   2-8


Minnesota Corn: A Conversation on Sulfur – Podcast   2-6            


Ohio: The LL-GT27 Soybean – What’s Legal to Spray and When?   2-6


Soybeans: Variable Seeding Rates – Maximizing Performance   2-5


Iowa Soybeans: Achieving Full Season Waterhemp Control   2-5




Tennesssee: Next Week’s Cotton Focus – What to Expect – Podcast   2-8


Virginia Cotton: What Can We Expect This Season?   2-6


Georgia Cotton: Beware of Increased Herbicide Resistance   2-8


South Carolina Cotton Crop Expected to Rebound in 2019   2-7


Texas Cotton Acres – Don’t Expect a Big Increase   2-5


Georgia Cotton Quality Award Winners Announced   2-5




Livestock: Has Cattle Herd Expansion Ground to a Halt?   2-4




Mississippi: Furrow Irrigated Rice – On-Farm Yield, Water Use Evaluations   2-4


Rice Leadership Graduates Represent Industry Leaders from 5 States  2-7




Tennessee Wheat: Time to Treat for Aphids   2-7


Wheat: World Production Mostly Lower, Increases in Canada, Argentina   2-7


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